Saturday, 29 June 2013

OOTD: Asos

Dino Tshirt: Asos £8 (sale)
Denim Shorts: Criminal Damage (Ebay bargain purchase) also here New.
Camo Converse: Asos £26 (sale)

This is such a simple yet cute outfit that is oh-so comfortable and perfect for any occasion in the sun!

The Dino tshirt is my latest purchase from Asos and i absolutely love it! It is amazingly good quality, the print is so unique and it is so comfy, maybe the comfiest tshirt i own! Plus it was a bargain-sale buy so even better! Also it is the only white tshirt i have owned that isn't see-through!
It is in the Asos Petite range so it is quite fitted which is why i bought a size up from my normal one so it's not as suffocating when it's really warm outside.

Also featured are my new Converse Hi-Tops also from Asos on sale! Converse are definitely my favourite shoes, they go with everything and are so comfy i could literally live in them forever. Anyone who has never tried a pair of converse i urge you to give them a go - you won't regret it.

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