Saturday, 23 February 2013

Ecover Citizen Journalist Application & Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner review

Ecover, in association with their online magazine, are recruiting for a Citizen Jornalist. I'd absolutely love to do this and it has always been a dream of mine to get into this area!

The description:
Ecover are looking to find two aspiring journalists to report on a ground-breaking new project that we are launching in March 2013. If you are a team player with excellent writing skills and a 'can-do' attitude with good understanding of social media, then this might be your opportunity.

As the Ecover Citizen Journalist you will report on the pioneering new project, attend the press launch and conduct interviews for The-Splash magazine. You will also have the opportunity to attend Glastonbury Festival 2013 (with a friend) to report on the public's reaction to the project and soak up the unforgettable festival atmosphere. What's more, you are invited to attend RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2013 to conclude the project.
We'd also like you to attend the project launch on the 6th of March!

Responsibilities will include:

Conducting face to face interviews at various events before writing up articles, and blog entries, for 'The-Splash' and promoting the project through personal social media channels.

My Entry:

What would make you a superb Citizen Journalist?
I think i would make a brilliant jornalist as i am always wanting to know what's going on with new products! I am a very confident people-person that loves asking questions and spreading the word, plus giving advice on everything that i can. I absolutely love music and the festival atmosphere plus i have a very strong love of Ecover products! We as a family, have been using Ecover products for years! I am a very positive individual who enjoys meeting new people and who shows enthusiasm in all areas of work. I have my own personal blog which i think would help brilliantly with spreading the news of Ecover and the launch, i am very determined with anything i put my mind to.

Do you think music festivals have become homogeneous and lost their individuality?
In a certain way yes, i believe that festivals have become very cliched to the fact that everyone thinks that only young people attend who just party and get drunk to have a good time. I personally hate this cliche' and feel that there are very few festivals left that actually show their own individuality. Glastonbury being one of them, they have some of the greatest acts - not just all the new 'hot' acts and people of all ages attend for the reson that they want to get away and just enjoy the music! I believe it is really important for all festivals to contain their own individuality.

What does 'green' mean to you? 
To me, Green means eco-friendly, happy and good for both us and the environment. It gives me the impression that the product i am using will benefit me as a person, making myself feel better that i am using less harmful chemicals or doing less damage to the things that i can't control personally (like the environment). All in all, Green means a lot to me for both personal value and feeling alike.

What's your favourite Ecover product?

My favourite Ecover product has to be the Ecover Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner. It comes in useful in almost any situation and is perfect for my family as my dad is a driver by trade which means this does wonders for his skin after a long shift! In my experience, it can remove almost anything! Mud, Paint, Glue, Petrol.. just loads! I have before told others about my experience with this product and they have bought it because of my recommendation. I think i will definitely be buying this product for years to come as i will always have a use for it!

What steps do you take to 'do your bit'?
I take 'doing my bit' quite seriously as i think that we are damaging the environment too much by simply not thinking enough. It is so simple. The little steps i follow are: recycling plastics, paper, card and glass - i just pop them into my recycling box outside the front door. I recycle old clothes and shos (ones that dont fit anymore) by putting them in charity bags when they are posted through the letterbox. I always make sure i turn the light off when i leave a room, even if i'm going back into it a short time later and i always turn the tap off when brushing my teeth - it's one of the ways we lose so much water! But it's not just all about the environment, when concerning people, the little things just like just saying hello or texting a friend you haven't seen in a while to see how they are, just simply smiling in a morning.. these all help me to 'do my bit' too!

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