Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Visits to the Hospital..

I have spent most of the past few days visiting my mom in hospital after her having quite a large spinal/neck operation.

I apologise for the lack of blog posts over the past few days but this i had to put as a priority.

She was admitted on Sunday and her operation scheduled for Monday, so most of Monday was spent anxiously awaiting the outcome and any scraps of news possible.

Thankfully, after a very long 7 and a half hours of surgery, my mom was in recovery after a successful operation at 7:30pm.

Honestly, my mom couldn't be in better care at the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic hospital, located in Oyswestry. It is one of the best hospitals i have ever had the pleasure of visiting. The staff are all very professional, they are there for your constant care - should you need it and have no trouble in answering all questions and queries. Although a small hospital, they are very efficient and also very approachable. They treat their patients with proper care and talk to you and treat patients as individuals rather than just as 'someone they have to look after'.

Thankfully the operation went as well as expected and they are pleased with her progress, although we still have no idea at what day she may be able to come home.

Us, as a family really want to make both her stay and recovery as comfortable and pleasurable as humanly possible.

If any companies/businesses or anyone at all would be able to help or contribute anything that may make her stay and recovery any more comfortable or just simply to just put a little smile on her face, it would be a huge help and i would be very grateful.

Of course, in return i will of course review and write a blog post about any items received and help to spread the word to the best of my ability.

Please send any queries or messages to:

Thankyou to all my followers for your continued support and i promise another giveaway soon!

Monday, 25 February 2013

Creative Writing competition - on behalf of my best friend

One of my best friend's is an absolutely brilliant writer and has now written a few books along with a couple of other people (they write as a collective group).

"Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure."
George Edward Woodberry 

Their books are amaizng and they have had a few published.

They have a competition running at the moment to win a copy of their newly published book - signed by all of them!

Trust me, i think they're going to become quite big so a signed copy would be something good to hold onto!

  • To enter, you simply have to write an 100-word introduction to a story that can be continued - it's that simple!
It can be based on description or have characters too and can be for any age range you choose.

Email your completed entries, with a word count to:, by 28th February. Don’t forget to include your name and address!

Hurry guys there's only 3 days left to enter!
There's also a surprise prize for the winner that i'm promised..
'Will Definitely be worth it!'

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Ecover Citizen Journalist Application & Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner review

Ecover, in association with their online magazine, are recruiting for a Citizen Jornalist. I'd absolutely love to do this and it has always been a dream of mine to get into this area!

The description:
Ecover are looking to find two aspiring journalists to report on a ground-breaking new project that we are launching in March 2013. If you are a team player with excellent writing skills and a 'can-do' attitude with good understanding of social media, then this might be your opportunity.

As the Ecover Citizen Journalist you will report on the pioneering new project, attend the press launch and conduct interviews for The-Splash magazine. You will also have the opportunity to attend Glastonbury Festival 2013 (with a friend) to report on the public's reaction to the project and soak up the unforgettable festival atmosphere. What's more, you are invited to attend RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2013 to conclude the project.
We'd also like you to attend the project launch on the 6th of March!

Responsibilities will include:

Conducting face to face interviews at various events before writing up articles, and blog entries, for 'The-Splash' and promoting the project through personal social media channels.

My Entry:

What would make you a superb Citizen Journalist?
I think i would make a brilliant jornalist as i am always wanting to know what's going on with new products! I am a very confident people-person that loves asking questions and spreading the word, plus giving advice on everything that i can. I absolutely love music and the festival atmosphere plus i have a very strong love of Ecover products! We as a family, have been using Ecover products for years! I am a very positive individual who enjoys meeting new people and who shows enthusiasm in all areas of work. I have my own personal blog which i think would help brilliantly with spreading the news of Ecover and the launch, i am very determined with anything i put my mind to.

