Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Love Label Very.co.uk - My Top Picks

I received an email from Very.co.uk this morning and as soon as I laid eyes on a couple of pieces of the LOVE LABEL - HELLO LOVER collection, I just couldn't stay away! I just couldn't help myself from clicking onto the website as this collection holds so many beautiful and eye-catching pieces - I just want to fill my wardrobe to the brim!
They have some stunning Daisy print pieces which i'm abosolutely loving this spring! Along with some absolutely stunning kimono's, lots of 90's vibes and plenty of cute pastel shades!
The pieces are so reasonable in price with a wide array of colours, shapes and styles there is something for absolutely everyone to get their summer wardrobe started off: I'd definitely take a look!

Take a look at my Pinterest board for more of my favourites from Very.co.uk!
As for those illusion coated skinny jeans.. I Need Them!
Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

My Top Film Picks: May

I thought i'd do something a little different today as this month i've been loving just snuggling down in my PJ's and sticking on a good film! So i'm going to share with you my favourites this month and also some films i'm planning on watching in the near future: I hope you enjoy this post!

The Wolf Of Wall Street
This movie is one i just had to snap up for my collection! I'm a big lover of Leonardo DiCaprio films, especially his outstanding performances in the newer ones and this film is no exception to that. I would highly recommend either buying or atleast renting this film as it is pure brilliance and a real eye-opener to the history of  the Wall Street headlines.

So when this film was first advertised at the cinema, me and my friends were counting down the days until it was released! Quentin Tarantino is a legend in his own right and this film was the best i'd seen last year by far! The acting quality is amazing and the somewhat shocking scenes and the realisation of what it was like in the past is both eye-opening and astounding. It's a definite must-see and one i could personally watch again and again

This Is The End
This was my favourite Comedy of the year when we saw it at the cinema last year, it has so many great one-liners, cameos and shocking scenes that makes this a big winner for teenagers and young adults - especially if you hang-out with a group of lads! Jonah Hill and Seth Rogan are on their top form in this film and it's a real Laugh-Out-Loud film that drags you in. There's even 90s Backstreet Boys.. what's not to love??

White Chicks
So a little throwback from the past but ultimately and arguably one of the greatest comedy films to hit our screens! It's brilliantly witty, relatable and perfect for guys and girls, my parents even love it! It's a great don't-know-what-to-watch movie that's a good all-rounder and if you haven't seen it yet - get watching!

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2
I loved the first 'Cloudy' film so for me this was a must-buy! I didn't actually get to see this one in the cinema but it was a fab experience watching it at home. With the super-cute foodimals and the loveable characters it's a great family film that shares messages of trust, family and friendship - perfect for all ages but Barry the Strawberry is my faovurite!! Join the gang on a new adventure where they save the Foodimals from extinction and save the world from an evil scientist!

Alien vs Predator Trilogy
A real throwback but a trilogy i have recently picked up preowned because i couldn't believe that i didn't own it! The whole creepiness of 'Aliens' in it's prime and the sight of seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger in his army gear is pure perfection for a chill-out sunday afternoon, taking me back to my young teenage days!

Enjoy your Bank Holiday Weekend!

Monday, 19 May 2014

May Wishlist

I'm crushing on so many things this month! A mix of spring/summer tops, bright dressed and ripped denim.
So here's a little collective of the highlights of my wishlist.
Enjoy your Monday - it's beautiful weather after all!


Thursday, 15 May 2014

Pastel / Unicorn

Unicorn Low-Back Crop - Newbreed Girl, SpoiledBrat.co.uk
Denim Studded Cutoff's - Ragged Priest
Tights - New Look
Pastel Creepers - Depop (originally New Look)

So yesterday was the perfect balance of sun and spring! I couldn't resist just throwing on some denim cut-off's as they are my sunny day essential! This gorgeous Unicorn Yin & Yang Crop is a new addition to my wardrobe and I love the super-cute low back and the cotton tee sleeves.. I think my obsession with unicorns is definitely growing! The monochrome is so flattering and it's great to just throw on and go.
Now these creepers.. are ones I managed to nab (they're brand new mind!) from the lovely seller: munstermartha on Depop which is an app I highly recommend!
It's great to grab a bargain and to network with other sellers and you can even sell your own stuff so can spend what you earn - i find you feel less guilty that way! They are a beautiful pastel pink shade and the photos above really don't do them justice!
I'm off now to eat M&Ms and Online window-shop..
Bring on Friday!

I'm selling on Depop too so please take a look: angie_cupcake


Friday, 9 May 2014

Morrisons Bank Holiday Challenge

So over the bank holiday weekend  amongst many others things, we needed to do our weekly food shopping - but where to shop? Fortunately we were lucky enough to be selected as a part of the #Britmums #Morissonsmum Bank Holiday Challenge!
We were sent £80 of Morrisons vouchers to do our normal weekly shop, plus buy a few extras for a 'favourite bank holiday meal' and ultimately to find out about the new 'I'm Cheaper' campaign.

"This is the start of a new cheaper Morrisons.
From today, we’ve cut the prices on over a thousand of your favourite products. Not temporary reductions or supermarket smoke and mirrors, these are new every day low prices on the things you buy every week. So you’ll notice the difference with every shop.
And although we’re cutting prices, we’re not cutting corners. You can check our pricing at www.Morrisons.com/pricecuts.
You’ll still get award-winning meat and fish, still get trained butchers and bakers, still get the best of fresh on Market Street and still get friendly Morrisons service.
Look out for the yellow markers when you shop in store and online at morrisons.com. If it says I’m cheaper you know it’s staying cheaper."

