Saturday, 16 February 2013

Bake Club - in association with Lurpak

Bake Club is a new website i found that allows you to submit your own recipes and ideas to earn yourself rating stars and prizes!

Every month, the Lurpak team working together with a famous cooking/baking face choose an original recipe as 'This Month's Challenge'. They then ask all members to cook the recipe whilst adding their own twist on the original and to take a picture of the finished product, submitting it along with a short description.

The top 20 winners are then chosen by the famous face and the Lurpak team and there is a different cooking/baking related prize every month!

As i absolutely love cooking, i thought this was a brilliant idea! As it encourages you to try out and practise traditional recipes but also to experiment yourself with flavours. Which i feel will make everyone - including myself - feel more confident when using variations and adding different flavours to make products your own.

Each month a description is provided of what is expected when entering along with some information about the famous face - so you can still learn whilst going along! It also provides the alternate recipe that the famous face uses so you can still try that one out for yourself too. Also provided is a 'Top 5 Tips' from the famous face which always help you along the way!

The challenges alternate between sweet and savoury recipes so there's something for everyone and even if you end up not submitting your recipe, it's still fun to give it a go!

This Month's Challenge:

Traditional Cottage Pie

The description:
February’s challenge has been set by Tim Anderson, 2011 MasterChef winner. His take on a traditional cottage pie combines hearty mince, spicy chorizo sausage as well as some surprising ingredients like stout and fennel –topped with a creamy mash. Tim says, “The mash topping is a blank slate for flavour, so customise it however you like! Garlic, celery salt, paprika, strong cheese, mustard, or bits of bacon can really liven it up.”
Feeling inspired? Get baking and submit your take on cottage pie for the chance to win one of 20 Falcon enamelware pie sets.
So nothing can be easier really.. the description is laid out as well as the rules..
So sign up and get yourselves to the kitchen!

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