Friday, 31 January 2014

#AccessAllASOS Insider

So.. around 10 days ago now i found out i have been accepted into the AccessAllASOS insider community! I was over the moon and so, so excited.. as in *literally dancing around the room*

What is AccessAllASOS?
It's an exciting destination for loyal ASOS fans where you get access to all things ASOS. You are part of a community that are the first to find out about New Collections, Initiatives and Campaigns! There are also opportunities to visit ASOS HQ and the chance to get invites to exciting events! There may even be an odd freebie or exclusive discount.. who knows?
To read more about it or to sign up for a chance to become one too, just click here!

So when this little baby sprang up i couldn't wait to get started!
I was told i was to be sent my very own little welcome package courtesy of Access All ASOS
The wait actually seemed like forever.. listening for the postman everyday hoping my parcel had arrived..
Yesterday finally it arrived!
Cute ribbon detailing!

 I received:
- Barry M Gelly Nail Shine in Blueberry
- Turban Headband in Red
- Fortune Cookie
- Handwritten Note

I absolutely Love what i got sent, it is all so thoughtful and the handwritten note is such a personal touch it really makes me feel like I am already a valid member of the community. The fact that someone actually took the time to write each and every person their own individual note really special.
Mine read: "Angela! Welcome to #AccessAllASOS! We agree - monochrome with a pale nail is a strong look. Also, something to keep you warm when walking Stig. Enjoy! x"

It's so lovely to feel welcomed into a community with such thoughtfulness and i can't wait for what's to come!

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Project: Re-organisation

Just a quick note to say sorry i've not blogged for the past 2 days!
They've been filled with building bookcases and tables from flatpack - (which sounds a lot easier and less-stressful than it is!)
As well as cleaning out our entire bedroom and fitting the new furniture then re-organising everything again.

It's been quite theraputic though as change can be good and now i feel refreshed and happy and ready to take on 2014 properly!

(After i've found a place to put all my make up!)

Who am i to complain? Atleast my Disney dvds have pride of place now!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Everybody Has a Poison Heart

Stripe Waterfall Chiffon Jacket - Rare London SOLD OUT
Candy Ramones Tee - T K Maxx
Crushed Velvet Skirt - Primark
Patent Ankle Boots - Ebay Auction
Black Rose Ring - Primark
Black Rose Studs - Forever21

Song of the Day: Ramones - Poison Heart

Firstly, how have i only just discovered Rare London? If you haven't checked them out already then i seriously recommend you do! Unfortunately this waterfall jacket is now Sold Out but i'm sure you'll find something just as awesome as this was for me! They offer some amazing unique and on-trend pieces and right now they are offering *10% off a £50 spend*
Monochrome, Velvet and Ankle Boots are all big this season and i wasn't quire sure how to rock them all in the same outfit but using a staple band tee i managed it!
The patent ankle boots were a major ebay bidding-war bargain and i managed to snipe them for only £7! BUt there are plenty of patent ankle boots around right now, like these ones from Boohoo.
The skirt was actually something i picked up last season in the Primark sale and i'm glad i hung onto it after 'umming and ahhing' about keeping it - who knew it would be bang on trend this A/W?

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Times are changing..

For a while now i have been thinking about making some changes to my blog. I feel that since i have started blogging that i have outgrown the name in a way and have found a certain direction in which i would like to go. As my followers, i feel that it is important to keep you informed and as this is a pretty big change, it's important to be keeping you in the loop.
So over the next couple of weeks i will have a new design, a new colour scheme and a new name - it's all quite exciting really!

My 21st prezzie - Michael Kors rose gold watch

I have decided that i would like to focus more on fashion and another love of mine: gaming - both retro and up-to-date. I will explain more about this in due course!
I feel that this is very me and a niche in which i feel i can express myself and write about with a passion.
Fingers crossed there will be a number of other changes this year (some quite big ones actually) and i hope i can take you all on the journey with me on these new adventures!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Missguided is one of my favourite online fashion outlets!
The reason? They have the perfect balance of having amazing unique pieces as well as being pocket friendly: say no more?
These are my picks from the new items added this month:
I'm especially loving Pale Leather, Monochrome and Silk pieces right now
Best of all? They're all under £30! Please feel free to browse..

Kamira Contrast Chiffon Faux Leather Mini Dress

Danguole Collared Polka Dot Striped Detail Shift Dress

Oliwia Camouflage Jacket

Medora Striped Mini Skirt

Guapa Zip Detail Pockets And Ribbed Panel Leggings

Harrley Silk Feel Cami Top

Kryssy Halterneck Mini Dress

Ricarda 3 Strap Metallic Cuff

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Ciate' Nail Polish in Sugar Plum

I'm loving the monochrome pieces coming out this month and what i love even more, is teaming a monochrome outfit with a cute pastel nail shade. I got this little beauty in my Ciate' Advent Calendar that i picked up from the Clothes Show in December.
Ciate' is probably my favourite nail polish brand to date, it applies really smoothly with no streaks and leaves a gorgeous shine. It generally lasts around 5 days without chipping too.
This pale lilac shade is a firm favourite of mine right now and probably will be right through spring!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

