Saturday, 29 June 2013

OOTD: Asos

Dino Tshirt: Asos £8 (sale)
Denim Shorts: Criminal Damage (Ebay bargain purchase) also here New.
Camo Converse: Asos £26 (sale)

This is such a simple yet cute outfit that is oh-so comfortable and perfect for any occasion in the sun!

The Dino tshirt is my latest purchase from Asos and i absolutely love it! It is amazingly good quality, the print is so unique and it is so comfy, maybe the comfiest tshirt i own! Plus it was a bargain-sale buy so even better! Also it is the only white tshirt i have owned that isn't see-through!
It is in the Asos Petite range so it is quite fitted which is why i bought a size up from my normal one so it's not as suffocating when it's really warm outside.

Also featured are my new Converse Hi-Tops also from Asos on sale! Converse are definitely my favourite shoes, they go with everything and are so comfy i could literally live in them forever. Anyone who has never tried a pair of converse i urge you to give them a go - you won't regret it.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Outfit of the Day: Romwe

(Sorry for the shadows at the bottom of the pictures.. still getting used to my new camera!)

 Mario Leggings by Romwe: Amazon £16
Crop Top: Primark £3
Aztec Print Hoodie: Hypnotic local boutique £5
Ankle Sandals: Peacocks £7

As the weather seemed so bleak outside i thought it would be the perfect time to add a splash of colour! The quality is amazing! They are easily the most comfortable and flattering leggings i have ever known.

I came across these when i saw them on Polyvore whilst searching the word 'gaming' and i fell in love instantly and bought them within 5 minutes!
I am a big Retro gaming lover and my favourite console has to be the original Nintendo NES which Sonic bought for me on my 18th Birthday! So as these are famous characters and i play the game every week i couldn't resist.

ROMWE is an american company that prides itself on being 'The Latest Street Fashion Online Store' and are ridiculously reasonable in price and i would highly recommend to anyone and everyone to give them a try.
They stock legging designs of all sorts from Gaming to Animals to Galactic designs and there really is something for everyone! They also stock Tops, Dresses, Tights, BeachWear and Accessories - so click over there now and check it out!

Monday, 24 June 2013


        I bought this gorgeous Dino tshirt in the Asos sale this morning (reduced from £12 to £8) and i've had my eye on it for a while.. this is what i imagine wearing it with and i'd probably sling a blue denim shirt over the top too incase it got chilly!


$50 -

Black handbag
$39 -

Friday, 21 June 2013

Mid-Week Mega-Mini Haul

Sorry i haven't really posted much this week but i'm back now and ready to roll!

So on Thursday i decided to pop into town on the way back from my parents as i had my eye on something in Primark and i also had a £5 Topshop giftcard.. And what a better day to go as it just so happened that it was the day the Topshop Sale had started!

Mickey Crop Top - £7 in Sale - Topshop Petite
(Sorry i can't find it online!)
It was actually Sonic that spotted this bargain as i was searcing through the array of lace crop vests and i Love anything Disney! On the label it stated this was part of the Petite range and it was a size M/L but it's actually quite long for a crop top and loose at the sides which is great for the warmer weather! I wore it for a canal walk today and it was so comfy, this will definitely get a lot of use over the summer!

Denim Dungarees - £12 - Primark
I cannot believe that these baby's are finally mine!
For the past 5 weeks i have been lusting after them as when i first saw them i didn't have the money to get them and then it just seemed like they disappeared! They didn't have them in Covent Garden, Birmingham or Wolverhampton but thankfully by Thursday Wolverhampton had had a restock and there they were as i almost ran to them are shouted 'Yay!' a bit like a mad woman! They are mega comfy and what a massive bargain! They have some almost identical in River Island selling for £35 too so these are being snapped up quick - definitely another Summer Staple!

Haribo the Smurfs! - £1 - Primark
I have only seen these in Primark and the larger Tesco stores and they're apparently 'Limited Edition' so as a big Smurfs fan i couldn't resist.. Especially as they're Haribo!

Sorry it's so tiny but i'm off to a CarBoot in the morning so hoping to pick up some bargains for a better haul post!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Sorry i haven't been around much..

I just want to say that i'm sorry for my lack of posts over the past week!
A lot of things have been going on and it's been a bit hectic but everything should be right as rain from saturday onwards..
(i'm going to a carboot sale too so look out for a haul!)
I'm looking forward to getting back to my regular posts and i'm sue it will all be back to normal soon

Angie x

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sleek i-Divine Candy Limited Edition Palette - Review!

