Tuesday, 30 April 2013

NEW Clover Seedburst Spread

I picked this NEW Clover Seedburst spread up when shopping at my local Asda supermarket last week when i found it at the bargain price of only £1.00!

I was really excited to try this product from the second i heard about it's release!
I do try my best to eat a balanced diet and i love natural tasting products at the best of times, especially things like nuts & seeds. It is a whole new concept and i couldn't wait to try it for myself!

When i first opened the lid, the foil that covers the top of the butter was there as usualy but this time, a lot more eye-catching and it had a little message on too:

"To liven up your toast, bagels and warm, crusty baguettes, spread with new Clover Seedburst.
Why not try it melted onto oven crisp jacket potatoes, stirred through freshly cooked vegetables, or as a finishing touch for creamy mashed potatoes.
Find us on Facebook.com"

I quite like the fact it seems quite personal and that this message applies directly to you, i find it a really nice touch to the product - thumbs up for this!

(as you can see within the 5 days we have had it, it has been very well loved!)

When i peeled back the foil, a lovely sight awaited me..
The sight of a yellow cream dotted with tiny specks!
I couldn't wait to try it on everything i could think of!

It provides a gorgeous creamy but crunchy texture on slices of toast, you can really taste the different seeds coming through and it isn't an unpleasant texture in your mouth! I expected to be able to feel all the lumpy-bumpy bits but you can't at all!
The whole family absolutely Love it and i will have to be investing in some more!
To add a little bit of natural essence to your meals, it's the perfect way to go!

I even tried mine on warmed Croissants!
They were absolutely delicious!

Rimmel shopping trip - Boots!

Thanks to a lovely £10 Love2Shop voucher from a survey site i got my lovely little selection for only £1.08!

Boots also have an offer on at the minute where if you spend £10 or more on Rimmel London products, you get a free Scandaleyes Black mascara worth £7.99!

I bought:
Rimmel Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover 125ml - £3.59
Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil - £2.99
Rimmel NEW Finishing Touch 3D Plumping Top Coat - £ 4.49
Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara in Black - FREE with promotion

I also got a free No7 voucher with my purchase!
This entitles me to:
£5 off No7 Skincare and also £3 off No7 Make Up valid until May 19th!


I had one of the most lovely surprises this morning in the post, in amongst the usual junk mail.. i came across a package - and i was pretty sure i hadn't ordered anything!

When i opened it up i was greeted by bright orange and glitter - two of my favourtite things!

What was inside?

TweezerIT Curve Collection in Amber

Attached to the tweezers packaging was a TweezerIT business card that read:
 'quality instruments for expert hands'

I have read reviews on the TweezerIT brand and it's products so i couldn't believe it had been sent to me for free and just so i could review it!
The best thing is i had meant to ahve been investing in some new ones and was off shopping to Boots today so they've arrived at exactly the right time!

I can't wait to try these out and will be reporting back with a review very shortly!

This product has been sent to me free of charge and an honest review will be written as soon as possible.

Monday, 29 April 2013

My April picks - fashion/beauty

This month i have been trying to save and not buying things for the sake of it but i have found a little collection of things i wouldn't mind pickng up!

I have been lucky enough to win £25 with Aba Research so i might have to invest in a few treats!

My April Picks

Firstly has to be this beautiful Daisy Spike Headband - £10 Topshop
I'd team this both dresses and jeans and i think it will be perfect for spring and will definitely make a statement!

Also i am a bit of a geek when it comes to Harry Potter! So i was in-love when i came across this Time-Turner Pendant on Etsy for around £12 (including postage!)
I'd wear this with a jeans/denim shorts & t-shirt combo:

I'm also in need of a new hair-styler and have heard so many good things about this! I may just ahve to pick one up as i really want to try some new styles this year..
Remington Pearl Pro-Styler - £9.96 at The Hut

My last pick has to be the new Revlon Nail Art Neon that were released in Boots stores this week for only £7.99!
I can't wait to try out some more creative nail art!

NEW clothing brand QuirkyME!

QuirkyME is a New clothing brand based in Barcelona.
It was born from the need of an artist to create.

