Saturday, 30 August 2014

Batiste Dry Shampoo: Blush

Carrying this around in my bag makes it perfect for any hair emergency! Whether my hair is looking a bit dry and greasy or I just want to add a little bit more oomph!
It's The festival saviour too!
Simply spray 30cm from your head on your roots
Rustle up your hair to make sure the product is 'mixed' in (crazy hair time!)
Then just brush your hair as usual

I absolutely love Batiste and they also have an array of fragrances that I love to alternate between.
Blush is my favourite right now as it's fresh, floral and slightly sweet smelling as well as being in a cute pink can! It is super simple and perfect for those nights that you end up staying over at a friend's or just wake up late! It's literally a 2-3 minute regime that works every time. If you haven't already, I'd definitely recommend trying it out. I carry this with me almost everywhere in autumn simply because the wind and rain can make your hair look a total mess and it's great to know you can fix it wherever you are!
Mini cans are available too!
The range consists of Dry Shampoo, XXL Volume, Conditioning Mist, Nourish, Plumping Powder and  even a fab collaboration with Pixie Lott.

It's available at Boots and Superdrug for £2.99


Monday, 25 August 2014

Favourite Blue Nail Polishes

Right now I'm absolutely loving blue nail polish and I think it's also perfect for the winter season!
So here are my favourite 6 polishes in various shades and finishes:

^ Bank Holiday Blue Mix & Match ^

1. Ciate' in PP147 Chinchilla
This gorgeous pale blue has tones of grey & lilac and is perfect for an understated colour as an alternative to nude or beige. It's perfect for work and other formal occasions too. I love the blend of tones and it has a lovely glossy finish, with only 2 coats it looks shiny and it also sets quickly - the perfect combination!

2. Avon Nailwear Pro in 101 Splendid Blue
This is actually the only Avon polish that I own but it remains one of my absolute favourites! It's probably the easiest polish to apply out of my entire collection and has the most beautiful glittery finish. What I love is that he polish is not grainy at all, is super easy to apply and it has brilliant staying power of around 3 days with no chips! The tone is what I can only describe as a midnight sky blue with the glitter having a lighter tinge to them sort-of the reminisce that stars might have. It's beautiful and I would highly recommend it to anyone!

3. Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in GNP 5 Blueberry
My only Barry M Gelly nail polish is this one with the shiniest and most beautifully smooth finish. The bottle is gorgeous too and the colour makes me swoon! I'm unsure of why it is called 'Blueberry' as to me I imagine them to be much darker but ah well. I'd wear this any day of the week but teamed with pastels it has a beautiful contrast!

4. Barry M Nail Paint Confetti in CNP 4 Bubblegum
I remember back before this was released, I read a blog post about the Confetti collection and fell in love with this shade. I love using this with Natural Collection white nail polish as the base as it creates a gorgeous contrast. The 'confetti' creates to me what looks like a little bit of a feathered effect and I think it's perfect for an understated nail with a little bit of flair. I love wearing this in winter  or with a simple denim look.

5. Models Own Fireworks Collection in NP174  Banger
This is my Bonfire Night nail look. This was released last November and the finish of the 'firework' look is stunning! I like using this over a black polish to give the look of a night sky but I find I have to use a few 'coats' to spread it over the nail bright enough but that doesn't bother me. It dries really quickly too - just be sure to use a top coat so the bits don't come loose! It's also perfect for a night out.

6. Nails Inc in Motcomb Street
This dark blue can come out almost black so I tend to use just one coat. It paints on beautifully without streaks and leaves a lovely shine. I don't own many dark polishes but I just couldn't resist the deep blue tones of this one, the lasting power of this polish spans around 2 days but I can deal with that. This is gorgeous worn with either a pale outfit to create a dark contrast of for work it goes equally as well.

Happy Bank Holiday!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

What I'm Loving Right Now #1

So i've decided i'm going to start doing a 'What I'm Loving Right Now' series of posts maybe once a fortnight? I just though it might give a little more of a personal insight into the girl behind the blog.
Hope you enjoy! If there are any other subjects or topics you'd like to see, please let me know!


I have a very eclectic music taste but I can't get enough of those feel-good songs that make you wanna dance down the street! So my must-have album that I can't stop listening to right now is:
It's full of feel good 80's music and I just can't stop listening to it! It's definitely worth a buy!


