Thursday, 23 January 2014

Times are changing..

For a while now i have been thinking about making some changes to my blog. I feel that since i have started blogging that i have outgrown the name in a way and have found a certain direction in which i would like to go. As my followers, i feel that it is important to keep you informed and as this is a pretty big change, it's important to be keeping you in the loop.
So over the next couple of weeks i will have a new design, a new colour scheme and a new name - it's all quite exciting really!

My 21st prezzie - Michael Kors rose gold watch

I have decided that i would like to focus more on fashion and another love of mine: gaming - both retro and up-to-date. I will explain more about this in due course!
I feel that this is very me and a niche in which i feel i can express myself and write about with a passion.
Fingers crossed there will be a number of other changes this year (some quite big ones actually) and i hope i can take you all on the journey with me on these new adventures!


  1. exciting times ahead for you then! and I love your watch! x

  2. New follower here! love the MC watch, lucky girl!

  3. Thankyou! I'd lusted after it for ages :)