Friday, 28 February 2014

My Retro Love: Nintendo NES

When i was growing up i never had the latest games consoles but the one we did have was my big brother's console: the original Nintendo NES. It's grey and black, pretty square and looks really bulky despite being really light. It doesn't look anything special but to me: it's simply awesome!
Everyone should recognise the colours and the controller for it as you see it everywhere on men's tshirts and in emo/rocker stores and on websites.

The thing i love is that it's so simple, simple press a cart into the slot and press the 'ON' button. Nothing confusing, yes the graphics aren't brilliant but that's half the fun of still being caught in the 'game' world and half using your imagination.
Over the past few months i have collected almost all the games i had when growing up, even a quite rare one that i grabbed as a real bargain! The games tend to only cost between £5-£15 pounds mostly and you find them on retro gaming websites, car boot sales and on eBay but there are some rare ones that can still cost over £50!

I am hoping to do a monthly round-up (starting tomorrow) of my retro gaming buys for you and if i find any great new websites, contacts or pricing to keep those who are interested updated. Other than fashion, retro gaming is a big love of mine so this blog will now contain both of my passions.
I hope you continue to enjoy my blog.
Until tomorrow.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Harry Potter Studio Tour: Haul

So yesterday i finally got to experience my 21st birthday present (from back in November) with a trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Watford! I had an absolutely fab day as we got to be there when the Animal Actors special event was on. We got to meet Hedwig the owl, Trevor the toad, Mrs Norris the cat and a dog that was trained like Fang, Hagrid's dog and her puppy!! I wanted to take her home with me..

Anyway, after reading about watching some footage in the cinema, reading about the filming and seeing all the props and costumes, having pictures taken on the knight bus, drinking butterbeer, walking down Diagon Alley and seeing a scale model of the Hogwart's castle we headed for the gift shop!
I'm afraid to say i spent more than i would have usually but it was my birthday treat so the boyfriend told me to enjoy myself and buy what i wanted; although i restrained from buying a cuddly toy of Fawkes the phoenix!

1. Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans
I've always wanted to try some of the 'real' every flavour beans! These ones didn't come with a flavour key either so we had some fun eating some of these on the train on the way home! The soap and pepper ones aren't too bad actually! But there are some dodgy ones thrown in.. (Rotten Egg included!)
2. The Making of Harry Potter: The Official Guide book
I really wanted this as a momento of the visit that can be popped into my memory box for safe keeping. The hardback one was £5 more than the normal book but i think it was worth it as it should be more hard-wearing
3. The Tales of Beedle The Bard book - J K Rowling
I grabbed this as soon as i saw it! Simply because it has the Tale of the Three Brothers in and i llove the story in the film as it has a real lesson and a real impact. I think i'll enjoy reading the other stories too including 'Babbitty Rabbitty' that you hear Ron mention in the films
4. Slytherin House vest top
I'm usually a firm Gryiffindor girl but i must say that the Slytherin top just looked a lot nicer! It is really comfy if all else fails, I can wear it on my grumpy days! That way people will know to watch out.. maybe i'll talk to snakes too..
5. The Making of Harry Potter Tshirt in silver
I was going to get a Quidditch game tee but i thought it'd be more versatile to get a black one and as well as being self-explanatory it holds memories too, they had one with gold lettering too but it looked a bit too much for me so a bit unlike me.. i went for the safe option!
6. Butterbeer Replica Tumbler
The Butterbeer that we tasted was more amazing than i imagined! It's fizzy in taste and i can't put my finger on what it tasted like at all but the 'head' tastes of butterscotch which is pure deliciousness! It's just a fun little souvenir that i can use and feel like i belong in the wizarding world!
7. Warner Bros. London Clapper Board
I've been wanting a clapper board for what feels like forever so i snapped it up literally! It's made of wood and feels quite hardwearing. I am going to put it up on a shelf in my room but i will also be using it in my 'coming soon' youtube videos! Exciting!
8. Marauder's Map Giant Mug
I really wanted the actual Marauder's Map on parchment but although they looked brilliant, i know it might rip really easily and also it can't really move like in the films.. *sad face* but i thought getting a mug with the tagline on would be just as good and i can actually use this and it can have pride of place everyday when i drink my coffee. It's massive too so when i drink hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows i really 'Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good!'

Song of the Day - Harry Potter Theme Song
Hope you enjoyed my haul!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Underdressed Lingerie: boxed and beautiful

I was recently lucky enough to win a £50 voucher to spend at Underdressed Lingerie and it was such a hard choice picking only a few things!

