Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Harry Potter Studio Tour: Haul

So yesterday i finally got to experience my 21st birthday present (from back in November) with a trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Watford! I had an absolutely fab day as we got to be there when the Animal Actors special event was on. We got to meet Hedwig the owl, Trevor the toad, Mrs Norris the cat and a dog that was trained like Fang, Hagrid's dog and her puppy!! I wanted to take her home with me..

Anyway, after reading about watching some footage in the cinema, reading about the filming and seeing all the props and costumes, having pictures taken on the knight bus, drinking butterbeer, walking down Diagon Alley and seeing a scale model of the Hogwart's castle we headed for the gift shop!
I'm afraid to say i spent more than i would have usually but it was my birthday treat so the boyfriend told me to enjoy myself and buy what i wanted; although i restrained from buying a cuddly toy of Fawkes the phoenix!

1. Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans
I've always wanted to try some of the 'real' every flavour beans! These ones didn't come with a flavour key either so we had some fun eating some of these on the train on the way home! The soap and pepper ones aren't too bad actually! But there are some dodgy ones thrown in.. (Rotten Egg included!)
2. The Making of Harry Potter: The Official Guide book
I really wanted this as a momento of the visit that can be popped into my memory box for safe keeping. The hardback one was £5 more than the normal book but i think it was worth it as it should be more hard-wearing
3. The Tales of Beedle The Bard book - J K Rowling
I grabbed this as soon as i saw it! Simply because it has the Tale of the Three Brothers in and i llove the story in the film as it has a real lesson and a real impact. I think i'll enjoy reading the other stories too including 'Babbitty Rabbitty' that you hear Ron mention in the films
4. Slytherin House vest top
I'm usually a firm Gryiffindor girl but i must say that the Slytherin top just looked a lot nicer! It is really comfy if all else fails, I can wear it on my grumpy days! That way people will know to watch out.. maybe i'll talk to snakes too..
5. The Making of Harry Potter Tshirt in silver
I was going to get a Quidditch game tee but i thought it'd be more versatile to get a black one and as well as being self-explanatory it holds memories too, they had one with gold lettering too but it looked a bit too much for me so a bit unlike me.. i went for the safe option!
6. Butterbeer Replica Tumbler
The Butterbeer that we tasted was more amazing than i imagined! It's fizzy in taste and i can't put my finger on what it tasted like at all but the 'head' tastes of butterscotch which is pure deliciousness! It's just a fun little souvenir that i can use and feel like i belong in the wizarding world!
7. Warner Bros. London Clapper Board
I've been wanting a clapper board for what feels like forever so i snapped it up literally! It's made of wood and feels quite hardwearing. I am going to put it up on a shelf in my room but i will also be using it in my 'coming soon' youtube videos! Exciting!
8. Marauder's Map Giant Mug
I really wanted the actual Marauder's Map on parchment but although they looked brilliant, i know it might rip really easily and also it can't really move like in the films.. *sad face* but i thought getting a mug with the tagline on would be just as good and i can actually use this and it can have pride of place everyday when i drink my coffee. It's massive too so when i drink hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows i really 'Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good!'

Song of the Day - Harry Potter Theme Song
Hope you enjoyed my haul!

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