Friday, 22 February 2013

T.U.K White Original Creepers

When i went shopping in New Look last weekend the last thing i expected to find was a pair of TUK creepers instore!
The last thing i knew, New Look was a pretty normal high street chain that sold pretty standard own-label clothes.

I am very pleased that they are now selling other labels and seem to be branching out to all sorts of styles too! It makes them much more versatile to me and it gives me a better shopping experience overall.

T.U.K White Original Creepers

I have been totally besotted with these T.U.K creepers since i first saw Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day wearing them in a poster of Kerrang!

As a absolutely massive Green Day fan, i managed to get tickets to see them this June at Emirates Stadium in London - being an Arsenal fan too makes it all even better!

I was absolutely gutted after going into New Look and seeing the creepers and them not having my size! I immediately went online and sought them out.

To my amazement not only had i found my dream shoes that i can now finally afford.. but they were half price! I was estatic! I also had a £10 Love2Shop voucher which amde them cheaper still!

The RRP of these gorgeous shoes is £74.99.. but they were Reduced to £37.50!
So all in all i managed to buy these for only £27.50!

They arrived in this eye-catching and vibrant box!
(After i had taken off the grey plastic it was wrapped in)

The size and style are both clearly displayed on a sticker on  the outside of the box.
I like this feature as it allowed me to immediately know that they had sent the correct product without opening them.

Upon opening the box, an amazingly-pristine white shoe lay there.. perfectly packaged and laces tied.

As in the label, you can see the original RRP so i still can't believe how cheap i got them considering!

These are now Online Exclusives so if you want to get your hands on these get online quick!

As these only arrived today i have not yet worn them. But i am going to do so this weekend and i will leave another blog post detailing their suitability, comfort and wear :)

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