The company has been running since 2007 and aim to provide lingerie with individual style and design and they work with a select group of independent designers. Their underwear is selected to be the best of both functional and sexy and comfort is paramount: to make women feel special everyday whilst wearing their products.
"We encompass all things feminine, sophisticated, confident, romantic, stylish and glamorous. We do not want to preach to women or just make a sale, we want women to appreciate what they already have and realize that glamour is not just reserved for the rich and famous"

How beautiful is the box?
The box is so cute and i feel the ribbon adds such a personal touch as someone has had the care to wrap it like a present just for you!
They even sent a personalised postcard!
I think these details really make the company stand out and the pastel coloured tissue paper adds a touch of elegance.
A box like this turning up would make a beautiful anniversary/birthday gift *hint hint boys*

I ended up choosing 5 products and they look and feel amazing quality!
Usually i would think that some of the prices are a little out of my price range but for a special treat or as an 'investment' as i'm sure that these will last then i would definitely recommend them! They have special offers on now too so i'd go and take a look..

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Back to Basics: Wishlist

So this month i'm lusting after a load of new basic's for my wardrobe to piece everything together!
Asos have some amazing pieces at bargain prices in the ASOS own range like this black lace cami dress which would be perfect to dress down with a leather jacket and some tartan pumps.
Monki are another of my favourite online stores (They also have their range on ASOS too) but their online store is packed full of amazing stuff, especially whilst the sale's still on! My top picks are this Make Space Tee and this Jossan Singlet Vest as slogan pieces are a big love of mine. They're great to add a bit of cheekiness or attitude to an outfit.
Boohoo are another favourite of mine; my lust-worthy item this month is these Candice High Shine Disco Pants in Magenta!
Sammydress is a great place to grab some pieces at bottom prices as they are a wholesale site but the postage is per item so remember that before you add loads to your basket. But it's great for grabbing one or two bargains; this Wine Red Velvet Dress, Denim Studded Jacket, Leather Shorts and Fluffy Sweater are all on my list!


Saturday, 15 February 2014

Valentine's Red: Simple Styling

AX Paris Pleated Red Dress - New Look
Platform Peep-Toe Heel - Peacocks SALE

Just a basic Valentine's outfit that's simple but stunning.
The classic red dress and the black heel: what else do you really need?

This dress is one of my favourites and it's one that i actually picked up for my 21st back in November but annoyingly i can't find it on the website now. It's really flattering due to the structured top and skater style skirt which really flatters your thighs. The lace middle breaks up the block red perfectly and leaves you needing near to no accessories! A simple zip up the side and you're ready to roll!

These shoes were a birthday present for my 20th birthday and they don't look that high on these pictures but they are actually the highest heels i own! They took some getting used to but are now my favourite heels and are a gorgeous satin material that makes them look a lot more expensive than they were! I love the box detail to the front as it just makes them that little bit different and allow you to show a bit of toe and polish!
Who says dressing up can't be easy?


Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Bed Head Superstar: Shampoo & Conditioner

BED HEAD is one of those brands that i've always loved seeing in shop windows! Walking past the higher-end hair salons such as Toni & Guy and seeing all the bright coloured and funky shaped bottles in the windows. I always dreamed of having my bathroom full of them! (i know, strange dream!) But they looked so cool and lust-worthy..
Look how cool the bottles are!?
Plus they have an awesome tagline:
"You Must Have a Sense of Humor To Use Our Products"

So when i found these at a blog event at the end of last year i just had to have them! I got them for the bargain price of just £2 each and am wishing now that i had bought more as they RRP at £6.99 per 75ml bottle!

So i put them in a bag when i got home after the event so i could 'keep them safe' and i found them again the other week when we cleaned out the bedroom and i'm so glad i did as i think they are one of my favourite Shampoo and Conditioners Ever!

'Sulfate-free shampoo keeps hair color safe and gives Superstar volume! Proteins and nutrient rich oils strengthen hair and add shine. It's a Glam Slam!'
'Condition your hair to Superstar volume! Lightweight formula hydrates and shines while maintaining fullness and body. It's a Glam Slam!'

I always try to be optimistic when using a new hair product but after so many products claim to give you 'thicker hair' i wasn't expecting amazing results, especially with me having fine hair.. but was i wrong!
After just one use of these and my hair looked visibly thicker and fuller and i loved that it wasn't lying flat to my head for once! Without the aid of hairspray or any other styling products i got the look i've been after for years. I promise i'm not exaggerating, i was so happy i don't think i stopped smiling all day.
I only have the 75ml bottles but although they look quite small i have had around 4 uses out of them already and there's still around half of the product left as you don't have to use masses of it.
I simply shampoo as i would usually then take around a 'cherry-sized' among of conditioner and smooth it through my hair from the top of my ears, downwards to the ends of my hair: simple and easy.

The products really do give 'Superstar Volume' and i would not hesitate to recommend these to anyone! The shampoo even smells a bit like milkshake - Bonus! 
I will definitely be investing in the larger sized bottles next time though as i feel they are better value for money, especially on Amazon!