My favourite meal right now has to be Italian Beef Stew, perfect for the chillier nights we're having! It compromises of beef, tomatoes, yellow pepper, garlic and onion. It's super simple to make and is extremely yummy!


My favourite Autumn recipe is Apple & Blackberry crumble! However this can only me made after a slightly painful blackberry picking adventure complete with plastic bag and plenty of bramble stings & scratches! It just makes the whole experience more surreal.. With it's crunchy top and layers of fresh fruit it's pure goodness! I may pop the recipe up..


I'm currently addicted to One Tree Hill on Amazon player, it's a show that I watched a few episodes of when I was younger but always wanted to watch more and now I am totally addicted! A american teen drama full of twists and turns, very unrealistic expectations (as always) but I found myself hooked at the first episode!


I'm loving so many bloggers right now! But I think my top 3 this fortnight have to be:
The Little Magpie - her outfit inspiration is amazing and I love her style.
Zoe London - her amazing lifestyle has you hooked from the first post you read! I love her make-up tips, outfit inspiration and reading about all her adventures!
Le-Happy is one that I go to everyday! Her style is amazing and her love of thrifting & vintage always grabs my attention. It makes me want to go live in New York!

My favourite adventures lately have been very close to home. I'm loving canal walks and visits to the local nature reserve to feed the ducks! I'm feeling quite homely lately and i'm enjoying spending time just enjoying the simple things

Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

If You Like Pina Coladas..

Faux Suede Cut-Out Vest - Republic (old)
Zip Up Chiffon Shorts - TK Maxx by QED
Material Strap Sandals - Primark
Blue Cut-Out Shoulder Top - River Island (sale)
Nail Polish: Ciate' - Starlet

A perfectly relaxed and comfortable summer look - who says summer fashion has to be more than throwing on a few comfortable pieces and making it your own? Especially with the mini-heatwaves, I don't wanna be wearing anything fitted!
These shorts were definitely a breakthrough point for me this summer. I'd been on a day out in Birmingham with some old school friends (wearing denim shorts I might add) and was feeling horribly hot and sticky in the summer-sweat weather and felt like I wanted to jump into an ice-cold shower. I had a wait for my train so ventured into the 'dangerous' territory of T.K Maxx and I have a habit of falling in love with everything I see.. I came across these gorgeous black shorts with a zip front, made of very light polyester in a chiffon sort of style. Instantly I wanted them as I just knew they'd keep me cool (I also decided I may take this approach to summer shopping more often!) From the moment I tried them on I was in love, the soft, silky feel material made me feel a million dollars and I could pair them with anything, dress them up or down.. So I bought them for the bargain price of £6.99!
They have become a favourite piece in my summer wardrobe and who cares if they make my bum look a big bigger and the material can sometimes flow out a little so i look a little puffy, I'm cool, I feel awesome and I don't care! Everyone should have a pair of shorts like this!
This gorgeous blue-toned cover-up top was an absolutely bargain in the River Island sale and is perfect for just throwing on when it gets chilly in the evening.
Teamed with this awesome cut-out suede vest top and some basic material super-comfy Primark sandals and some iridescent nail polish and I'm ready for a summer adventure! Bring it on!


Friday, 15 August 2014

SpyLoveBuy My Autumn Shoe Wishlist!

So i'm getting myself set for Autumn wardrobe-wise and have got lots of outfit ideas planned! I love layering up basics and using accessories to boost my outfit. But where would any outfit be without a pair of shoes that make you feel epic? Ones that make your outfit fit together and that will keep you confident and comfortable all the time that you're wearing them.
So here are aselection of my favorites from an amazing website called SPYLOVEBUY:
I hope you love them as much as I do!

WEST Block Heel Cut Out Ankle Monk Boots - Bordo Leather Style
These amazing beauties are only £26.95! The cherry red colour detailing on the front and back just screams 'Autumn' to me and these can be paired with skinny jeans, dresses, tights/leggings.. well, Everything! I'm totally in love with these and think the cut-out detailing will look fab with tights and ankle socks!

