Thursday, 4 February 2016

Limited Edition Vanilla KitKat!

As soon as I saw this the other day I snapped one straight up!
Vanilla is one of my favourite flavourings so this was definitely right up my street!

The Vanilla flavour comes through slightly light at first - especially when you're having it as an accompaniment to a strong coffee!

It's the typical crunchy, crispy KitKat that I love, with that hint of something extra!
As a 'Stirred' product it is designed to be stirred into coffee or tea but I also quite liked just eating it like a regular bar as a snack.
I would definitely have it again and would love it to become a regular addition to the KitKat family!

I'd definitely recommend anyone to try it!

Bought: One Stop convenience store
Price: 60p (3 for £1.20)

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Not Another 'New Year New Me' post!

I am aware that these posts are very cliched and this was why mine didn't go live straight away. I wanted to wait, ensure the right words and do justice to the fact that this is a brand new year.
Although it's cliched, the beginning of a new year is the perfect time for a new start, new goals and new ideas. Your brain seems to click this and I for one, find myself staring into space thinking about all of the things that may be possible!

I'm 23 now and am starting to realise that I would like a bit more out of life. I adore gaming nights with my friends, cinema trips, Jell-O shots and days that I spend watching Netflix and doing nothing else! But I feel like in my mind that I am 'growing up a bit' (I must admit it's slightly terrifying) but I understand the indicators and this is what makes me want to try harder this year.

I want to make this a year of new things! Trying new foods from restaurants when we eat out, taking a chance and seeing a film I probably wouldn't have usually, visiting a new holiday location, trying anew workout routine..
Finally the slightly more serious goals I guess; finally learning t drive and getting a car will be a big deal for me this year. I feel it will give me a bigger sense of freedom and allow me to do a lot of things not possible now. I also want to find a different, more stable job as I feel it's what I need right now. I want somewhere to call 'my place of work' that isn't home. This isn't necessarily in an area I dream of or something I see myself doing long term but I feel I need some stability work-wise right. now.
This will enable me and the wonderful boyfriend to move out into a rental property in another area which I feel will give us some more space to enjoy being us and also more time to ourselves. I'll be having people round to 'ours', *hopefully* getting a dog and I'm just looking forward to having our very own place to call 'home'.

Also I am aiming to post twice a week for the next month whilst i'm busy tending to all the changes above!
Hope you are all having a fantastic 2016!