Friday, 7 February 2014

My Valentine's Day Gift List

So with Valentine's Day just around the corner, the whole cliche' of giving Flowers, Perfume and Chocolates  is upon us. Although i find this a little difficult as does my boyfriend as we don't really like the normal valentine's gifts that tend to be given and it's slightly annoying i find that only these things are on a 'special offer'!

So i have compiled a list of slightly different gifts that could be given on Valentine's day to us girls and guys that are a little different:

This Unicorn clutch is so cute and definitely a talking point! It's pink, shiny and it's a Unicorn!!

David and Goliath do an amazing range of super cute and attitude-ridden clothing and their pyjamas are just amazing! Perfect for snuggling on the sofa with a good film

DVD Boxset
All girls want to chill out sometimes and what a better time to do it when watching one of their favourite shows or movies. Amazon do a massive range at pretty good prices! My personal pick right now would be Saved by the Bell!

Gift Experience
The best presents are always the most memorable i find so whether it be feeding animals at the zoo or doing a walking ghost tour in London she'll definitely remember this one! It's even something you can do together so you could make a day of it. (you can get some good deals on Groupon for these too!)

Hair Salon voucher
All girls get their hair done and forking out money every month/couple of months isn't fun even if you feel amazing after your visit so visiting with a voucher to get it done for 'free' would definitely feel even more amazing! Check where she has her hair done and just pop in! Easy.

Retro Tshirt do so many cool retro and slogan tees at pretty good prices: my other half has got his eye on the Pokemon ones inparticular!

The perfect laidback shoe that every guy needs i would say! They do so many designs from just plain colours to simpsons and dc comics! There's definitely something for everyone and Schuh do an amazing collection!

Video Game
This isn't a difficult one, almost every guy loves video games so this one tends to be a winner. My boyfriend prefers me to ask him which game he wants first though so although it may not be a surprise, he'll still love the thought and that's what counts!

Football Stadium Tour
This has a bit more of a personal touch and it'll show that you're taking an interest in his 'other loves'. I've been having a look around for an Old Trafford tour to take my boyfriend on and if he'd rather do the tour on his own then that's fine, he'll still enjoy it just as much!


Every guy needs a mug to drink his tea or coffee out of when you're relaxing or even at the office: nothing scores brownie points like buying him his favourite mug! FindMeaGift do a good range of these but there's also ebay, HMV and Amazon too!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Wishlist: Sammydress

I've only recently discovered the online retail delights of SammyDress but already i am hooked!
SammyDress is a global online wholesale supplier of Clothing, Accessories and Lifestyle productsthat provide a wide range of high quality items at factory direct prices. They add new products everyday so there's a constant stream to lust over and they offer worldwide shipping options through DHL, UPS and FedEx to name but a few.
The low prices and high quality is something not to be argued with and you can see others feedback on any product on their website and the clothes being modeled by actual people and not mannequins which make it easier to see how the clothes will look on. They offer such a big range of styles and at budget friendly prices i could quite easily fill my basket without a second glance - think Primark but online!
The items i've spied so far include cute tshirts, fabulous shoes and what look like high-end dupes such as the above Leather Trench so there really is something for everyone!
I will definitely be placing an order soon and hopefully a lot more in the future!


Song of the Day: Wouldn't it be Nice - Beach Boys

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Pretty Polly-esque: Real

Vest: H&M Basics (instore)
Shorts: Criminal Damage - Similar here
Tights: Pretty Polly: from Amazon here
Boots: H&M sale
Ring: One-off piece

Song of the Day: Bowling For Soup - Real

Everyone that knows me, will know how much i love my comfy basics! A pair of shorts and a cool vest top and i'm good to go! However, i never underestimate the power of accessories.. or shoes!
My criminal damage shorts have to be the comfiest pair of shorts Ever. The studs give them a bit of an edge and the charcoal colour makes them possible to wear with almost anything. Pair them with a vest from H&M basics range (for £2.99 who can argue?) and the body of the outfit is done.

So how to 'power-up' a basic outfit?
A good Statement Ring never goes amiss. I nabbed this one-of-a-kind piece at a blogger event last year and finally dug it out after the big clearout! Marilyn Monroe is an obvious icon but one i love nontheless; she makes every woman want to wear a skirt and go play on the beach!
These amazing Pretty Polly tights are a perfect way to add a boost of cuteness, they are a real talking point and on-the-ball right now for Valentine's day! They really do speak for themselves and give a bit of a new edge to 'wearing your heart on your sleeve..'
Lastly, i'm a total sucker for Statement Shoes! Especially anything cowboy style. My favourite pair of boots are my more traditional cowboys so when i saw these in the H&M sale with their pointy toes and cowboy charms i just had to have them: it was one of those 'my life will be complete..' moments! These are so comfy and the silver detailing gives an edge to any outfit.
Although be warned: this are not the shoes for running up the stairs! Pointy toe + step = Total Fail.