Do you think music festivals have become homogeneous and lost their individuality?
In a certain way yes, i believe that festivals have become very cliched to the fact that everyone thinks that only young people attend who just party and get drunk to have a good time. I personally hate this cliche' and feel that there are very few festivals left that actually show their own individuality. Glastonbury being one of them, they have some of the greatest acts - not just all the new 'hot' acts and people of all ages attend for the reson that they want to get away and just enjoy the music! I believe it is really important for all festivals to contain their own individuality.

What does 'green' mean to you? 
To me, Green means eco-friendly, happy and good for both us and the environment. It gives me the impression that the product i am using will benefit me as a person, making myself feel better that i am using less harmful chemicals or doing less damage to the things that i can't control personally (like the environment). All in all, Green means a lot to me for both personal value and feeling alike.

What's your favourite Ecover product?

My favourite Ecover product has to be the Ecover Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner. It comes in useful in almost any situation and is perfect for my family as my dad is a driver by trade which means this does wonders for his skin after a long shift! In my experience, it can remove almost anything! Mud, Paint, Glue, Petrol.. just loads! I have before told others about my experience with this product and they have bought it because of my recommendation. I think i will definitely be buying this product for years to come as i will always have a use for it!

What steps do you take to 'do your bit'?
I take 'doing my bit' quite seriously as i think that we are damaging the environment too much by simply not thinking enough. It is so simple. The little steps i follow are: recycling plastics, paper, card and glass - i just pop them into my recycling box outside the front door. I recycle old clothes and shos (ones that dont fit anymore) by putting them in charity bags when they are posted through the letterbox. I always make sure i turn the light off when i leave a room, even if i'm going back into it a short time later and i always turn the tap off when brushing my teeth - it's one of the ways we lose so much water! But it's not just all about the environment, when concerning people, the little things just like just saying hello or texting a friend you haven't seen in a while to see how they are, just simply smiling in a morning.. these all help me to 'do my bit' too!

Rise of The Guardians - Giveaway!

As my family are big cartoon movie fans - it was a brilliant surprise being sent a Rise of the Guardians children's goodie hamper in the post!

It contained:

A pencil tin complete with pen, pencil and eraser..

A digital watch..

And a Night Light!
(This was my favourite!)

As Easter is coming up and i am aware that 'present'giving' is now a part of this holiday. (I just used to get a chocolate egg!)

I thought this would be a great time for a giveaway! Especially with the film being released so soon too!

So for your chance to win these goodies.. just fill in the rafflecopter widget below!
Don't forget to share it on Facebook and follow me by email though!
UK giveaway only


Rise of the Guardians is available to pre-order on DVD and Blu-ray released 23rd March 2013. ( has the best prices as far as i have seen)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, 22 February 2013

T.U.K White Original Creepers

When i went shopping in New Look last weekend the last thing i expected to find was a pair of TUK creepers instore!
The last thing i knew, New Look was a pretty normal high street chain that sold pretty standard own-label clothes.

I am very pleased that they are now selling other labels and seem to be branching out to all sorts of styles too! It makes them much more versatile to me and it gives me a better shopping experience overall.

T.U.K White Original Creepers

I have been totally besotted with these T.U.K creepers since i first saw Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day wearing them in a poster of Kerrang!

As a absolutely massive Green Day fan, i managed to get tickets to see them this June at Emirates Stadium in London - being an Arsenal fan too makes it all even better!

I was absolutely gutted after going into New Look and seeing the creepers and them not having my size! I immediately went online and sought them out.

To my amazement not only had i found my dream shoes that i can now finally afford.. but they were half price! I was estatic! I also had a £10 Love2Shop voucher which amde them cheaper still!

The RRP of these gorgeous shoes is £74.99.. but they were Reduced to £37.50!
So all in all i managed to buy these for only £27.50!

They arrived in this eye-catching and vibrant box!
(After i had taken off the grey plastic it was wrapped in)

The size and style are both clearly displayed on a sticker on  the outside of the box.
I like this feature as it allowed me to immediately know that they had sent the correct product without opening them.

Upon opening the box, an amazingly-pristine white shoe lay there.. perfectly packaged and laces tied.

