Saturday, 5 December 2015

Poundland Christmas Treats & Gifts

Poundland are definitely one of my go-to stores for Christmas. They stock decorations, treats, cards, dvds, homewares - you name it! All for a rock bottom price and there are real gems to be found!

I picked these Hessian Sacks up from there a few weeks back (they sold like lightning!) and they are the best quality i've found! Couldn't believe they were only £1!

Mostly I've been searching their website - shipping costs £4 regardless of how much you buy - or FREE if you spend £50 - so that's not too bad it you're planning on doing a big shop. It's also great as you never have to worry about something not being in stock as it changes so frequently in stores.

I've been eyeing up all the fantastic treats and stocking fillers available and i've compiled my favourites into a Pinterest board that you can view below. Mostly sweet treats but some crafting items and homewares too.

I hope this may give you some inspiration!

Sno Balls - Christmas Is Coming!

I have been wanting to try this American treat for so long!!
I came across them in my local Tesco Extra and just had to buy some - I'm a big lover of the Hostess brand and their Twinkies so I couldn't wait to try another product from them!

I definitely wasn't disappointed!
They look like giant coconut mallow balls - they are squishy to the touch!
They aren't what I was expecting inside though -
The inside is actually a soft chocolate cake! It is a little dry but still very light and full of chocolate flavour, it doesn't overpower the taste of the coconut and mallow either which I liked.
Then at the centre of the chocolate cake comes smooth white cream (a bit like that out of the centre of a Cadbury mini roll) which makes it a little less drying.
I really enjoyed trying them and I think I would have them again - I'm hoping to find them a little cheaper though and that B&M may start stocking them like they do Twinkies!

Where to buy: Tesco Extra (instore)
Cost: £2 per pack 

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Ozeri Touch II Total Body Scale Review

These scales have definitely made my health & fitness kick this year a lot easier to measure!
Not only do they look stunning in their beautiful glass material, but the blue glow also lights up a room!


So what's so special about them?

They measure; Body Weight, Fat Percentage, Hydration, Muscle and Bone Mass using Auto Recognition and Infant Tare Technology. This enables you to monitor every aspect of your weight loss easily

They can save up to 8 separate people's profiles to track their weight loss and progress

It has different modes so you can weigh infants, pets and even luggage too! So it's multi-purpose.

It features touch sensitive buttons for easy use - there's nothing I love more than touch-screen being an iPhone user!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these to anyone! As they are multi-purpose they are perfect for any occasion and will really help to motivate you as they track your progress every week by saving your own profile. You will be able to see your weekly progress by the amounts dropping and it is  so motivating it's unreal!

Buy a set here while they're half price:

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Lays Stax Bacon and Cheddar Potato Skins flavoured

These are one of the many things I bought in my Amazon treats haul in the last post!
Apologies it's been so long since posting!

These immediately caught my eye due to the unusual flavour and my love of having Potato Skins as a starter when I go out to eat! They taste Awesome!
Unfortunately, they obviously don't taste exactly like potato skins but they have a rougher texture, spices and quite a high starchy taste which has a real likeness to the real thing. Considering they're crisps, they haven't done a bad job at all on the flavouring!

Perfect Description!

I was overly very impressed with this product and would definitely buy them again! I'm really looking forward to trying the American Cheeseburger flavoured ones I picked up too!
I actually think they're better than Pringles!

Where I bought them: Amazon UK
Price: £2.95

Friday, 30 October 2015

Amazon Treats Mini Haul!

I love Amazon for everything and buy a whole selection off there from Tshirts to Video Games to everything meeting my 'Star Wars fan-girl' needs! So if you're ever in need of Anything - check Amazon first!
They have this great 'Wishlist' feature that actually tells you when they drop in price and how much of a percentage it's dropped by too! (I think that's Awesome!)


I knew it was nearly the weekend last night when I managed to order £26 worth of snacks off and justified it by me having an early 'Friday Feeling'!
Although a little pricey, Amazon do a good selection of products otherwise unable to buy in this country. They also offer free delivery on quite a few of the items, which did honestly surprise me.


