Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Blog Every Day in May challenge!

I was made aware of this challenge whilst reading through the recent posts on Blogger. It was made aware to me by Sweet Dreams Beauty!
The idea is to stop you getting writer's blog and with a whole list of different bloggers joining in, it's like a little support network too!

There will be a different challenge set everyday and i pleadge to fulfill all of these and hopefully you will learn a little bit more about me!

Day 1
5 Lines

My name is Angie and i'm turning 21 this year.
I love being unique, i can be girly some days and tomboyish the next.
My blog is named 'Cupcake' in memory of one of my best friends.
My family mean the world to be, as do my best lads & ladies - they know who they are
I love baking, cinema nights, make-up, silver jewellery and my dog Stig!

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