As in the label, you can see the original RRP so i still can't believe how cheap i got them considering!

These are now Online Exclusives so if you want to get your hands on these get online quick!

As these only arrived today i have not yet worn them. But i am going to do so this weekend and i will leave another blog post detailing their suitability, comfort and wear :)

Thursday, 21 February 2013


CyberCandy as a brand itself has to be my favourite for Retro sweets and Imported candy. They seem to have everything you can think of!

I can Never go to Birmingham without popping in.. the stock at first, does seem quite expensive for what it is but it has been imported directly as most of the products are not available in this country otherwise.

The CyberCandy brand as launched in 1999 as a family-run business initially run from their own dining table!  They have built up this business from scratch, all by themselves - no loans or anything involved! Which i think is very impressive. In late 2002 however they moved the business on and now - 12 years after the beginning of their venture, they have 6 shops located throughout the UK and 2 large warehouses.

They are located:
  • London - Covent Garden, Islington, Camden Town East Yard and Shoreditch Boxpark
  • Birmingham - Bull Street
  • Brighton - Gardner Street

They import from countries all over the world including:
  • America
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • All parts of Europe
Their stock is extensive! They have stock that uses all sorts of characters from gaming icons such as Mario to cartoons like The Moomins!

If you are a fan of Retro Sweets or are just intrigued by the concept they are well worth a visit!

My favourite items include:
Vanilla Coke
Cherry Dr Pepper
Coconut M&Ms
Moomin Lu Biscuits
3-Dees Mario gummy sweets
Wonka range

There are so many more things to explore and they give you an opportunity to try something new every time you visit! Although it's so easy to get carried away and spend!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

One of those days..

When i woke up this morning, i wasn't motivated At All.
Usually when my alarm goes off, i get up, turn it off and immediately start getting ready..
But not today apparently!

After i turned my alarm off i spent around 5-10 just stood there in my room, contemplating what to wear..
Which led to the first indication it would be 'one of those days'
My tights were still wet after being washed. I couldn't find my smart black waistcoat and i could only find 1 odd sock!

I then went and made myself a hot drink, poured the water in and went to get the milk.. it went out of date the 18th!

Then when putting my make-up on i almost put foot cream on my face instead of moisturiser!

Surprisingly though after i left the house.. my buses were all on time and i felt a lot better after listening to some pop-rock with me earphones in!

(Something tells me i may have been bopping on the bus but luckily no-one said anything)

I'm now hoping for a positive day at work.. and can't wait to see if my childhood-dream shoes arrive in the post for when i get home!!

*Childhood-Dream Shoes*

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sunny Sunday :)

Absolutely beautiful morning :)

Woke up with a big smile on my face so thought i'd do a spot of baking..

My 'famous' coffee cake :)
Unfortunately it didn't rise as well as i'd hoped so semi-circle cake it is!

Me and my lovely mom :)

Amazing weekend overall!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Bake Club - in association with Lurpak

Bake Club is a new website i found that allows you to submit your own recipes and ideas to earn yourself rating stars and prizes!

Every month, the Lurpak team working together with a famous cooking/baking face choose an original recipe as 'This Month's Challenge'. They then ask all members to cook the recipe whilst adding their own twist on the original and to take a picture of the finished product, submitting it along with a short description.

The top 20 winners are then chosen by the famous face and the Lurpak team and there is a different cooking/baking related prize every month!

As i absolutely love cooking, i thought this was a brilliant idea! As it encourages you to try out and practise traditional recipes but also to experiment yourself with flavours. Which i feel will make everyone - including myself - feel more confident when using variations and adding different flavours to make products your own.

Each month a description is provided of what is expected when entering along with some information about the famous face - so you can still learn whilst going along! It also provides the alternate recipe that the famous face uses so you can still try that one out for yourself too. Also provided is a 'Top 5 Tips' from the famous face which always help you along the way!

