Saturday, 1 March 2014

Retro Gaming Haul: January - February

So this is my first Retro Gaming haul for the past 2 months, there isn't loads but some months it may only be a few things depending on my finds but i've collected quite a few buys for this one..

NES Advantage controller - official
Firstly is this controller. I never actually owned one of these growing up but it just reminded me of being in the arcade at the seaside when i was younger so it was a bit down to nostalgia that i picked this up. I found this on a  Retro Gaming Facebook page, it's in really good condition too and i picked it up for £12 (including postage) which i didn't think was too bad. It's taking a bit of getting used to and it's a little bit creaky but it's great for wrestling and battling games

Golf - NES Classics - Free
This is another game that i actually never had before but the guy i bought the controller (above) off asked if i wanted this with it for free which was a bonus so i just said yes because for free, you can't really argue! Compared to the up-to-date Tiger Woods games it obviously leaves a lot to be desired and actually getting hole-in-ones proves near to impossible but the bad graphics just add to the fun of playing the NES and it's a good laugh for a while. Although don't play it for over an hour as your patience does start to wear a little thin..

McDonaldland - £3.50 Ebay bargain
This was one of my all-time favourites as a child and i would spend hours playing the levels but i have never completed it! As a 5 year old child i don't think i had the patience but now it is definitely one of my gaming aims. It is perfect nostalgia of my local McDonald's when i was little where the walls were decorated with Ronald, Grimace and The Hamburgalar! He was my favourite the aim of this game being to eventually find him and get him to give back what he's stolen just seems pretty awesome in my head! I can't wait to start playing this again!

Paperboy - £9.99 Market Stall
This is a game that i remember frequently watching my dad and brother playing but not one that i remember playing much myself. The aim is really simple, look at the street line up, remember the houses sequence and throw the papers to the correct houses but it's not as simple as it sounds. It's great fun though and perfect when you just wanna have a quick relaxing bit of gaming if you've got some spare time on your hands. One of my local market's in West Bromwich has a stall run by a guy that sells games of all types! He also does repairs on all consoles and you can always find a gem or two! (Console King Repairs - you can find him here) If you're local then i'd definitely recommend a trip as he is really genuine. This is the only place that i could find Paperboy and there were only 2-3 overpriced listings on ebay so i think i got lucky with this one.

Lolo 2 - £7 Car Boot/Market
Car Boots can be very hit and miss with retro gaming but recently whilst scouring the internet and coming across a facebook page that sells retro games, i found that one of the sellers was going to start doing a stall at a local car boot/market around 15 minutes walk away. So i popped up there on his first day to see if i could grab anything good - i am so glad i went! Lolo 2 was definitely one of the more infuriating games i have played but it's really fun and it's one of those games that you really get stuck into. The aim is simple, to get to the exit on each level, but to get there you have to avoid enemies and clear a pathway by pushing things to get through but you really have to forward think as you can't pull them back. I'd been looking for it for a while so had to grab this and for £7 i thought it was a fair enough price, plus i didn't have to wait for internet delivery!

Shadow Warriors Ninja Gaiden - £10 Car Boot/Market
This game has definitely been my favourite buy and one i didn't think i'd get, not yet anyway. If you look on eBay this game is going for around £20+ and that's without the manual (which is in near perfect condition!). This is my favourite ever NES game to date and i can't wait to play it all the way through again. The game play is pretty simple and the bosses are actually incredibly easy but it all adds to the fun and it's quite a laid back, fighting-style game that is full of arcade nostalgia and let's face it, pretty bad graphics! But what can you expect from a game from 1991? This was definitely a gem of a find and when the guy on the stall said he had it i was expected to pay around £20 for it so when he said £10 i immediately showed him the money! I really think he probably missed a trick on this one but i certainly got lucky.

Pokemon Blue, GBC - £10 eBay
So lately i have al;so been getting back into retro Pokemon games. I haven't yet played the latest addition in the series (X & Y) but i am hoping to pick them up soon. I am a pokemon lover and as i already have yellow and red in the collection, the only one missing was Pokemon Blue along with it's exclusive pokemon to complete the set. I think the price  paid for this was definitely about right and it's in great condition so i can't wait to go on my own pokemon adventure once again!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Retro Gaming Buys!
We'll see what i pick up this month..

Song of the Day: Hey Mario - Patent Pending

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