Friday, 31 January 2014

#AccessAllASOS Insider

So.. around 10 days ago now i found out i have been accepted into the AccessAllASOS insider community! I was over the moon and so, so excited.. as in *literally dancing around the room*

What is AccessAllASOS?
It's an exciting destination for loyal ASOS fans where you get access to all things ASOS. You are part of a community that are the first to find out about New Collections, Initiatives and Campaigns! There are also opportunities to visit ASOS HQ and the chance to get invites to exciting events! There may even be an odd freebie or exclusive discount.. who knows?
To read more about it or to sign up for a chance to become one too, just click here!

So when this little baby sprang up i couldn't wait to get started!
I was told i was to be sent my very own little welcome package courtesy of Access All ASOS
The wait actually seemed like forever.. listening for the postman everyday hoping my parcel had arrived..
Yesterday finally it arrived!
Cute ribbon detailing!

 I received:
- Barry M Gelly Nail Shine in Blueberry
- Turban Headband in Red
- Fortune Cookie
- Handwritten Note

I absolutely Love what i got sent, it is all so thoughtful and the handwritten note is such a personal touch it really makes me feel like I am already a valid member of the community. The fact that someone actually took the time to write each and every person their own individual note really special.
Mine read: "Angela! Welcome to #AccessAllASOS! We agree - monochrome with a pale nail is a strong look. Also, something to keep you warm when walking Stig. Enjoy! x"

It's so lovely to feel welcomed into a community with such thoughtfulness and i can't wait for what's to come!

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