Monday, 6 January 2014

New Year's Resolutions!

I think we all know the drill for this one..
We all sit down around the end of December/beginning of January and thjink about what we want to improve about ourselves and make a note to start on monday..

But this year i want to make mine more than just: 'I'm gonna join a gym' or 'I'm going to eat more healthy'..

My Resolutions

1. Get into a day to day Blogging regime: I absolutely Love blogging but admittedly i, like everyone, sometimes get distracted so my aim this year is to be more disciplined. Take more photos, do a variety of posts on different days and note all this down in a diary so i stick to it!

2. Learn to Treat myself: I Love to browse and i love to shop, most of all i admit - i Love a good bargain! But i am quite strict on myself in the sense i'll always head to the 'sale section'. I need to teach myself that quite often it's okay to spend that little bit extra to get what i want - it'll give me more to blog about too!

I've started this one already! I picked up this gorgeous jacket from ROMWE as it was the last one available!

3. Start exercising at home: I have a professional Yoga kit and more than one Pilates dvd and when i get stuck into it i love doing both of these, as it calms me, de-stresses me and helps me to relax. I just need to get myself into more of a strict routine and make sure that i stick to it

4. Begin making some of my own clothes: I have a huge love of customising and i think this came from the fact that my Uncle was a maker and designer of West End Show costumes! I love seeing the pieces being created from drawings and up until now i haven't pursued making anything myself but i've been tempted to! I am aiming to make atleast one item of clothing this year and to wear it outside of the house

5. Be more confident in myself: In some areas i am really outgoing and confident but in other areas - not so much. I have been wanting to dye my hair for the past 3 months but haven't because i was a little worried about what people might say. Same regarding what i want to do as a job and also some of the clothes that i buy that i'm not sure about wearing outside. But i'm putting my foot down with myself this year and telling myself: I'm Me and as long as i'm happy, who cares?

6. Create a proper Beauty Regime: I'm always reading up on other blogger's beauty regime and thinking they're fab but i never quite get round to doing it myself.. I want to find the products that make my hair more voluminous and glossy, make my facial skin softer and my eyes stand out more and i am on a mission; this will be happening! (any suggestions on products are very welcome)

So has everyone else got their own New Year's Resolutions?

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