Monday, 25 August 2014

Favourite Blue Nail Polishes

Right now I'm absolutely loving blue nail polish and I think it's also perfect for the winter season!
So here are my favourite 6 polishes in various shades and finishes:

^ Bank Holiday Blue Mix & Match ^

1. Ciate' in PP147 Chinchilla
This gorgeous pale blue has tones of grey & lilac and is perfect for an understated colour as an alternative to nude or beige. It's perfect for work and other formal occasions too. I love the blend of tones and it has a lovely glossy finish, with only 2 coats it looks shiny and it also sets quickly - the perfect combination!

2. Avon Nailwear Pro in 101 Splendid Blue
This is actually the only Avon polish that I own but it remains one of my absolute favourites! It's probably the easiest polish to apply out of my entire collection and has the most beautiful glittery finish. What I love is that he polish is not grainy at all, is super easy to apply and it has brilliant staying power of around 3 days with no chips! The tone is what I can only describe as a midnight sky blue with the glitter having a lighter tinge to them sort-of the reminisce that stars might have. It's beautiful and I would highly recommend it to anyone!

3. Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in GNP 5 Blueberry
My only Barry M Gelly nail polish is this one with the shiniest and most beautifully smooth finish. The bottle is gorgeous too and the colour makes me swoon! I'm unsure of why it is called 'Blueberry' as to me I imagine them to be much darker but ah well. I'd wear this any day of the week but teamed with pastels it has a beautiful contrast!

4. Barry M Nail Paint Confetti in CNP 4 Bubblegum
I remember back before this was released, I read a blog post about the Confetti collection and fell in love with this shade. I love using this with Natural Collection white nail polish as the base as it creates a gorgeous contrast. The 'confetti' creates to me what looks like a little bit of a feathered effect and I think it's perfect for an understated nail with a little bit of flair. I love wearing this in winter  or with a simple denim look.

5. Models Own Fireworks Collection in NP174  Banger
This is my Bonfire Night nail look. This was released last November and the finish of the 'firework' look is stunning! I like using this over a black polish to give the look of a night sky but I find I have to use a few 'coats' to spread it over the nail bright enough but that doesn't bother me. It dries really quickly too - just be sure to use a top coat so the bits don't come loose! It's also perfect for a night out.

6. Nails Inc in Motcomb Street
This dark blue can come out almost black so I tend to use just one coat. It paints on beautifully without streaks and leaves a lovely shine. I don't own many dark polishes but I just couldn't resist the deep blue tones of this one, the lasting power of this polish spans around 2 days but I can deal with that. This is gorgeous worn with either a pale outfit to create a dark contrast of for work it goes equally as well.

Happy Bank Holiday!

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