Their Story:
We are fashion geeks, we use the internet to search what we like and that’s just what we want to offer to all fashionistas who, just like us, know what they want and look for it. We want to gather under our brand a variety of designs and products with temperament so we can reach the public who shares with us our taste for modern and daring fashion through the use of  materials, colors, prints and shapes we love and which define the personality of our designs.

This is a very young and new brand, founded by cintia Gonzalvez, a young designer born in Barcelona in 1986.
We have just started, but we look to the future with eagern
ess to grow fast and be able to offer as much quirkiness as we can!

My favourite picks:

Another brilliant thing about this new brand is that they support CFS research - this is
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - a very poorly studied disease which severly affects the lives of the people who suffer from it.

QuirkyME's aim is to supply modern and daring fashion with the use of materials, colours, prints and shapes. It is aimed at individuals who lvoe to express themselves in their own way.

Their range can be found here: http://www.quirky-me.com/en/content/9-quirky-me-cfs

One of the best things? They ship WORLDWIDE too!

Social Media Links:
Twitter: @_QuirkyMe_
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/quirkymepins/ 

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Percy & Reed London Colour & Shine Conditioner review!

Percy & Reed LONDON
Really Rather Radiant
Colour & Shine Conditioner
(For Coloured Hair)

As a regular reader of magazines, i love getting freebies with ones such as; Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Company.
I was lucky enough to recieve this freebie a few months back but forgot about it until i discovered it duirng my Spring room clearout last week!

Percy & Reed LONDON are a company that i haven't used before, i have heard of them but have never got round to buying any of their products.
I love the unique design of this bottle and the cute picture which instantly draws you to it and makes it look much more appealing and interesting!

As the picture shows the image of a woman with voluminous and radiant hair in monochrome, it amkes it look more chic and professional i think. The image has a little slogan written next to it stating "Get the Gloss!"

It came in a 100ml bottle which i think is extremely generous and i was surprised at how big it was for a freebie!
The logo is printed in bold print at the top of the bottle and underneath it reads 'hair.' in a lovely double-lettered font which i think makes it really unique.

I shampooed my hair as usual and then reached for this bottle, it looked quite luxorious compared to my usual Avon and Tresemme' products!
When i opened the bottle, i smelt a faint and gentle Aloe Vera scent which was actually quite relaxing. The consistency is quite thick and seemed more like a lotion to me and it felt really creamy and soft!

I followed the directions printed on the back of the bottle which read;
'Work the conditioner into the palms of your hands and smooth through the hair, working from roots to ends, then massage. Rinse thoroughly. For extra conditioning leave for 1-2 minutes'

I was quite surprised at how dedicated and fluent the instructions were, i liked the fact that they were telling you exactly what to do to get the best result!
I felt quite luxorious to be 'massaging' my hair! But it really worked and was really easy to apply and also easy to rinse out.
The back of the bottle also has a 'Salon Secret' tip on the back - i think this little extra is brilliant as it makes you feel like you are recieving more than the product but also the advice of the company!
It read: 'For extra gloss, rinse thoroughly with cold water to close down the cuticle'

It all sounded very professional! But i was a little scared to try the cold water tip the first time, so maybe next time i will be able to reveal if it works!

I am so pleased and impressed with this product and as i got it as a freebie, am more estatic! I will definitely be checking out more of the Percy & Reed LONDON range!

This product is available to buy at the following retailers at £16.00 for 250ml
Harvey Nichols
John Lewis

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Models Own Nail Beads in Neon Green review!

On my recent Mini-Haul in Boots, i couldn't resist picking these up! As soon as i saw them i knew i had to try them!

They are part of their Artistix range and one i am very keen to try more products from! The Neon Green caught my eye as i Love bright colours and also i was also buying the Apple Pie shade of their new Fruit Pastel Scented collection, and i thought they would be a great compliment to each other!
I have seen many designs of people using Nail Beads all over the internet and was very keen to try them myself! I wasn't going to go for anything too Over-The-Top but at only £4 i couldn't resist!

I Loved the cute and bright eye-catching packaging.. Especially the little instructions on the back, i thought what a brilliant idea! The packaging is also recyclable - Bonus for me.