When i first heard about this palette i was so excited about it being released! Not only is Superdrug one of my go-to make up stores, i have a Love for anything LIMITED EDITION and just can't resist!
I had heard and seen so many bloggers raving about the Sleek range i just had to give it a go.. so when i saw this baby on the shelf and there were only 2 left i just grabbed it and at only £7.99 - what kind of woman would i have been if i hadn't picked it up?
*Sorry if this is a picture heavy post, i just really wanted to detail everything about the palette!

Look how gorgeous the design on this is? I've gotta say it looks a lot more expensive than it is and it genuinely surprised me how cheap it was, i usually expect Limited Edition products to cost a little extra!

It has a gorgeous dare i say it 'Sleek' design and i really do love how professional it looks.. just wait to see the colours inside..

(The retro Gameboy Colour iphone case is from Ebay here if anyone's wondering!)
It even has a mirror which is mega handy for when you're running late and in a rush, perfect for applying on the go and it comes with an application brush too

The colours in this palette are vibrant and perfect for summer! I'm a big lover of bright colours and really think a good eyeshadow can brighten up a basic outfit. Plus these are amazing quality!

Left to Right: Strawberry Sherbet, Bon Bon, Parma Violet, Apple Sour, Pear Drop, Flump
Left to Right: Liquorice, Blue Fizzle, Aniseed, Bubble Gum, Mint Cream, Cream Soda

I love All of these colours! A lot of people say they don't really like the Liquorice black but i disagree as i think it's always essential to have the basics in with bright colours as it saves taking 2 lots of eyeshadow with you and this is so compact it's perfect to take anywhere without worrying.
It has a tight clasp on the front too so no worries about this opening up and decorating the inside of your handbag!

So this is the first look i created using this palette:
I used The Vintage Cosmetics Company's Eyeshadow brush for application (review coming on this soon!)

I used:
Cream Soda: for the base and covered my eyelid and gently applied this up to my eyebrow to create a subtle shimmery base
Bubble Gum: for my eyelid and used 2 coats
Strawberry Sherbet: for the top as i thought it complimented the blue but i applied this gently as i didn't want it to be too bright
Pear Drop: I applied a tiny bit on the outer eye to draw attention to the sides and to make my eyes appear wider

The application of the eyeshadows is so simple and easy! They go onto your skin like a dream and have brilliant staying power! But they are also so easy to take off at night with a make-up remover! One swipe and they're near enough gone!

I still can't quite believe how perfect these are but i will definitely be investing some more into the Sleek range and fingers crossed for another lot of Limited Edition products in the future!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Bourjois Bronzing Primer Review!

So recently i've been sorta loving Bourjois products!
It all started with all the blog posts around the Bourjois Bronzing Powder.. so my curiosity grew and in the past few weeks i've gained 4 new Bourjois products!

This i recieved in my first ever Blog Box Swap (you can read about it here) and i was so so excited to try this out! 

It actually looks like chocolate when you open the lid!
Firstly i couldn't figure out what it smelt like.. but after consulting i think it smells like a Terry's Chocolate Orange! Yummy..
The product states it has an 'Addictive Fragrange' and with that, i Definitely agree!

I've never really been one for using bronzer so i was hoping this might give me light and smooth coverage for a nice tinted glow..
But unfortunately this didn't quite work out for me

It adds a small amount of glow to my cheeks that is noticeable if i add a ridiculously tiny amount..
 Before applying..
After applying

Although i think it does give a nice 'holiday' sort-of glow, i don't think this product really works for me. When i tried adding it to my face like a normal primer i must admit that i looked not sunkissed, but Orange! It also went on a bit streaky even after trying to smooth it, i just couldn't seem to get it to blend in.

It just doesn't work for my skintone and think it would be better suited to slightly darker/more tanned skin than mine.
Having said that i still can't wait to review to the rest of my Bourjois products and am in love with the brand!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Mario Leggings: Styled & Wishlist!

The other day i got my hands on (in my opinion) the Most Amazing Leggings in the world!
So here is how i would style them!

Mario Leggings: £16 - (they ship to the UK!)
Guinness Vest Top: £13 -
Chiffon Jacket: £19.99 - New Look
Red Patent Bag: £30 -

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Bourjois Paris Dissolvant Miraculeux 1 Seconde Nail Polish Remover review!

If you saw my last hayul post (linked here) you would already know that on the weekend i picked up the Bourjous 1 Seconde Nail Polish Remover. I had been thinking of picking it up for months and months after hearing one of my friends saying how good it was!
But i was still a bit unsure about spending £6 on something that mgiht not work (i know, i sound like a major cheap-skate! Bad Blogger!)

However a quick visit to Boots and me seeing a '2 for £8' deal on All Bourjois Nail Products i just couldn't resist any longer - and do i wish i had bought it sooner? YES Definitely!

The directions read:
All you need to do is dip each finger into the sponge, twist and remove. Nail polish is instantly removed..'