The challenges alternate between sweet and savoury recipes so there's something for everyone and even if you end up not submitting your recipe, it's still fun to give it a go!

This Month's Challenge:

Traditional Cottage Pie

The description:
February’s challenge has been set by Tim Anderson, 2011 MasterChef winner. His take on a traditional cottage pie combines hearty mince, spicy chorizo sausage as well as some surprising ingredients like stout and fennel –topped with a creamy mash. Tim says, “The mash topping is a blank slate for flavour, so customise it however you like! Garlic, celery salt, paprika, strong cheese, mustard, or bits of bacon can really liven it up.”
Feeling inspired? Get baking and submit your take on cottage pie for the chance to win one of 20 Falcon enamelware pie sets.
So nothing can be easier really.. the description is laid out as well as the rules..
So sign up and get yourselves to the kitchen!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Homemade potato wedges recipe

Homemade Potato Wedges
Serves 2-3

3 large potatoes - washed
1 teaspoon of Paprika
3 teaspoons of Mixed Herbs
1 teaspoon of Five Spice
1 teaspoon of Ground Ginger
sprinkliing of Salt
sprinkling of Black Pepper
Olive Oil
Lemon Juice
Butter/Margarine to grease

  1. Pre-heat the oven to 180'c - Gas Mark 4
  2. Grease a baking tray using butter or margarine (pastry brush) and pout some olive oil into a small bowl
  3. Chop potatoes into quarters, then into wedge-shaped slices
  4. Pour all the herbs and spices into a small bowl and sprinkle half over the greased baking tray
  5. Using a pastry brush, 'paint' the wedge slices with olive oil and lie them on the baking tray (on top of the herbs and spices)
  6. Use the remaining herbs and spices to sprinkle over the wedges - this way they are coated both sides
  7. Slide the wedges onto the middle shelf and cook for approx. 20 minutes
  8. Remove them from the oven and squeeze lemon juice lightly over them, also sprinkle the Salt and Black pepper
  9. Shuffle them a little to ensure they're not sticking
  10. Pop them back in the oven for another 15-20 minutes until crisp on the outside and soft inside

Happy Saint Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

The above picture is definitely me and my boyfriend in cartoon gaming form!
(i will now refer to my boyfriend as Sonic in all posts)

As i leave the house for work at 6:30am - i haven't yet had the privilege of receiving my prezzies from my Sonic.. i can't wait until i get home!

I know a lot of people say they don't see why love should be specifically celebrated on this day and that you should show it all year round.. but there's no reason not to make this day special.

I always say i'll never go out for dinner on valentine's day as the 'offers' always seem to be more expensive than if you went on any other day! So instead i plan special meals at home that we wouldn't usually eat and spend the day (or closest day to it) just being together.

My Menu

Starter: Homemade garlic mushrooms
Main: Sirloin steak served with homemade wedges and onion rings
Dessert: Homemade coffee biscuits or coffee cake

The main course is such an easy option to cook! Simply fry the steak, shove the onion rings in the oven. Then i have such an easy recipe for homemade potato wedges - i will post this next!

As for the starter using tiny mushrooms and cooking them in a saucepan with melted cheese and garlic YUM spread.. easy peasy and really quick!

Then the dessert is apparently my 'famous coffee cake' so i'm very used to making it

I've also managed to book the day off work tomorrow and luckily Sonic works from home so we'll have a special meal tonight but then we'll spend 'our valentine's day' together tomorrow so we have more time to make the most of being together.

Have a happy and Love-filled day!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Coronation Chicken Wraps!