When removing the bottle from the outer box, i actually realised how many beads there actually were and with only a £4 pricetag, what a bargain! I love the little glass jar as it looks elegant and professional, the big white lid makes it appear to be Nail Polish though.

Cleverly, after removing the lid, a small see-through lid had been stuck over the gap to ensure no product spilt out before opening it properly - big plus for a mucky-pup like myself! After removing that i looked at the beads and how Neon they actually were! I was so excited to try them out!

After painting my index and fourth-finger with the Apple Pie Fruit Pastel nail polish, i quickly tipped the beads onto the polish to ensure they stuck and just.. WOW! It was like a Neon shower!
They do tend to go Everywhere so try to be gentle when tipping the bottle. I Used a towel over my lap whilst sitting on the edge of my bed and used an A4 notepad to rest my hands on.
After doing those 2 nails, i decided to try a different base colour so that the beads stood out a bit more. I chose my all-time Favourite Nail Polish Ciate' in Jelly Bean which is a vibrant pink!
So.. the result so far?

They look bright and amazing! (in my opinion!)

I decided to do the rest of my nails using the pink so they were alternate in colour and i was really surprised how quickly i got the hang of using the beads and also how simple they were to use!

I even managed no mess and just simply threw the few excess beads from teh towel outside the back door.

I now have bright, eye-catching nails for my night out.. i'm actualy wondering at this moment if the Nail Beads are Neon enough to glow in the dark!

They are the most amazing product and i can't wait to invest in the other 4 colours!

Gillette Venus & Olay Razor Review!

I was lucky enough to get the chance to review these a couple of months back with SuperSavvyMe! I thought it was a brilliant product but as i never reviewed it on my blog before, i thought i'd do a proper review.

I picked mine up from my local Boots store as they have it at Half Price at the minute - only £5.49! Unfortunately, they didn't stock the blades at my local store so i just picked up another razor instead. Although you can buy the blades online in packs of:

I think i'd buy the packs of 3 blades, but i do think the packs of 6 are really expensive to be honest.

I do absolutely Love the razor though. When i first got asked to trial this i was trying to be optimistic but as i have sensitive skin it is really difficult to find products -especially razors - that don't irritate my skin. And i'm so accident prone i don't get through many shaves without atleast 1 cut!
However i gave it the benefit of the doubt.. and i was So wrong to doubt it!

Firstly, the product comes in a stable yet easy-to-open packaging which is a massive 'Thumbs Up' for me! It can take me ages to get into some razor's packaging and it can totally put you off them before you've even used them.
This packaing has an easy inwards slot that you simply pull back and the top flips open! Everything inside is held steady with a seperate piece of plastic.

You get a stable packaging box which can be excellent to keep your razor, extra blades and shower-holder in when travelling! The razor itself is attached to the plastic inside but simply slots out when pulled. It is already atatched to the shower-holder within the packaging too so they are already together which is good. The blade itself is in a small plastic pod with the name of the razor on the top - which is a bonus as i have a few razor blades in my beauty-bag that i'd hate for them to get mixed up!

The blade is easy to release, the pod has a film top with 2 tabs to make it easy to remove.
The blade itself looks quite feminine and gentle i thought. It is a combination of 5 blades, with Olay moisture bars above and below them. This is brillaint for me too as when attached it to the razor, there is something surrounding the blades therefore making me less likely to injure myself!
It is really simle to fix to the top of the razor, simply slot it in and away you go!

When first using the razor i was almost certain it would 'knick my skin or the lather would irritate but honestly the results were amazing! I simply wet my legs and then the razor slightly, and began to run the blade down my shin. The blade had a surprisingly smooth and soft texture and i couldn't believe how quickly it was removing the hair, i usually have to go over an area twice to ensure it's all gone! I was being really gentle and cautious but i soon realised there was no need, it was the quickest time it had ever taken me to use a razor! I was in and out the bathroom in around 10 minutes!
I didn't even get anywhere near the end of the Moisture bars - there was plenty left!

Another brilliant asset to this razor is that it comes with the shower attachment, one i might add that Actually Sticks! I was amazed that it didn't fall off as usually the suction pads on things these days aren't of a brilliant standard, and the razor slots in easily and doesn't fall!

