Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Muller Crunch Corner Caribbean Dream


I found these whilst browsing during the main shop this week and thought they sounded pretty good..
After all coconut and Chocolate are a fantastic combination and I'm a big fan of the Bounty!
As the name Caribbean Dream states.. imagine yourself on a dessert island, sun lounger with yogurt in hand and a spoon (think tv adverts) and I think it actually fits quite well!
When you open the lid, the strong sweet smell of coconut comes right at you topped with a light chocolate scent - heavenly..

I've always loved Crunch Corners for as long as I can remember. My favourite bit is tipping the filling into the yoghurt and mixing it all together! When you tip the pack it's always nice to hear that satisfying 'snap!'
The chocolate filling is basically chocolate mixed with large coconut flakes and they provide a fantastic texture. Together it really does tastes like you're eating a bounty on a  different level - one that's more of a liquid but still as amazing nonetheless

I'd definitely recommend this to any bounty, chocolate and Crunch Corner lovers out there!

Where I Bought Them: ASDA
Price: 68p each / 10 for £3

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  1. Sounds excellent value, not a flavour that I would have thought of in a crunch corner. Will try this.