Coronation Chicken Wraps
(Makes 4 wraps)

2 Chicken Breast Fiillets (chopped)
2 tablespoons Olive Oil
1/2 a large Onion
1 tablespoon Curry Powder
300ml Chicken Stock
1 teaspoon Tomato Puree
1/4 Lemon, juice-of
2 tablespoons Mango Chutney
100ml mayonnaise
3 tablespoons Double Cream (whipped)
4 Tortilla Wraps
- Salad is optional

  1. Chop the chicken breast fillets into small pieces and set aside
  2. Chop the onion and then prepare chicken stock (in a measuring jug)
  3. Heat the Olive Oil in a large saucepan or Wok and add onions
  4. Fry onions for 5 minutes or until beginning to brown
  5. Lower the heat slightly and stir in the curry powder, mixing all the while
  6. Add the Chicken stock, Tomato puree, Lemon juice and Mango chutney
  7. Stir until it begins to bubble, then lower the heat and cook for 5-10 minutes (it will thicken slightly)
  8. Allow to cool (takes around 10 minutes) then stir in the Mayonnaise and Double cream
  9. Return to the heat
  10. Add the Chicken pieces and cook for 5-10 minutes until chicken has heated and cooked thoroughly
  11. Use a slotted spoon to put into the centre of tortilla wraps then fold up and serve immediately

Enjoy! They're suprisingly filling!

Happy Ash Wednesday - Beginning of Lent!

I'd just like to start by saying HAPPY ASH WEDNESDAY to everybody!

So.. as it's the first day of Lent, what's everyone giving up?
Chocolate has to be the most common one!

I like Lent, it is a time every year in which to monitor your self-control which i find a warming experience. I feel proud of myself at the end of Lent that i have managed to give up something that i really enjoy for 40 days (and 40 nights) and it makes it feel all the more rewarding the next time you indulge in your chosen treat!

I gave up meat one year as my dad dared me that i wouldn't be able to do it, it was difficult as first but i soon got used to it and i suprised myself with how i managed to live my daily life quite easily without eating such a common food. Infact i got so used to it that i ended up not eating meat for over a year! I did feel much better for it but then when a special occasion came around a year later it really did feel good to indulge in a large sirloin steak! Yum!

I've decided to give up fizzy drinks. As they are such a 'normal' part of life for so many people i think it will be tough for me as it's so easy to just grab one when you're thirsty for convenience. So that's my challenge..

I couldn't have possibly given up meat this year.. the Coronation chicken wraps i've just made were to die for! Far too yummy to be waiting that long to indulge..
(I'm posting the recipe next if anyone's interested!)

Good Luck Everyone!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

I've been very lucky this week!

This week i have been lucky enough to be selected for 2 product tests with separate websites!
I am especially excited about these as i love spreading the word about new products, sharing experiences and also spreading the word of the sites that i'm working with!

It makes me feel good that i can give something back :)

Viakal - Savvy Circle

I was lucky enough to be picked to help trial a New Viakal limescale remover with Savvy Circle. I am a big cleaner in my house and do find it especially difficult to keep my bathroom and sink areas clean. I will definitely be keeping you updated on how well the product works and how it suits my needs!

The project details ask me to firstly, use the product as i normally would any other. Then to continually give my feedback to the site over the length of 6 weeks, filling out reports and taking photos as proof. Best of all i get to keep the product and continue to use it as i wish afterwards.

The product description:
 Everyone wants their kitchen and bathroom to look clean and have a great shine, but limescale and watermarks can make surfaces appear dull and unhygienic. Viakal has developed a limescale remover with a unique polymer pro-shine technology. The Viakal formula has been specifically designed to efficiently remove watermarks and limescale, while improving appearance, shine and protecting surfaces from further damage.
The formula works in the following ways:
  • An acidic system works to remove unsightly limescale and watermarks.
  • A thick formula allows the product to remain in contact with the surface for longer.
  • The surfactants remove bathroom soil.

I'll keep you updated with how it goes! 

Sure Compressed Deodorant - BzzAgent

I was also lucky enough to be chosen to review New Sure Compressed Deodorant for BzzAgent. As i have a very busy lifestyle with working full time and also running the blog, i thought that hopefully, i would be an ideal candidate to test a new deodorant that promises to keep the same length of protection but being in a smaller bottle.. luckily they thought the same!
I am very excited to be testing this product more-so because, i am very eco-friendly and very pro-recycling! I think the idea is brilliant to reduce packaging and in turn, reduce waste. I am having fun spreading the word through family, friends and colleagues and now i hope to pass the message onto all of you!

