Friday, 28 March 2014

Hotel Chocolat You Crack Me Up Extra Thick Easter Egg: Review

"An irrepressibly upbeat egg bursting with smiley face pralines and happy chicks" 

I was really excited to be contacted by Hotel Chocolat and asked to try out something in their Easter range. It took me a while to decide but I just couldn't get the cuteness of this egg out of my head! A milk and white chocolate swirled Extra Thick Egg filled with chocolate praline treats.. and all in a gorgeous packaging - what more could you ask for??

At first you're greeted by a golden egg that you think is just like any other egg.. until you go to take it out of the box..
It's actually separately wrapped in 2 halves! I think this is a great idea as I for one have real trouble trying to wrap half an egg back up in it's foil when I've eaten a bit of it and want to save some for later.. it just usually ends up with a big bit of chocolate showing and lots of frustration!
The chocolate selection is shown on an egg shaped piece of paper which fits perfectly between both halves and I think this is so unique and novelty it's worth splashing out a little bit more - Easter only comes around once a year after all!
On unwrapping the paper this yummy sight awaits you and you won't know which one to pick first!
They separate the chocolates so half the selection is in one side and half is in the other which means if you want to try one of each you'll have to open both sides!
The Selection:
Milk Chocolate Chick
White Soldiers
Smooth Caramel Bow Tie Bunny
Chocolate Brownie
Crunchy Praline
Milk Praline Fried Egg

So my overall opinion is that Hotel Chocolat really come up with unique concepts and fun ideas for special occasions. At £28, this egg is more on the expensive side but I think it would be a great egg for sharing with the family whilst watching an Easter film and making your Easter family time that little bit more special. It would maybe be something that I would splash out on to treat my niece and nephews or maybe as a little treat for myself when I get home from a hectic day - spent with my family anyway! I would definitely recommend this for chocolate lovers anywhere and I think whatever you're looking for, you're sure to find something for you at Hotel Chocolat
(right now they're also giving away a free Easter gift with every purchase over £35!)


  1. Wow. I remember being so disappointed the first time I realised that the Creme Egg Easter egg wasn't going to be full of the creme - I think Hotel Chocolat are taking a step in the right direction! Looks gorgeous :) x

  2. Yeah i felt that way about the creme egg one too! But can you imagine how heavy it would be? lol :) Thanks for your comment x