Monday, 3 June 2013

Oxford Street Mini Shopping Haul!

So on Saturday me and the boyfriend ventured to Oxford Street in London!
As i've never been there before i was So excited! Although admittedly, the boyfriend didn't quite share the same excitement for shopping!.. He did come with me to every shop though and i treated him to a Starbucks halfway through!

I wanted to venture into every shop but knew i didn't have enough time so i set my sights on the key ones: Primark, Forever21, Topshop and the Disney Store!

What i Bought..

This gorgeous necklace i found in Topshop whilst browsing - i couldn't believe how big the store was! It even had a Lola's Cupcakes stand!
The Disney Collection by Gogo Phillip had quite an array of characters but as my favourite is Snow White i just had to get this '7 Dwarves' necklace reduced from £12 to only £5!

Quite a boring Forever21 piece i'm afraid but i really wanted a basic plain good-quality tshirt for the *fingers crossed* upcoming summer weather!
This was only £3.75 so what a bargain! I am loving Coral colours at the minute too so an amazing find!

Disney Store
I have jumped on the blogger-bandwagon after seeing more than a few bloggers raving about this Beautifully Disney Nail Polish Collection! I am a really Disney Girl at heart so was so excited when i found out about the new cosmetics range!
As i said before i Love Snow White and have been on the look-out for a bright red polish so can't wait to try this out! Watch this spaace for a review!

'Pri-mani' is one of my ultimate favourite shops so i couldn't wait to check out the one on Oxford Street! Although i must say for me it is Too Big and i was really disappointed that the denim dungarees i wanted were the only thing i couldn't find in there!
Although they have te most amount of discounted items and sales than any one i have ever been in which is always a bonus!
But onto my buys..
This tshirt was made for me! I love the basic but classic style and the uniqueness, it will go with Everything! 3 disney buys in one day!
This baby was in the sale for only £3!

As a bit of a tomboy i love a bit of Batman! I've been looking for a 'baseball-style' tee which doesn't break the bank so i fell in love with this as soon as i saw it - for only £6!
It is good quality, Not see-through and has a bit of a baggy fit (this ones a size 10 but i think it looks bigger) but it's perfect for my cinema night's with the lads which includes a Maccies!

These are parr of the Limited Edition primark collection that i had never heard of until saturday!
These were reduced to only £5!
With Ombre being big this spring/summer i've been dying to get my hands on a pair of mini-shorts and these are so unique! I love the rips in the front and the stud & ribbon detail make a bit of a statement. I'll probably be teaming these with white of black as i want them to stand out!

My bag almost broke on Saturday which was a sad day as it was Christmas present from my sister so i needed to buy a good replacement and one that could hold all the stuff i needed whilst in London!
I'm a big fan of american flag print and am loving the stud trend so this barrel-bag looked perfect! It is plenty big enough for any weekend trips away and with the cross body strap it won't ache my shoulder too much! It was perfect to take to the GreenDay gig and to keep alll my purchases in from getting lost!
Best Bit - it was only £10!

So those are all my purchases, i know it's not much but i felt like i'd been shopping for hours as the shops are so much bigger than here in the Midlands!
I'm keen to buy more stuff next time though and that should be at the:
July Blogger Meet-up!
Look-out Oxford Street!
Let me know if you're going too!


  1. You got a lot of great bargains love the 7 dwarfs necklace, too cute!!



  2. Thanks hun! :)
    I can't believe it was less than half price too! x