It is a brilliant size, especially if you go out straight from work and you need to keep deodorant in your work bag and don't want it to take up loads of space! So far i have used the product for 3 days and i am very happy with it! I think i will probably change my deodorant full-stop to this now as it helps to promote the eco-message which is very me! It has given me maximum protection for a great amount of hours too!

Product description:
Something big (or should we say ‘small’) is happening to Sure deodorants... They have compressed even more protection into a little can half the size! That’s right, after years of development and testing, Sure have managed to re-engineer their aerosol deodorants so that it sprays out less gas than before but delivers more antiperspirant ingredient.

I will definitely keep you posted as the week goes on!

Happy Shrove Tuesday! (pancake day!!)

As always, i get very excited when it comes to pancake day.. growing up my mom made it a tradition that we'd have pancake's for tea without fail every year, even if she's been working night shifts (as a nurse).

My mom is a christian so also the Shrove Tuesday link always made pancakes more yummy, knowing that we would all give something up for lent the following day.

I'm looking forward to trying out some new pancake flavour combinations this year as i think it's time to change things up a little bit..

My list of flavours are:
  • Blueberry and banana
  • Nutella with walnuts
  • Lemon curd
But of course i will also be using the traditional favourite: Lemon juice and sugar!

I hope everyone has fun making pancakes and i will put another post up later with my attempted efforts of the night!

Happy flipping! :)

Sunday, 10 February 2013

BzzAgent: McVitie's Breakfast Biscuits

Thanks to BzzAgent i had the opportuntiy to test the New McVItie's Breakfast Biscuits before they were released instore. 
These are available in the flavours if:
  • Porridge Oasts with Red Berries
  • Porridge Oats with Apple & Sultana
  • Porridge Oats with Honey
My flavour was the Porridge Oats with Red Berries.

I was sent the product in a discrete plain cardboard box with a simple 'BzzAgent' sticker on the front. I think this is brilliant as it keeps everyone from knowing if there are valuable products inside but when it's delivered, you still know exactly where it's from yourself.

When opening up the box i was greeted with a lovely message saying "Thankyou for opening your package so quickly!" Which i thought was a very nice personal touch as it gave me the feeling that my opinion mattered.

The box itself looks brilliantly bright and instantly noticable with the usual McVitie's logo. It looks very attracted and i definitely think that i would be drawn towards it in a supermarket. Especially as at the minute, they are retailing at just £1 in Tesco!

Opening the box, i found 6 packets of 4 biscuits. The packs are individually wrapped in a little cellophane packet so easy to fit in your handbag with no mess! The biscuits are about 15cm in length which i think are quite big so i was quite impressed.

As to the taste:

When you bite into the biscuit, it has a nice crisp texture but is also quite light. The flavour is also quite strong but without being overpowering - they are really yummy!
I found the flavour of oats came through with a nice hint of the red berries which made the biscuits really enjoyable as well as quite filling. I will definitely be taking some with me to work tomorrow to see how they settle into my office routine!

I definitely recommend these and i will definitely be buying a few boxes on my weekly shopping trip!

Rating: 5/5

Bzzagent: Who are they?

I have been a  loyal member of BzzAgent for around a year now and love every second of it!

What is BzzAgent?
BzzAgent is a company that was founded in 2001, they are the leading social marketing company. They actively put products in the hands on thousands of real consumers and help them to share their opinions with family and friends via reviews, facebook posts, photos & videos, blogposts and more.

My Opinion:
To me they are an absolutely brilliant company who give me the chance to try new products for free, before they are released in stores and they also give me the chance to pass the word on to people i know with the help of money-off vouchers. I can't recommend them highly enough and if you're interested, definitely get involved!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Get yourself over to The Body Shop website!

I absolutely Love The Body Shop for all things skincare especially their body butters!

