Friday, 3 May 2013

Rimmel London Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover Review!

This caught my eye as i was looking around Boots the other day, as i got an amazing deal on Rimmel - (spend over £10 and get a FREE mascara!)
I have been meaning to get some proper make-up remover as admittedly, i ahve just mainly been using make-up wipes which should be a big no-no as they totally dry out your skin!
I needed a gentle one like this if possible, as i tend to have sensitive skin and with make-up remover usually having so many harsh chemicals in, i have to be careful.
The back of the bottle states 'Suitable for Sensitive Eyes..' which is one of the reasons i was attracted to it as you can't tend to find many on a budget, it also claimed 'Removes Waterproof Mascara' but i am yet to try this - i will report back once i have!

The bottle is totally see through, with black writing printed straight onto the bottle - i lvoe this as it means it is more eco-friendly (no labels!) and can be easily recycled.
The gentle blue colour they use for the name of the product really stands out too and the bottle looks really professional in my opinion.

One thing i love about the product is the actual lid. The problem i find with a lot of make-up removers is they tend to have a gaping top so when you unscrew the lid, trying to 'pour' the liquid onto a cotton pad is a nightmare!
With this product you simply flip the lid upwards and then drip the liquid easily onto a cotton pad! No almost pouring it all over the floor or totally soaking your hand - i've done both! *Guilty*
It's such a simple change but so effective on my opinion of the product overall!

Last night i went to a Beauty event sponsored by Grazia magazine at the Harvey Nichols store in Birmingham-Mailbox. There i had a make-over done by the absolutely lovely Benefit cosmetics team and had around 9 different products on my face and eyes so i knew this would be the perfect time to test this out!
As you can see from above, i had quite a lot on and i was surprised at how easily it came off! I don't think i even had to go over an area twice! I simply wiped a cotton pad with around 4 drops of make-up remover, gently around my face and over my eye and chin area and it came off with ease!

As you can see - (i have been brave enough to include a picture!!) there is no make-up left on my face at all! I promise this was the only product i used along with cotton pads from Bodycare (which are also amazing!) and my skin feels clean and natural again. It really is perfect for me and an absolutel Bargain!

This product can be bought from Boots for £3.59 - Absolute bargain!
I'd give this product a firm 5/5!

I have written this review as i bought the product myself. It is in no way endorsed by the brand and is non-profit. I promise that all my reviews are 100% honest and of my own opinions entirely

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