I rinsed my legs with warm water and dabbed them dry as usual, i couldn't believe the softness of my skin! I don't think my skin has felt that soft in around a few years! I had no sign of any irritation or redness and my skin felt fully moisturised and refreshed!

I think the razor looks very proefessional and definitely one that i am proud to own. It really is amazing for it's price!

Models Own Scented Fruit Pastel - Apple Pie Review!

I absolutely Love the ModelsOwn brand! So when i walked into my local Boots, i was absolutely estatic that they finally had a stand dedicated entirely to ModelsOwn products!
I wanted to try something new, on-trend and unique.. So i opted for the New Scented Fruit Pastel Collection! It consists of 5 nail polishes in different pastels colours, but all have a matching fruit scent. The lid of each nail polish has a 'Scratch N Sniff' panel where you can basically 'try before you buy'!

Apple Pie

I chose the Apple Pie, not only because it's one of my favourite desserts, but also because i love the colour. Although it's a pastel shade, it is still eye-catching and reminds me so much of spring too!

Silly me - cause i was so in-awe of the products i didn't see the 'Scratch N Sniff' panel until i got home! But when i did notice it and i did duly what it asked, the smell was yummy! It had hints of fresh apples with sugar & cinnamon - and it really made me want a slice of Apple Pie!

I am writing this blog post as i have Just painted the nails on my left hand with 2 coats.. The results:

My middle nail is being it's annoying self as polish never seems to go smooth over it! Although the rest of my nails i think look quite bright and smooth! As it is a light colour, after the 1st coat it was still pretty much see-through so i added another. BUt after a 3rd coat i felt they looked much better:

I am very pleased with this product! I know i probably need more practise with pastel colours as i'm usually one for brights! But overall, this product has good coverage after a few coats, a bright yet pastel colour and it definitely makes me smile. Oh i forgot to mention, my nails now smell like Apple Pie! So yummy!

I'm going out tonight, i shall be using this nail polish with Models Own Nail Beads in Neon Green!
So watch for the next blogpost which will be the review of this concoction!

Friday, 26 April 2013

Spring TAG!

What is your favourite Spring nail polish?
My favourite spring Nail Polish has to be the New ModelsOwn Fruit Pastel Scented collection! I picked up my first one yesterday in Boots - Apple Pie! ( a review will be up tomorrow!) They have 5 gorgeous colours all with a matching fruit scent: Blueberry Muffin, Apple Pie, Banana Split, Strawberry Tart & Grape Juice!

What is your must have lip colour this Spring?
Definitely this Watermelon shade of Burt's Bees Shimmer Lip Balm! I was bought one for Christmas and have just re-stocked with this one - which is SO cheap it's unbelievable from Amazon! It's a beautiful shade of pink which always reminds me of hot days which are made so much more refreshing with Watermelon slices!

Show/Tell us about your favourite Spring dress?

My favourite spring dress is this bright & bold red and white polka dot halterneck dress which my *gorgeous & talented* mother made for me out of a roll of material! It really does stand out, but makes me feel happy and smiley!

What is your favourite flower?
My favourite flower has Always been the lily. Ever since i was little i have been fascinated with the delicate nature, the beautiful pastel colours and the spotted seed-pattern in the centre. They really are a thing of beauty and i dream of the day i can carry them down the aisle!

What is your favourite Spring scarf/accessory? 
My favourite spring scarf has to be one i purchased in the sale at H&M around 3 years ago. It's a beautiful indigo-blue with a white swallow design. I usually tie it around my head underneath my hair to keep it out the way when i'm out & about enjoying the countryside!

What Spring trends are you most excited for?
I'd definitely have Pastels: as you can see by my Nail polish *fave above! But also the 'White bag' craze that's going on! I really need to get my hands on a big, shopper in leather-look bright white! They look both classy and original and i think i could make it work with almost anything!

What is your favourite Spring candle?
Yankee Candle have to be my favourite candle supplier! But their New Easter range blew me away! I absolutely love the scent of their 'Bunny Cake' candle.. the hints of coconut and vanilla are like heaven!

