Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Happy Ash Wednesday - Beginning of Lent!

I'd just like to start by saying HAPPY ASH WEDNESDAY to everybody!

So.. as it's the first day of Lent, what's everyone giving up?
Chocolate has to be the most common one!

I like Lent, it is a time every year in which to monitor your self-control which i find a warming experience. I feel proud of myself at the end of Lent that i have managed to give up something that i really enjoy for 40 days (and 40 nights) and it makes it feel all the more rewarding the next time you indulge in your chosen treat!

I gave up meat one year as my dad dared me that i wouldn't be able to do it, it was difficult as first but i soon got used to it and i suprised myself with how i managed to live my daily life quite easily without eating such a common food. Infact i got so used to it that i ended up not eating meat for over a year! I did feel much better for it but then when a special occasion came around a year later it really did feel good to indulge in a large sirloin steak! Yum!

I've decided to give up fizzy drinks. As they are such a 'normal' part of life for so many people i think it will be tough for me as it's so easy to just grab one when you're thirsty for convenience. So that's my challenge..

I couldn't have possibly given up meat this year.. the Coronation chicken wraps i've just made were to die for! Far too yummy to be waiting that long to indulge..
(I'm posting the recipe next if anyone's interested!)

Good Luck Everyone!

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