Friday, 24 May 2013

Pixi by petra Sheer Cheek Gel review

After hearing so many good things about the Pixi brand i was so excited to recieve this in my LIB collection beauty box!
I received this in the 'Peachy' shade so i wasn't sure how well it would work with my skin at first..
It looks really brihgt on the box and equally as bright in the tube!
I was a bit scared at first how bright this might come out on my face! But obviously i had nothing to be scared of..
As it states, it is a sheer gel that is translucent, long-wear and oil free! The description reads: "This gel creates a super natural flush of colour. Added humectant traps moisture to cheeks, keeping them plump and skin smooth. Fragrance free. Hypoallergenic. Hydrating. Skin conditioning"
This is so brillaint for me as i am careful with new products that might dry out my face but being hypoallergenic too? It's amazing!
It has a squeezy tiny top too! Easy application!
This is the scary colour it first comes out as! But don't worry - you won't end up looking like a sunkissed tomato!!
It adds a lovely reddish-blush colour to your cheeks that looks really natural! I use around a pea-sized amount for both cheeks and blend it from my jaw-line to the top of my cheek bone.
Brilliant natural look for hot sunny days - Not that we're getting many at the minute!

I would definitely recommend this product and i have been using this most days instead of blusher, the only thing that might stop me is the price tag.. it will set you back around £12.50 but i might indulge as this is my all-time favourite beauty buy now!
I might even experiment with a few of the other shades!


  1. This sounds pretty nice - lovely and light for spring! I think soap and glory have Something similar! X

  2. Oh really? What product is it from Soap & Glory? :)
    I'd love to try it and compare! x

  3. It really is! I didn't know what to make of ti when i first saw it :) x