Thursday, 4 February 2016

Limited Edition Vanilla KitKat!

As soon as I saw this the other day I snapped one straight up!
Vanilla is one of my favourite flavourings so this was definitely right up my street!

The Vanilla flavour comes through slightly light at first - especially when you're having it as an accompaniment to a strong coffee!

It's the typical crunchy, crispy KitKat that I love, with that hint of something extra!
As a 'Stirred' product it is designed to be stirred into coffee or tea but I also quite liked just eating it like a regular bar as a snack.
I would definitely have it again and would love it to become a regular addition to the KitKat family!

I'd definitely recommend anyone to try it!

Bought: One Stop convenience store
Price: 60p (3 for £1.20)