Thursday, 7 February 2013

Random Acts of Kindness

There's nothing better to brighten your day than when you can't quite afford a bus ticket to work and a man at the bus stop offers to give you 20p..
Without anything being in it for him, he was just simply being nice :)

It made me realise that the littlest things can make someone's day. And i wondered that if it makes people smile, why not do this more often?

This blog hop started when Clara received help on her new home by people she had never met before.
I then saw this on A Normal Girls blog and felt i just had to get involved!

So how does this work?
The first 6 people to comment on this blog-post will be sent a suprise, just a little something nice, either shop bought or homemade. It will be sent out sometime in 2013 but i won't tell you when, just so it's an unexpected surprise which should hopefully make you smile :)

Although i do ask that if you do comment, please join the link-up. So that happiness can keep being passed to others.

While we're on the subject why not check out the Random Acts of Kindness UK Facebook page or the Random Acts of Kindness UK website

So get commenting!
Also could the first 6 people please email me their address to:


    Thanks for taking the time to link up & I have your address x

  2. It's a amazing that some people are so nice and I bet that even though it was only 20p, it made you smile :-)

  3. Thanks so much for joining in and linking up, fab to see that the bloggy kindness is spreading :) x