Lay's Stax Bacon & Cheddar Potato Skins (156g)
Price: 2.95 / Delivery: £2.57

Frito-Lay Stax All-American Cheeseburger 5.5oz (156g)
Price: £2.99 / Delivery: £2.59

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Dr Pepper (99g)
Price: £2.58 / Delivery: FREE

Strawberry Pencils x 50 Sticks
Price: £4.50 / Delivery: FREE

Snyder's Cheddar Cheese Pretzel Sandwich (60.2g)
Price: £3.57 / Delivery: FREE

Snyder's Cheddar Cheese Pretzel Pieces (125g)
Price: £1.10 / Delivery: £1.08

Dr Pepper Flavoured Licorice Candy Twists (142g)
Price: £0.89 / Delivery: £1.29

Monday, 26 October 2015

Ribena Winter Spice Review - Delicious and Warming for the whole family!

Spice up your winter with a limited edition hot squash from Ribena
The launch of a deliciously unique hot squash – Ribena Winter Spice – adds a drop of  warm indulgence to those special winter evenings
 This season sees the exciting launch of Ribena’s new limited edition flavour, Ribena Winter Spice – Ribena’s first ever drink designed to be served hot.
As the winter nights draw in and the festive season approaches, sit back, relax and unwind with this fruity and indulgent hot squash. This limited edition flavour is a delicious blend of Ribena’s signature blackcurrant taste infused with aromatic spices including nutmeg, cloves, cardamom and cinammon and tastes just like a non-alcoholic mulled wine.

Uplift your senses with its unique and velvety rich flavour, satisfying the taste buds from first to last drop.  And with no added sugar, Ribena Winter Spice is a special indulgence for any time of the day.

This warming delight adds a touch of spice to every occasion – whether you’re enjoying a relaxing ‘me time’ moment or sharing an evening with friends. 

Sara Hasan, Ribena Brand Manager, says, “Now that the autumn chill is starting to set in, this is the perfect time to introduce hot Ribena.
“Ribena is known and loved for its traditional blackcurrant heritage and tasty berry flavours, so we’re very excited to be giving it a seasonal twist and introducing the long-awaited Ribena Winter Spice, perfect for all the Ribena fans who want to unwind with a hot mug of an evening.”
Ribena Winter Spice will be available in 600ml (RRP: £1.69) and 850ml (RRP: £2.49) bottles at major supermarkets nationwide from September for a limited period only. 
So thanks to the lovely people over at Ribena I got the chance to try this bottle of warming deliciousness at home! I got my favourite retro mug ready and boiled the kettle..

I states to make 1 part Ribena, 4 parts water so I tried to estimate it - the first time I made it way too strong though! Oops!

In goes the hot water (I boiled the kettle and then left it for between 30-60 seconds before pouring) and the temperature was just right!

 So.. how did is taste??

The extra spices add a little extra to the texture and the hot water seems to add an extra 'layer' somewhat to the flavour and the drink tastes thicker than it would cold. I absolutely loved everything about it and will definitely be buying more - I loved warm blackcurrant before bed when I was younger so this is right up my alley!

It was very warming! I'd definitely drink this in a morning before heading out, as well as again at night before bed. You could really taste the extra spices in there - not super strong but enough to have you body warmed - just like when you have a cinnamon coffee! I'd definitely recommend this product to all ages - the perfect drink for the whole family, including the little ones this Autumn and Winter!

*I was sent this product for free for review purposes but all opinions are honest and my own

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Ben & Jerry's: Save Our Swirled SOS! Special Edition

This is the newest flavour to hit the shelves of the UK!
Save Our Swirled SOS!
Raspberry Ice Cream with Marshmallow & Raspberry-Blackberry Swirls & Chocolatey Cone Pieces

I'm a huge lover of the Ben & Jerry's brand and was super excited when I first heard that they were releasing a new flavour. Not only does the brand makes absolutely delicious and unique ice-cream flavours but they are big advocates for helping to save the planet and the reason they create Special Edition flavours is to help spread the world about these causes.

Save Our Swirled reads: SOS! It's more than just a call to action: it's a swirled-class flavour you can't resist, and a climate change message you can't ignore. If it's melted, it's ruined. Learn more & take action at

I personally think that brand's this big that are helping to share this message is something that definitely needs to be cheered at! Any ice cream with this message and such fantastic inventive methods and flavours is a winner in my book!

