Tuesday, 12 February 2013

I've been very lucky this week!

This week i have been lucky enough to be selected for 2 product tests with separate websites!
I am especially excited about these as i love spreading the word about new products, sharing experiences and also spreading the word of the sites that i'm working with!

It makes me feel good that i can give something back :)

Viakal - Savvy Circle

I was lucky enough to be picked to help trial a New Viakal limescale remover with Savvy Circle. I am a big cleaner in my house and do find it especially difficult to keep my bathroom and sink areas clean. I will definitely be keeping you updated on how well the product works and how it suits my needs!

The project details ask me to firstly, use the product as i normally would any other. Then to continually give my feedback to the site over the length of 6 weeks, filling out reports and taking photos as proof. Best of all i get to keep the product and continue to use it as i wish afterwards.

The product description:
 Everyone wants their kitchen and bathroom to look clean and have a great shine, but limescale and watermarks can make surfaces appear dull and unhygienic. Viakal has developed a limescale remover with a unique polymer pro-shine technology. The Viakal formula has been specifically designed to efficiently remove watermarks and limescale, while improving appearance, shine and protecting surfaces from further damage.
The formula works in the following ways:
  • An acidic system works to remove unsightly limescale and watermarks.
  • A thick formula allows the product to remain in contact with the surface for longer.
  • The surfactants remove bathroom soil.

I'll keep you updated with how it goes! 

Sure Compressed Deodorant - BzzAgent

I was also lucky enough to be chosen to review New Sure Compressed Deodorant for BzzAgent. As i have a very busy lifestyle with working full time and also running the blog, i thought that hopefully, i would be an ideal candidate to test a new deodorant that promises to keep the same length of protection but being in a smaller bottle.. luckily they thought the same!
I am very excited to be testing this product more-so because, i am very eco-friendly and very pro-recycling! I think the idea is brilliant to reduce packaging and in turn, reduce waste. I am having fun spreading the word through family, friends and colleagues and now i hope to pass the message onto all of you!

It is a brilliant size, especially if you go out straight from work and you need to keep deodorant in your work bag and don't want it to take up loads of space! So far i have used the product for 3 days and i am very happy with it! I think i will probably change my deodorant full-stop to this now as it helps to promote the eco-message which is very me! It has given me maximum protection for a great amount of hours too!

Product description:
Something big (or should we say ‘small’) is happening to Sure deodorants... They have compressed even more protection into a little can half the size! That’s right, after years of development and testing, Sure have managed to re-engineer their aerosol deodorants so that it sprays out less gas than before but delivers more antiperspirant ingredient.

I will definitely keep you posted as the week goes on!

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