Monday, 29 April 2013

NEW clothing brand QuirkyME!

QuirkyME is a New clothing brand based in Barcelona.
It was born from the need of an artist to create.

Their Story:
We are fashion geeks, we use the internet to search what we like and that’s just what we want to offer to all fashionistas who, just like us, know what they want and look for it. We want to gather under our brand a variety of designs and products with temperament so we can reach the public who shares with us our taste for modern and daring fashion through the use of  materials, colors, prints and shapes we love and which define the personality of our designs.

This is a very young and new brand, founded by cintia Gonzalvez, a young designer born in Barcelona in 1986.
We have just started, but we look to the future with eagern
ess to grow fast and be able to offer as much quirkiness as we can!

My favourite picks:

Another brilliant thing about this new brand is that they support CFS research - this is
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - a very poorly studied disease which severly affects the lives of the people who suffer from it.

QuirkyME's aim is to supply modern and daring fashion with the use of materials, colours, prints and shapes. It is aimed at individuals who lvoe to express themselves in their own way.

Their range can be found here:

One of the best things? They ship WORLDWIDE too!

Social Media Links:
Twitter: @_QuirkyMe_

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