At a first glance the ice cream looks nothing special but the lovely swirls even seen when opening the lid are definitely something special! I love that Ben & Jerry's definitely completely fill their tubs - there is no empty half of the container here!
The swirls definitely run through the entirety of the ice cream instead of just one side which is exactly what is wanted - the Raspberry ice cream is quite subtle but the added swirls make a heavenly combination! The blackberry swirls add an extra little kick which really sums up the flavour but to me, it is definitely not just another raspberry-ripple!

As you can see from the photo above, the swirls do really go all the way down the tub and there is actually quite a lot of 'filling'. The final ingredient is the gorgeous two-tone chocolate cones! A milk chocolate cone with a white chocolate top adds something both cute and ingenious.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone! Whether you're a lover of the brand or this would be your first taste of Ben & Jerry's - it would be an excellent starting point I think as it isn't quite as sweet and overloading as something like Phish Food! My boyfriend isn't a fan of the brand but he really loved this flavour too!

Currently at ASDA as part of the '2 for £6' deal!

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Grace's Irish Shortbread - Made with Irish Butter

This beautiful product was found in an aisle at the Tesco Extra near me and I'm a big fan of anything Irish and i've heard before that Irish shortbread specifically, is amazing.. 
For starter's the box being an Emerald green is really appealing and that it' 'Made With Irish Butter' is also another perk of it's authenticity as the butter is extra creamy and delicious!

I ahve heard of the GRACE'S brand before but have never come across them so I couldn't wait to just dig into the pack and taste the product! The shapes of the biscuits are an exact replica of the photo on the pack which I was quite impressed by. The shape makes you simply think of Ireland with it being a Shamrock and they look really cute and perfect for St. Patrick's Day! If you need an occasion of course.. In total you get 8 biscuits in the pack so they are great for sharing if you wish.

I was really impressed by the pure thickness of the shortbread and how the pieces had settled in the box as there were nearly no crumbs upon opening the packet. The biscuit seemed sturdy but I could already feel the sensation of the butter as soon as I picked one up in my hand - (Not a bad thing by the way)

Upon tasting, a beautiful velvety texture awaits, engulfed with shiny butter and crisp sweet biscuit which I find was the perfect combination! Beware of the overloading crumbs that come when eating though - so probably best not to eat it over a cup of hot coffee or tea.. 
It really is the best i've ever tasted and for the price, I wouldn't hesitate to buy again!

Where to Buy: Tesco (click to buy here)
Cost: £1.90

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Muller Crunch Corner Caribbean Dream


I found these whilst browsing during the main shop this week and thought they sounded pretty good..
After all coconut and Chocolate are a fantastic combination and I'm a big fan of the Bounty!
As the name Caribbean Dream states.. imagine yourself on a dessert island, sun lounger with yogurt in hand and a spoon (think tv adverts) and I think it actually fits quite well!
When you open the lid, the strong sweet smell of coconut comes right at you topped with a light chocolate scent - heavenly..

I've always loved Crunch Corners for as long as I can remember. My favourite bit is tipping the filling into the yoghurt and mixing it all together! When you tip the pack it's always nice to hear that satisfying 'snap!'
The chocolate filling is basically chocolate mixed with large coconut flakes and they provide a fantastic texture. Together it really does tastes like you're eating a bounty on a  different level - one that's more of a liquid but still as amazing nonetheless

I'd definitely recommend this to any bounty, chocolate and Crunch Corner lovers out there!

Where I Bought Them: ASDA
Price: 68p each / 10 for £3

Thursday, 1 October 2015

The Day I tried McDonalds Pancakes for Breakfast..

First off I love the cute polystyrene box with the 'Rise and Shine' quote on - i'm a sucker for cute logos and wording! I must also mention that I really enjoyed the new Vanilla Latte although most of the Vanilla seemed to have sunken to the bottom of the cup.. It did smell amazing though!

The fab and surprisingly big pot of syrup provided with the pancakes was really easy to open which was a bonus for a sleepy morning - (we were there at 6:30am!)
The pancakes were around the size of the base of a large coffee mug and were around 2-3cm thick so plenty to indulge in

The syrup soaked in beautifully to the pancakes and it was runny, sickly sweet and everything you would expect - I would definitely have them again and can't believe I hadn't tried them sooner!

