Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Bee Fruitful Small Gift Basket Prize from Bee-autiful competition!

The lovely Jen over at RedHead Beauty Diaries recently held a Bee-autiful competition which was in order to spread the word about bee-friendly products!

I was lucky enough to be chosen as the 3rd winner!
This won me this absolutely Bee-autiful Bee Fruitful Small Gift Basket!

It is packed with goodies that i just can't wait to try!
These are all from a love place called:
Bee Fruitful Harvesting Sunshine Beeswax Products!

So here are the goodies!
Bridgend Honey with a lovely wooden Honey Spoon
Honey Natural Soap with Beeswax
Gorgeous Beehive Candle
Mandarin Lipbalm
I have tried this out already and it leaves your lips feeling beautifully soft and smooth!
Some little flower & heart shaped Honey-Lemon Bath Bombs

These also came as a little added surprise in the box:
Bee-Prepared Immune Support capsules!

I am so excited to have won this and can't wait to try it all out!
I think i might actually go have some honey on toast!

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