Thursday, 1 May 2014

Days Out: Dudley Zoo

Me and Adam feeding monkeys - Baby Barbary Sheep - Otters
Bob the Pig - Baby Ducklings - Field Mouse - Sunbathing Meerkat!
Male Peacock - Go Wild! Show - Capybara Family
Baby Giraffe - Baby Wallaby
Kangaroo - Mommy Giraffe - Lynx Cat - Inca the Asiatic Bear (she's my favourite!)
Great Grey Owl - Rainbow Macaw
Lemurs in Lemur Wood - Forget-Me-Not Flowers - Lemurs - Indoor Otters
Reindeer - Sleeping Lioness - Male Sumatran Tiger

As the sun has been shining this week, me and the boyfriend decided to head out to our favourite place - Dudley Zoological Gardens. There are such a large variety of animals, yummy things to eat and you really do get lost in the world of nature. We fed a monkey with some exotic plant, watched a 'Go Wild!' show which introduced us to 3 species of birds close-up and just overall had an amazing day.
I would definitely recommend going there for a local day out if you live in the West Midlands or even staying over at the supposedly 'haunted' Station Hotel across the road!
They have a great array of activities on over the summer so take a look at their website for more details - their Fish & Chips are pretty amazing too!


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