Thursday, 21 November 2013

Tesco Clubcard Boost Wishlist - double your vouchers for Christmas!

I was contacted by the lovely people at Tesco and informed about their new amazing scheme called Clubcard Boost!
In my opinion it couldn't have come at a better time - in the run up to christmas, saving some money is what i think Everyone is looking for!

Basically how it works is that every £5 of Clubcard vouchers you have can be 'boosted' up to £10 to spend on your choice of categories! So you realistically double your money!  (just look out for the clubcard boost icon to ensure you can use it)

If you are shopping on Tesco direct, your vouchers will be available when you checkout so you can choose whether to boost them or not when you make your purchase.
Exchange your vouchers into Boost tokens either in store or online at If you are exchanging vouchers for in store tokens, you need to first select the departments you wish to spend them in. 
If you are spending them in store we will email you a link to My Clubcard Account so you can print your tokens and take them into store.

I personally have a Wishlist of products to share with you to show you just how i may be using Clubcard Boost this season!

I think everyone knows that this is a big thing for christmas and i think it's brilliant for all the family - especially at christmas time! Priced at only £49 too!

I remember these being around when i was growing up and my niece would Love to get her hands on one! Although they work with a smartphone app now, i still think they have the childhood charm they used to! Reduced to £49.99
For as long as i can remember i have wanted a Scalectrix set and the boyfriend joins me in this (as well as being a huge Star Wars fan!) so this may be the perfect present for him! - quick it's been reduced to only £49.99!

I was ggiven this as a birthday present a few years back and it has remained one of my favourite everyday perfumes! It is feminine, fruity and floral with apricot, vanilla & peach! Perfect for the lady in your life - or yourself of course! Only £24!

I have had my eye on this for quite some time and so has my sister! It looks like such an amazing product and i've been meaning to buy some new ones! Grab these quick - great reviews and reduced to only £45! That's Half Price!

Philips Senseo HD7863/80 Coffee POD
This looks so impressive on the picture and it has some great reviews! I've always been interested in owning a coffee machine and this is a complete bargain! Would be perfect for after-dinner coffee at Christmas too. Reduced to £49!

Don't forget that Clubcard boost is available on such a wide range of categories there is something for everyone! What better way to spend your Clubcard vouchers when you can double your money? So get down to Tesco! or Log On atleast!

Clubcard Boost runs all the way up until 20th December so don't miss out!