Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Fabulously British

Fabulously British.. i think that's how you can describe the pretty much awful weather we've been having! So with a little bit of help from Jack Willis i can now enjoy it more than usual.
I have been lusting over a Jack Willis hoodie for around 5 years but i never found myself in a position where i could vouch for myself needing one so last week when i hit the January sales in Birmingham i decided to take the plunge!
I really don't know why i didn't buy one sooner!
It's beautifully comfy and so snug that i didn't want to take it off. I think it is one thing that everyone should own. You can tell the high quality by the soft fleece lining and the rich material and it is perfect for both hitting the shops or lounging around the house.

The beautifully booties however were my christmas present from the boyfriend. Asos = LOVE! They are incredibly comfy, fit to perfection and are more than perfect for the beautiful british weather. I have been wearing these an awful lot and would highly recommend them as a bargain pair of winter boots!
TeeFury gaming tee - £8.50
Criminal Damage Hotpant Black (similar) - £19.99

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