MONO Flat Festival Wellies Wellingtons Calf Rain Boots - Black

These wellies are amazing (and they only cost £! Their monochrome floral detailing makes them look really cute as well as very versatile! They'd be perfect for the crossover into Winter too - I just need to ensure I invest in some warm welly socks! These could be paired with thick tights & a dress or just some skinny jeans, the length of them is also perfect! I truly think ankle-welling are the way forward!

BABS Wedge Cut Out Heel Chain Platform Shoes - Black Suede Style

I have a serious lust for these shoes! Although I am aware I would be slightly scared of trying to walk down the road in them, they'd be perfect for those outings in a taxi or when you get a lift! The detailing on the wedge is stunning! The geometric look makes me fall for things all the time and these are no exception. Paired with the black straps and chain detailing they are definitely a winner in my eyes and for only £37.95 - everyone needs a show-stopping shoe surely??

I hope you like my pick of favourites!
(This is my entry to win £250 to spend on shoes from SpyLoveBuy in association with TheBloggerProgramme)

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Everybody's Going Surfing

Roxy Girl .x
A statement necklace can instantly change an outfit.
Add a crop jumper when it gets cooler.
Roxy Boardshorts - Ebay
Crop Tee - Primark
Statement Necklace - New Look
Crop Jumper - Forever21
Slip Ons - New Look

These Roxy surf shorts have been in my life for around a year now but it wasn't until the beginning of last month that i decided to wear them outside of the house! I absolutely love the comfort factor as well as the awesome design and knee-length cut. The mint green makes me think of mint choc-chip ice cream and beach memories growing up. They are surprisingly good at keeping your legs warm on windy days too! Roxy is an amazing brand, perfect for all your surf-style needs! Definitely check them out if you're heading near a beach this year or if you simply love the style!
Teaming them with a crop tee I thought was a good way to bring a more womanly twist to them. I am aware they can look sort of masculine but it really doesn't bother me. I also thought i'd mix it up and add a chunky statement necklace to the outfit - I think it worked quite well and I love the whole look of the outfit.
The cropped jumper was a bargain find when trawling the Forever21 sale last year and I snatched this baby up for only £3!! (They have another Sale on right now so i'd check it out if I were you!) It is super comfy and warm, so now i'm ready to head to the beach - better book some flights to somewhere warm first though!
Surf lessons here I come!


Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Autumn Inspiration

When reading through Marie Claire this month I noticed so many new Autumn fashion collections were being released and it got me thinking about my Autumn/Winter wardrobe.
I definitely need to invest in a few things: A staple coat, knitted dress and a waist belt for layering..
Over the past few days I have been window-shopping and brainstorming a few ideas for Autumn outfits using Polyvore, so I thought i'd share some of my outfit ideas and hopefully it might push me to actually buy some of the pieces i've included!
I hope might find some inspiration in them too!

Outfit 1 - Autumn Chill

Knitted Dress - Vila £12
Red Waist Belt - Modcloth £16
High Heel Boots - Yoox £49
Embroidered Duffle Bag - Les Nouvelles £86

Outfit 2 - Breeze On A Sunday

Check Scout Shirt - Modcloth £21
Boyfriend Angie Jeans - Mango £40
All Star Gladiator Sneakers - Zalando £42
Unicorn Ring - Stylenanda £8
Anchor Headwrap - Forever21 £3

Outfit 3 - Casual Classics

Trench Coat - H&M £40
Polo Neck - Pieces £14
Boyfriend Lonny Jeans - Mango £15 (sale)
Leopard Wedges - Bloomingdales £77

Outfit 4 - Boho Mix
Floppy Hat - Topshop £28
Polo Neck - Pieces £14
Fitted Skirt (similar) - Mango £12
Red Cork Wedges - Nelly £54
Fringed Bag - Mango £60

Happy Thursday!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Ragged Priest AW14 Collection - INTO THE WILD

I have been in love with the Ragged Priest brand ever since I started seeing them emerge more on fashion Blogs, but mostly since I laid eyes on their clothing at Clothes Show Live last year - I wanted Everything!!
Their mix of fashionable, alternative and grungy-classics make the brand a winner every-time.

I received an email showing their AW14 Lookbook and just couldn't help sharing my favourite pieces with you.
I hope you love it as much as I do!