Saturday, 27 April 2013

Models Own Scented Fruit Pastel - Apple Pie Review!

I absolutely Love the ModelsOwn brand! So when i walked into my local Boots, i was absolutely estatic that they finally had a stand dedicated entirely to ModelsOwn products!
I wanted to try something new, on-trend and unique.. So i opted for the New Scented Fruit Pastel Collection! It consists of 5 nail polishes in different pastels colours, but all have a matching fruit scent. The lid of each nail polish has a 'Scratch N Sniff' panel where you can basically 'try before you buy'!

Apple Pie

I chose the Apple Pie, not only because it's one of my favourite desserts, but also because i love the colour. Although it's a pastel shade, it is still eye-catching and reminds me so much of spring too!

Silly me - cause i was so in-awe of the products i didn't see the 'Scratch N Sniff' panel until i got home! But when i did notice it and i did duly what it asked, the smell was yummy! It had hints of fresh apples with sugar & cinnamon - and it really made me want a slice of Apple Pie!

I am writing this blog post as i have Just painted the nails on my left hand with 2 coats.. The results:

My middle nail is being it's annoying self as polish never seems to go smooth over it! Although the rest of my nails i think look quite bright and smooth! As it is a light colour, after the 1st coat it was still pretty much see-through so i added another. BUt after a 3rd coat i felt they looked much better:

I am very pleased with this product! I know i probably need more practise with pastel colours as i'm usually one for brights! But overall, this product has good coverage after a few coats, a bright yet pastel colour and it definitely makes me smile. Oh i forgot to mention, my nails now smell like Apple Pie! So yummy!

I'm going out tonight, i shall be using this nail polish with Models Own Nail Beads in Neon Green!
So watch for the next blogpost which will be the review of this concoction!

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