Friday, 28 February 2014

My Retro Love: Nintendo NES

When i was growing up i never had the latest games consoles but the one we did have was my big brother's console: the original Nintendo NES. It's grey and black, pretty square and looks really bulky despite being really light. It doesn't look anything special but to me: it's simply awesome!
Everyone should recognise the colours and the controller for it as you see it everywhere on men's tshirts and in emo/rocker stores and on websites.

The thing i love is that it's so simple, simple press a cart into the slot and press the 'ON' button. Nothing confusing, yes the graphics aren't brilliant but that's half the fun of still being caught in the 'game' world and half using your imagination.
Over the past few months i have collected almost all the games i had when growing up, even a quite rare one that i grabbed as a real bargain! The games tend to only cost between £5-£15 pounds mostly and you find them on retro gaming websites, car boot sales and on eBay but there are some rare ones that can still cost over £50!

I am hoping to do a monthly round-up (starting tomorrow) of my retro gaming buys for you and if i find any great new websites, contacts or pricing to keep those who are interested updated. Other than fashion, retro gaming is a big love of mine so this blog will now contain both of my passions.
I hope you continue to enjoy my blog.
Until tomorrow.

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