Sunday, 10 February 2013

BzzAgent: McVitie's Breakfast Biscuits

Thanks to BzzAgent i had the opportuntiy to test the New McVItie's Breakfast Biscuits before they were released instore. 
These are available in the flavours if:
  • Porridge Oasts with Red Berries
  • Porridge Oats with Apple & Sultana
  • Porridge Oats with Honey
My flavour was the Porridge Oats with Red Berries.

I was sent the product in a discrete plain cardboard box with a simple 'BzzAgent' sticker on the front. I think this is brilliant as it keeps everyone from knowing if there are valuable products inside but when it's delivered, you still know exactly where it's from yourself.

When opening up the box i was greeted with a lovely message saying "Thankyou for opening your package so quickly!" Which i thought was a very nice personal touch as it gave me the feeling that my opinion mattered.

The box itself looks brilliantly bright and instantly noticable with the usual McVitie's logo. It looks very attracted and i definitely think that i would be drawn towards it in a supermarket. Especially as at the minute, they are retailing at just £1 in Tesco!

Opening the box, i found 6 packets of 4 biscuits. The packs are individually wrapped in a little cellophane packet so easy to fit in your handbag with no mess! The biscuits are about 15cm in length which i think are quite big so i was quite impressed.

As to the taste:

When you bite into the biscuit, it has a nice crisp texture but is also quite light. The flavour is also quite strong but without being overpowering - they are really yummy!
I found the flavour of oats came through with a nice hint of the red berries which made the biscuits really enjoyable as well as quite filling. I will definitely be taking some with me to work tomorrow to see how they settle into my office routine!

I definitely recommend these and i will definitely be buying a few boxes on my weekly shopping trip!

Rating: 5/5

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