Saturday, 5 December 2015

Sno Balls - Christmas Is Coming!

I have been wanting to try this American treat for so long!!
I came across them in my local Tesco Extra and just had to buy some - I'm a big lover of the Hostess brand and their Twinkies so I couldn't wait to try another product from them!

I definitely wasn't disappointed!
They look like giant coconut mallow balls - they are squishy to the touch!
They aren't what I was expecting inside though -
The inside is actually a soft chocolate cake! It is a little dry but still very light and full of chocolate flavour, it doesn't overpower the taste of the coconut and mallow either which I liked.
Then at the centre of the chocolate cake comes smooth white cream (a bit like that out of the centre of a Cadbury mini roll) which makes it a little less drying.
I really enjoyed trying them and I think I would have them again - I'm hoping to find them a little cheaper though and that B&M may start stocking them like they do Twinkies!

Where to buy: Tesco Extra (instore)
Cost: £2 per pack 

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