What is your favourite body spray/perfume for Spring?
I don't usually use different scents for different seasons but i have just bought a new body mist from Avon called: Tahitan Holiday Exotic Body Mist i'm not planning on going abroad this summer (boo! *sadface*) although this does a pretty good jobof making me imagine i am! It's got a gorgeous scent of coconut that comes through quite strongly so i ensure i wear it, even on miserable days!
I also absolutely Love Lacoste - Touch of Pink that i wear all the time!

What is Spring like, where you live?
Rubbish! Rainy, cold & generally upsetting since we get hints of sunshine and still latch onto the hope that it might stay and blossom into marvellous heat! Although we do our best at still fashioning the latest trends.. even if we have to match them with wellies & a mac!

What is your favourite thing about Spring?
The hope that seems to suddenly blossom with the season. I love the simple nature points; baby ducklings, blooming daffodils and the greenery emerging again after the 'harsh' winter..

Are you a Spring cleaner?
Not usually, although this year i have made much more of an effort! Last weekend my bedroom was thoroughly sorted through, and i will sure to be Ebaying, donating and customising soon!

Any plans for a Spring break/Vacation?
Unfortunately not.. other than a quick 2-day trip to london 31st May-2nd June which will compromise of a cheap-ish hotel stay, GreenDay gig!<3  and shopping in shops that i can't find in the Midlands! The majority of my time will hopefully -fingers crossed- be spent in the lovely sunshine having a BBQ and exploring the local nature reserve. 

I TAG you all to do this tag, and if you do it.. please comment below with the link to it so we can all have a read of your Spring answers!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

My Mini Haul - Boots!

I went out to do the weekly food shop but couldn't resist popping into my local Boots store beforehand!
It is ideally (or maybe not!) located right next to ASDA so it was a temptation i couldn't avoid..

I haven't bought beauty/make up items for a while and thanks to Click's Reserach survery panel i had accumulated £8 in Boots vouchers- (they are brilliant and i would highly recommend joining them! Not only do they send you frequent beauty/skin products to test, they will reward you with £4 in Boots vouchers each time yuo complete the end survey!)
I also had a £2 voucher off for Venus & Olay that i had accumulated from a recent product test on behalf of SuperSavvy Me

So i couldn't wait to go in and spend my hard-earned cash!

After exploring the make-up section, i found an entire shelf dedicated to Models Own products! I was so excited as i love them and hadn't seen one in a Boots store before now!
I discovered some amazing new products and i wanted to try them all! Unfortunately, my spending budget didn't stretch that far!

There are 5 scents available and each is a corresponding colour: Apple Pie, Grape Juice, Strawberry Tart, Blueberry Muffin & Banana Split! They are sounded so yummy and i wanted to buy them all, but i thought it better to try just 1 to begin with.. (sadface!)

I also came across the Models Own Artistix Nail Beads collection too. These come in the following colours: Gold, Black, Neon Pink, Neon Green & Neon Orange.

After around 20 minutes.. i decided to go for the Apple Pie scented Fruit Pastel nail polish and also the Neon Green Artistix Nail Beads. I thought i might do a green combo when i go out on Saturday night!

After being lucky enough to test the Venus & Olay combination razor, i couldn't wait to use my coupon to buy another one! These are currently Half Price in Boots - Reduced from £11 to just £5.50! My coupon was for £2 off so i unbelievably got this razor for only £3.50!
It really is an amazing product and urge you all to try it! I have sensitive skin and was worried that it might irritate my but no sign at all, just simply smootha nd moisturised skin as promised! This even comes with a 'Love it or your money back' guarantee!

Boots also had a pretty amazing deal on Rimmel products - get a FREE Scandal-eyes Mascara with Rimmel purchases of £10 or over! I will be indulging in this deal when i go to a larger Boots store and have more time!

Whilst i was in there i also managed to use the little Advantage Card machine to check my points. To my delight i have: 368 points which i'm sure will be well spent on my next visit! I also came across an Advantage Card deals section that i hadn't before. I clicked across the 7 deals, mostly being 10% off different types of products but the last one caught my eye.
It was offering: 100 points when you buy ANY Lipstick or Mascara! (Valid until 11th June)
I promptly printed it off and think this will fit in really well with my planned Rimmel purchases!