I also especially depend on their Peppermint foot lotion! 

The best of all is that they have an 'Against Animal Testing' policy!

So imagine my delight when is tumbled across the deal of

Especially in the cold weather and the dreary rain i feel the need to pamper myself a little to make myself feel good, especially when i travel to work early in a morning.. we all need some TLC!

Right now they've also got a promotion for 35% off all products!

I managed to pick myself up:

  • Hemp Moisturising wash 200ml - £2.00! 
  • It's dermatologically tested, soap-free and perfect for very dry skin! It also cleanses and moisturises - added bonus! 

  • Wild Cherry Body Butter 50ml - £2.00! 
  • It's got the scrummiest cherry scent ever! (I can vouch for it!) It provides skin-hydration and leaves your skin feeling silky-smooth! One of my favourite products!

  • Hemp Moisture High Balm 45ml - £1.00!
  • As a multi-purpose balm this is a brilliant product to just shove in your handbag when you're on the go! It provides hydration for areas of very dry skin and is perfect for me as i have ezcema but can also use this if my face is dry too! I take this everywhere with me and is great for knees and elbows too! Very versatile and not to be missed at the price!

So aswel as grabbing these Beauty Bargains in the sale.. I grabbed them all for a mere £3.25!!

Happy Shopping Followers!

Best bargains & deals Today!


Now selling Rimmel nail polish in Primark for £1.00!

Selfridges Valentine's Beauty box - reduced from £75 to £25! *VALENTINE'S PREZZIE*
Stila Lipglaze in Watermelon
Kure Bazaar nail polish in Stiletto 
Steamcream Pot Lucy In The Sky
Aromatherapy Associates Rose body cream
Courreges' Rose de Courrèges eau de parfum

120 Colours eyeshadow pallette - 4.5/5 rating!  ONLY £5!

Johnson's baby skincare essentials box (Lilac) - ASDA was £10.00 now £5.00!  IN-STORE ONLY
Box Contains:
300ml Baby Bath
300ml Baby Lotion
300ml Baby Bedtime Bath
300ml Baby Shampoo
300ml Baby top-to-Toe Bath
300ml Baby Oil
56 Baby Wipes

Graco car seat - ASDA was £25.00 - Now £15.00! IN-STORE ONLY

New Look ALL SALE flat shoes now reduced to £3.00! IN-STORE ONLY (including leather shoes)

DOVE Dead Sea Minerals Roll-on deodorant Now 55p in Sainsbury's! 

Just use FUNKY547 to get 50% off a Valentines card.
Remember to type it in the promo box - don't copy and paste. Still have to pay 80p for standard delivery unfortunately, 50% is off the card only.


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Random Acts of Kindness

There's nothing better to brighten your day than when you can't quite afford a bus ticket to work and a man at the bus stop offers to give you 20p..
Without anything being in it for him, he was just simply being nice :)

It made me realise that the littlest things can make someone's day. And i wondered that if it makes people smile, why not do this more often?

This blog hop started when Clara received help on her new home by people she had never met before.
I then saw this on A Normal Girls blog and felt i just had to get involved!

So how does this work?
The first 6 people to comment on this blog-post will be sent a suprise, just a little something nice, either shop bought or homemade. It will be sent out sometime in 2013 but i won't tell you when, just so it's an unexpected surprise which should hopefully make you smile :)

Although i do ask that if you do comment, please join the link-up. So that happiness can keep being passed to others.

While we're on the subject why not check out the Random Acts of Kindness UK Facebook page or the Random Acts of Kindness UK website

So get commenting!
Also could the first 6 people please email me their address to:

Friday, 1 February 2013

I'm now an Orliflame consultant!

I have recently signed up to become a registered Orliflame consultant!

Orliflame are a Swedish leading beauty company which have products for everyone at brilliant prices!

I will be reviewing some of their products very shortly to keep you in the know :)

If anyone has any questions surrounding the brand, it's products or any orders, please just let me know!