Wednesday, 20 February 2013

One of those days..

When i woke up this morning, i wasn't motivated At All.
Usually when my alarm goes off, i get up, turn it off and immediately start getting ready..
But not today apparently!

After i turned my alarm off i spent around 5-10 just stood there in my room, contemplating what to wear..
Which led to the first indication it would be 'one of those days'
My tights were still wet after being washed. I couldn't find my smart black waistcoat and i could only find 1 odd sock!

I then went and made myself a hot drink, poured the water in and went to get the milk.. it went out of date the 18th!

Then when putting my make-up on i almost put foot cream on my face instead of moisturiser!

Surprisingly though after i left the house.. my buses were all on time and i felt a lot better after listening to some pop-rock with me earphones in!

(Something tells me i may have been bopping on the bus but luckily no-one said anything)

I'm now hoping for a positive day at work.. and can't wait to see if my childhood-dream shoes arrive in the post for when i get home!!

*Childhood-Dream Shoes*

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