No7 Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser

I picked this up a few months ago on a trip to my local Boots store. It comes in a really handy sized bottle and has a beautiful subtle smell to it.
Before using this i tried a few other cleanser's but nothing that really had a noticeable effect on my skin.
To use; I simply dampen my face with cold water, squeeze out a pea-sized amount onto my forefinger and then massage it into my skin using circular motions. I then rinse my face with warm water and it's that simple. After this i finish my routine by applying my daily moisturiser.
I have noticed a definite difference in my skin since i have begun using this cleanser. My skin has become a lot softer and i hardly every breakout and it seems to give me a healthy glow. This is a firm favourite and has a continual place in my skincare routine.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

I Want Candy



Jack Willis is a brand that i've never really thought about before but this vest top will definitely be a staple in my wardrobe. The colour is so bright and vibrant it'll cheer me up on a bad day! The material is really good quality and it is a really comfortable fit.
The clash of washed out candy pink and bright red isn't one i'd usually go for but with these jeans i just couldn't resist going a bit crazy - it sort of reminds me of the 'Whole Again - Atomic Kitten' video in the 90s..
New Look do such comfy jeans and for bargain prices! These are So comfy, really hold their shape and are a perfect fit for a skinny jean

Candy Pink Washed Out Skinny Jean - New Look (Sale buy)
White Heart Stud Earrings - Asda George

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Designer Dresses - Top 8 January picks

Thara Dress, £340 Diesel

 Loreley Dress, £285 Ted Baker

French Terry Dress, £80 Levi's

Fitted Dress, £1,230 Mary Katrantzou - Harvey Nichols

Pleated Red Dress, £565 Osman

Mela Dress, £830 Preen - Harvey Nichols

Jacquard Geometric Dress, £358 Matthew Williamson -

Agra Dress £245 LK Bennett

After finally sitting down and having a good read through Marie Claire, Glamour and Cosmopolitan, i've discovered i'm really loving some of the new Designer Dresses being dropped into shops this month.
Although i won't personally be buying any, i thought i'd share my top 8

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Fabulously British

Fabulously British.. i think that's how you can describe the pretty much awful weather we've been having! So with a little bit of help from Jack Willis i can now enjoy it more than usual.
I have been lusting over a Jack Willis hoodie for around 5 years but i never found myself in a position where i could vouch for myself needing one so last week when i hit the January sales in Birmingham i decided to take the plunge!
I really don't know why i didn't buy one sooner!
It's beautifully comfy and so snug that i didn't want to take it off. I think it is one thing that everyone should own. You can tell the high quality by the soft fleece lining and the rich material and it is perfect for both hitting the shops or lounging around the house.

The beautifully booties however were my christmas present from the boyfriend. Asos = LOVE! They are incredibly comfy, fit to perfection and are more than perfect for the beautiful british weather. I have been wearing these an awful lot and would highly recommend them as a bargain pair of winter boots!
TeeFury gaming tee - £8.50
Criminal Damage Hotpant Black (similar) - £19.99

Monday, 6 January 2014

New Year's Resolutions!

I think we all know the drill for this one..
We all sit down around the end of December/beginning of January and thjink about what we want to improve about ourselves and make a note to start on monday..

But this year i want to make mine more than just: 'I'm gonna join a gym' or 'I'm going to eat more healthy'..

My Resolutions

1. Get into a day to day Blogging regime: I absolutely Love blogging but admittedly i, like everyone, sometimes get distracted so my aim this year is to be more disciplined. Take more photos, do a variety of posts on different days and note all this down in a diary so i stick to it!

2. Learn to Treat myself: I Love to browse and i love to shop, most of all i admit - i Love a good bargain! But i am quite strict on myself in the sense i'll always head to the 'sale section'. I need to teach myself that quite often it's okay to spend that little bit extra to get what i want - it'll give me more to blog about too!

I've started this one already! I picked up this gorgeous jacket from ROMWE as it was the last one available!

3. Start exercising at home: I have a professional Yoga kit and more than one Pilates dvd and when i get stuck into it i love doing both of these, as it calms me, de-stresses me and helps me to relax. I just need to get myself into more of a strict routine and make sure that i stick to it

4. Begin making some of my own clothes: I have a huge love of customising and i think this came from the fact that my Uncle was a maker and designer of West End Show costumes! I love seeing the pieces being created from drawings and up until now i haven't pursued making anything myself but i've been tempted to! I am aiming to make atleast one item of clothing this year and to wear it outside of the house

5. Be more confident in myself: In some areas i am really outgoing and confident but in other areas - not so much. I have been wanting to dye my hair for the past 3 months but haven't because i was a little worried about what people might say. Same regarding what i want to do as a job and also some of the clothes that i buy that i'm not sure about wearing outside. But i'm putting my foot down with myself this year and telling myself: I'm Me and as long as i'm happy, who cares?

6. Create a proper Beauty Regime: I'm always reading up on other blogger's beauty regime and thinking they're fab but i never quite get round to doing it myself.. I want to find the products that make my hair more voluminous and glossy, make my facial skin softer and my eyes stand out more and i am on a mission; this will be happening! (any suggestions on products are very welcome)

So has everyone else got their own New Year's Resolutions?