When i first opened the lid i sniffed at it (as you do!) but i did it as it states on the bottle: 'Parfum Fruits rouge & vanille'
To me it just stank of Nail Polish remover! Oh well, not a massive problem as long as it works..
Without hesitation i dunked my first finger into the pot and away i went..
I must admi it felt Really strange dunking my finger into a sponge hole in a pot!
I had already removed a few nails worth but wanted to show how easily it is removed! I couldn't believe it and also couldn't believe how i hadn't discovered and/or used it before now!

So this is how my nail polish looked after dunking it in and circling it around twice..
The dunking and circling it another one/two times.. and it's all gone!
Simple as that.. It's just like Magic!
Also i soon found out after smelling my hands that the scent is left afterwards so your fingers and nails have a lovely light cranberry kind-of smell!

I couldn't honestly believe how easy and quick it was to remove it and without hesitation i would buy this again! The only thing is i'm not entirely sure how long it will last so if anyone has previous experience of owning this please let me know!
5/5 for this definitely, i suggest anyone who uses nail polish remover should definitely give this a try!

PS: please excuse the horrible bits of dirt that have accumalated under my nails.. i hadn't realised until i started removing my nail polish and it was a bit late then! I think it really does show how good a job of getting off the polish it does though!

Monday, 10 June 2013

This Weekend's Mini Beauty Haul :)

So today i popped to Boots, which is conviniently right next to my local ASDA where i was off to do the food shop!
I decided to just 'go and have a look' as you do and ended up with a few new bits & pieces..

Boots had a great deal on the Bourjois range where you can buy any 2 Nail Polish or Nail Polish Remover products for £8! Also when you buy any 2 you get a Free Nail Art kit!
So i picked up:
Bourjois Dissolvant Miraculeux 1 Seconde make-up remover (£4.99)
Bourjois Nail Laque Glossy 10 days in 05 Taupe (£5.99)
Both for £8 and got the free Bourjois Paris Easy Nail Art kit which i'm really looking forward to trying out as it apparently has 122 stickers in!
You can get the 2 for £8 deal online but not sure about the nail art freebie

I also picked up the Barry M Nail Effects: Confetti in Bubblegum as it was only £3.99!
I can't wait to try it out as the colour looks gorgeous and i'm keen to see the 'confetti' effect!
I must admit the sparkly design top also helped to win me over - its so pretty!
New Herbal Essences Bee Strong Shampoo & Conditioner 400ml
I have seen so many bloggers raving about these and am so keen to try them out as they definitely sound like they suit my hair down-to-the-ground! I was a bit hesitant when i saw they cost £3.87 each for 400ml in Boots.. but i couldn't resist when i spotted them in ASDA for only £2 each! Be quick if you want to grab these though as i think the price may be a slip up as the 200ml ones are actually priced as 25p more!

I actually almost missed the chance to get this on Saturday as i popped into Wolverhampton town centre on the way to visit my parents and the whole side of the shopping centre where Superdrug was located had had a powercut! I felt like screaming: 'Nooooo!' xD
But thankfully they fixed it pretty quickly so after my eye test it was back open and i managed to grab one of the last 2 on the shelf! Phew!
What can i say? It's Limited Edition! I couldn't miss out!

Lastly i was browsing Amazon on the weekend and came across these:
Set of 5 Uniqstore Pink Design Double-Ended Nail Art Tools
I thought they looked really pretty and for only £2.15 and Free P&P i couldn't resist!
They came within basically 1 working day which is really impressive and i look forward to trying out some new nail-art designs!

So those are all my weekend buys!
I'm sure you can tell from all the items above that i am a real bargain-hunter at heart!
But then again, what's the shame in that? I can afford to buy even more products then!

Sunday, 9 June 2013


 I was lucky enough recently to win £30 credit in a competition for the amazing MadamRage clothing website! It took me absolutely ages to choose what i wanted and in the end i went for 2 skater style dresses - (i will be doing more posts on these throughout the week)

So i wore one of them today in order to take advantage of the sun as we were off for a meal with my parents..
Oh Yeah, i also got new glasses after a trip to the opticians and got told i have to 'wear them more often' so this is their debut!

Navy Lace Dress £8 - Sale MadamRage
Scarf (worn as belt) £2 - Primark
Killah Bag £30 - The ClothesShow Live Birmingham
Grey Ankle-Wrap Sandals £7 - Peacocks
7 Dwarves Necklac - £5 - Sale Topshop, Oxford Street

Thursday, 6 June 2013

30 Day Snap #6

Unfortunately i have to say that today has been a very boring day..
Although the sun has been shining i have stayed in the house..
I spent the day watching the original Pokemon Indigo League series and playing Pokemon Heart Gold on my DS!
I have hurt my neck and can't turn it one side so thought it best to rest it up and stay in just for one day