So if you love pancakes and syrup - get yourselves to McDonalds between 5:30 - 10:30am - you won't be disappointed for £2.29!

What I Concluded:

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Tesco Finest Cookies - Salted Caramel and Belgian Milk Chocolate

I spotted these when shopping and they were on sale too! So I thought - why not? I may as well try them!
Even from reading the product name I could tell they would be delicious..
I'm not sure about you, but I've noticed that Salted Caramel has become a recent trend?? Not that i'm complaining of course! Just an observation..

The first thing I loved about this product is the simple and classic nature of the packaging, you can 't go wrong with a trusty paper bag! The font and colours of writing used makes it lok more of a luxury product and like it is definitely some of 'Tesco''s Finest'.

From the front of the bag you can see the cookies through a see-through window and I couldn't believe how big they looked! They were literally nearly as big as my hand! (picture proof below!)

I was definitely not disappointed when it came to opening them up.. the beautiful smell of caramel seemed to ooze from the bag and the smell of homely fresh cookies.. The cookies are slightly soft to the touch and the large chunks of both Salted Caramel and Belgian Chocolate can be seen immediately - I love that the chunks are also so well dispersed as i'm sure i'm not the first to find that when taking a cookie from a pack you actually get 1 or 2 pieces and the rest plain!

When biting into you you get an immediate moist cookie texture and the chocolate chunks add a soft and sweet bite with the salted caramel bits adding more of a chew. The perfect combination! I am happy to say that they definitely hit the spot and go perfectly with a hot cup of coffee!
I did find them very sweet and managed 2 before leaving the rest for the next day but they will definitely keep you going back for more. I actually think that they are the best bakery cookies i've Ever tasted!

Where To Buy: Tesco Grocery - Bakery section
Price: Currently £1 / Usually £1.50
Other Varieties: See Here

Monday, 14 September 2015

Wonka Hoppin Nerds!

I've been so excited to try these since I first saw them advertised at Easter!
I never managed to get my hands on any though, so when I noticed these when out shopping last week I had to grab them!

WONKA Hoppin Nerds

My favourite thing about his product has to be the amazing colours - Bright Blue, Yellow and Pink that really do just scream Easter!
I had no idea they'd be so bright but there's something fascinating about almost luminescent sweets.. Especially when it's in WONKA's case!

They have the same flavour as the Rainbow Nerds - the same extremely sweet and somewhat powerful aftertaste! They are absolutely delicious but beware - the major sugar rush afterwards can hit you slightly off-guard!

Where to Buy: Poundworld
Price: £1

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Cote Bistro Restaurant - Liverpool ONE

Thanks to the amazing people over at Liverpool ONE I won an amazing meal for 2 at Cote Bistro!
So me and the boyfriend got all dressed up and were ready to enjoy some delicious food - it was phenomenol!

We were greeted at the door with a smile and walked to a lovely booth where we were presented with a complimentary glass of sparkling rose wine..

I was unsure at first what might be included in the meal but when I asked the waitress, we were told we could anything on the menu - appetisers, sides, drinks.. you name it! I was amazed!
Our waitress did a fantastic job of recommending food for each course as well as the dry red wine she picked out for us - we honestly couldn't have had better service!

 Pissaladiere - Traditional Warm Flatbread with Caramelised Onions and Reblochon

Saucisson Sec - Thinly Sliced, Cured Burgundian Sausage

Baked Crottin - Traditional Goats Cheese served warm with Lamb's Lettuce & Apple Salad, Walnuts, Croutons and Golden Raisins

Melon with Cured Ham
(Mine has been taken off the menu so i'm unsure what it's called!)

10oz Rib Eye Steak with Bearnaise Sauce - served with Frites
10oz Rib Eye Steak with Roquefort Butter - served with Frites

Gratin Potato x 2


Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream
Lemon Tarte

Coffee to Finish

So truth be told, we ate quite a large amount but we were in the restaurant for around 3 hours so it was lovely and relaxed. The atmosphere with candles and gentle music playing made it the perfect place to share a meal with a loved one.

As I stated before, the food was delightful and the staff couldn't have done more for us. I would definitely recommend their restaurant chain and we will definitely be back in the future!

Thankyou again Liverpool ONE!
To see the locations of Cote restaurants and the Menu click here.