About Me

Hi, i'm just here to write about my own little world and the things in it; my wardrobe, my food, my adventures and life's little distractions.
I'm 21 but admittedly i'm a collector of Disney films, have always wanted to own a Pokemon and have a small (but still healthy) obsession with unicorns and platform gaming.
I live with my boyfriend in the West Midlands, tucked away in a semi-detatched house with a little dog we call Stig. Our games consoles are our pride and joy, as is our growing dvd and recipe book collection.
We love to go walking to anywhere and everywhere, visit the zoo, learn some local history then settle down for some good quality food! Nothing can beat a Starbucks in a morning and a takeaway when the WWE Wrestling is on.
I have a love of home cooking and experimenting in the confinement of my kitchen. My other love is shopping for mainly Shoes, Jumpers and Denim Shorts.. I feel that Fashion is entirely catered to you and no-one can tell you what is right or wrong, whatever you feel amazing in is what you should wear:

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