The Shopping Experience

As we don't usually shop in Morrisons we were excited to get going and see all the lovely discounts we could get! It was a great time for us too as we've just applied a new 'Healthier Eating' decision and wanted to find some new meals to try out and this was a perfect opportunity - so armed with a shopping list, off we went!

The Delicatessen was a favourite!
Our shopping at the till..
So with our Morrisons vouchers we bought lots of;
Fresh Fruit, Vegetables and Salad
Pasta, Rice and Jars
Fresh Cooked & Uncooked Meat
We also bought ourselves some new cooking utensils and equipment for the kitchen as we needed new ones to implement our new weekly recipes! We bought 2 pizza trays, a Frying Pan, a Large Saucepan, 2 Serving Bowls, a Large Blade Knife, 4 Meat Skewers and a Set of Wooden Chopping Boards.
All in all, our Total Shop cost: £77.75

Favourite Bank Holiday Meal

We decided we wanted to work together as a family and have some Bank Holiday fun, so we decided to make our own Homemade Pizzas!
We used lots of fresh veg - (definitely had out 5-A-Day!) some yummy cheese and deli meats. We even tried a new alternative: We used Pesto as a base instead of Tomato Paste to give it more flavour!

The quality of the fresh salad and vegetables we brought was surprisingly good! I think they are the best of the supermarket picks that we've ever seen! Everything looked fresh and in season, perfect for you to just pick up and prepare!
The pizza trays were of top quality and were a serious bargain!
For this recipe we used: Sliced deli meats selection, 1x yellow pepper, 2x large tomatoes, 1/2 red onion, 5x mushrooms, 400g grated cheese, 2x Pizza bases and 2 tlbs Green Pesto.
Total cost for meal: £7.73
Cost per serving: £2.57

They both looked and tasted incredibly good and it was a much more fun way to celebrate the Bank Holiday to make dinner together for a change!
If there is one close enough to you, i would recommend to use Morissons for your main shop next time you are heading to the supermarket and we definitely will be in the future!
Thankyou to both #Britmums and Morrisons for making our weekend even better!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Girl At The Rock Show

*Black Fishnet Slant Dress - Little Booteek
Vintage Cowboy Boots - Oasis Market
Neon Bead Bracelet - Claire's Accessories
Fox Ring - Sammydress (similar)

I was lucky enough to Win this gorgeous black fishnet sleeve dress from the store Little Booteek's facebook page in their Easter giveaway! It is super flattering, is an amazing fit and has a perfect rock-chick vibe. I wouldn't usually go for one-shoulder dresses so this is a big welcome change and i'm so glad I got it courtesy of them as I never would've bought one otherwise! I think i'm going to rethink that emotion now.. The material feels really well made and you can tell it's good quality. Their store has so many amazing products for the alternative crowd out there and their delivery is super reasonable at only £3.99 per order for those that live in the UK! Make sure you get involved on their Facebook page too as they always have loads going on! Pop over there now and take a look!

I thought adding my favourite cowboy boots would give the dress a little bit of a dressed-down edge and I decided to jazz it up a bit with a neon bead bracelet and my new fox ring from Sammydress.


Saturday, 3 May 2014

Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

Red Panda Tee - Oasap
Cotton Shorts - Forever21
Patent Handbag - Mango

Just a quick daily post today guys as i've been (and will continue to be) really busy!
Firstly this morning we walked to our local Morrisons which is around a half an hour walk but it was lovely as the sun was shining and it was nice to appreciate the weather and get some decent walking in to go with mine and the boyfriend's new 'Healthy Eating' regime!
We went to Morrissons to get our Bank Holiday shopping with our vouchers supplied by the lovely people over at BritMums and we bought a Lot of stuff including basic food, treats and kitchen equipment - we were in dire need of a new frying pan!
So then we caught the bus home to avoid our arms dropping off.. i organised the kitchen, took some outfit photos and now i'm planning blogposts for next week. Busy, busy busy!
Hope everyone's enjoying their sunny Saturday!


Thursday, 1 May 2014

Days Out: Dudley Zoo

Me and Adam feeding monkeys - Baby Barbary Sheep - Otters
Bob the Pig - Baby Ducklings - Field Mouse - Sunbathing Meerkat!
Male Peacock - Go Wild! Show - Capybara Family
Baby Giraffe - Baby Wallaby
Kangaroo - Mommy Giraffe - Lynx Cat - Inca the Asiatic Bear (she's my favourite!)
Great Grey Owl - Rainbow Macaw
Lemurs in Lemur Wood - Forget-Me-Not Flowers - Lemurs - Indoor Otters
Reindeer - Sleeping Lioness - Male Sumatran Tiger

As the sun has been shining this week, me and the boyfriend decided to head out to our favourite place - Dudley Zoological Gardens. There are such a large variety of animals, yummy things to eat and you really do get lost in the world of nature. We fed a monkey with some exotic plant, watched a 'Go Wild!' show which introduced us to 3 species of birds close-up and just overall had an amazing day.
I would definitely recommend going there for a local day out if you live in the West Midlands or even staying over at the supposedly 'haunted' Station Hotel across the road!
They have a great array of activities on over the summer so take a look at their website for more details - their Fish & Chips are pretty amazing too!