Thursday, 4 April 2013

NEW Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr in Turquoise Forever - 26J600

After seeing quite a few others talking and blogging about this product i just couldn't help trying this out for myself!
My question: Can it really stay on all day with no sign of wearing off or having to re-apply?

As a big fan of the Maybelline brand i definitely wanted to give this new phenomenon a go as i find that almost all of their products are brilliant!

I got mine: Superdrug - £4.99 (also 3 for 2 on all Maybelline products!)

After looking through all the available options, i chose Turquoise Forever as i thought it looked a bright and fun colour and would be perfect for spring too. It was very eye-catching and would be perfect to stand out.

The product comes in a small pot with a see-through lid that allows you to see the exact colour before purchase. 

The sticker on the bottom is also in the colour of the product and also states the name and shade number.
20- Turquoise Forever

The product is a gel-creme which is very easy to apply - i use a small eyeshadow brush to apply this as it is soft and easy.

As it was my mom's birthday yesterday and we were going out for a family meal, i decided it would be the perfect time to try this out properly.

I brushed some on to my eyelid and added 2-coats to ensure the colour was even and bright.

Teamed with eyeliner and mascara, the product made my eyes look bright and widened with colour. It was really easy to apply and the colour was absolutely gorgeous!

I applied this around 3pm and by the tiome i arrived home that night at around 11pm - it had stayed exactly as i it had as soon as i put it on!
No smudging or fading of colour - i was really impressed!

I always usually remove my make-up before bed but i decided to test this product properly so keep it on. As it states to stay on for 24hrs..

This is my eyes at 12:30pm the next day..

The product really works for how long it states! I'd been wearing it for 21 and a half hours and the colour hadn't faded!
I couldn't believe it but it has just restored more faith in Maybelline products for me.

Definitely thinking about going to Superdrug to take advantage of the 3 for 2 offer whilst i can at this price!
The product will probably last me atleast 3 months.

Verdict: A brilliant product that will almost certainly replace a lot of my eyeshadows. It really does last as long as it states and has beaten my expectations!

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