Saturday, 5 December 2015

Poundland Christmas Treats & Gifts

Poundland are definitely one of my go-to stores for Christmas. They stock decorations, treats, cards, dvds, homewares - you name it! All for a rock bottom price and there are real gems to be found!

I picked these Hessian Sacks up from there a few weeks back (they sold like lightning!) and they are the best quality i've found! Couldn't believe they were only £1!

Mostly I've been searching their website - shipping costs £4 regardless of how much you buy - or FREE if you spend £50 - so that's not too bad it you're planning on doing a big shop. It's also great as you never have to worry about something not being in stock as it changes so frequently in stores.

I've been eyeing up all the fantastic treats and stocking fillers available and i've compiled my favourites into a Pinterest board that you can view below. Mostly sweet treats but some crafting items and homewares too.

I hope this may give you some inspiration!

Sno Balls - Christmas Is Coming!

I have been wanting to try this American treat for so long!!
I came across them in my local Tesco Extra and just had to buy some - I'm a big lover of the Hostess brand and their Twinkies so I couldn't wait to try another product from them!

I definitely wasn't disappointed!
They look like giant coconut mallow balls - they are squishy to the touch!
They aren't what I was expecting inside though -
The inside is actually a soft chocolate cake! It is a little dry but still very light and full of chocolate flavour, it doesn't overpower the taste of the coconut and mallow either which I liked.
Then at the centre of the chocolate cake comes smooth white cream (a bit like that out of the centre of a Cadbury mini roll) which makes it a little less drying.
I really enjoyed trying them and I think I would have them again - I'm hoping to find them a little cheaper though and that B&M may start stocking them like they do Twinkies!

Where to buy: Tesco Extra (instore)
Cost: £2 per pack