Saturday, 15 June 2013

Bourjois Bronzing Primer Review!

So recently i've been sorta loving Bourjois products!
It all started with all the blog posts around the Bourjois Bronzing Powder.. so my curiosity grew and in the past few weeks i've gained 4 new Bourjois products!

This i recieved in my first ever Blog Box Swap (you can read about it here) and i was so so excited to try this out! 

It actually looks like chocolate when you open the lid!
Firstly i couldn't figure out what it smelt like.. but after consulting i think it smells like a Terry's Chocolate Orange! Yummy..
The product states it has an 'Addictive Fragrange' and with that, i Definitely agree!

I've never really been one for using bronzer so i was hoping this might give me light and smooth coverage for a nice tinted glow..
But unfortunately this didn't quite work out for me

It adds a small amount of glow to my cheeks that is noticeable if i add a ridiculously tiny amount..
 Before applying..
After applying

Although i think it does give a nice 'holiday' sort-of glow, i don't think this product really works for me. When i tried adding it to my face like a normal primer i must admit that i looked not sunkissed, but Orange! It also went on a bit streaky even after trying to smooth it, i just couldn't seem to get it to blend in.

It just doesn't work for my skintone and think it would be better suited to slightly darker/more tanned skin than mine.
Having said that i still can't wait to review to the rest of my Bourjois products and am in love with the brand!

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