Sunday, 16 March 2014

February Wishlist: Other Bits & Bobs!

So as my Clothes and Shoes wishlist was posted yesterday, I noticed that there were quite a few accessories and other little bits and bobs that i'm really wanting this month so thought that I would do another wishlist to include these too.

I'm loving clutch bags at the minute and I also love just how simple the design is. The structure is beautiful and so is the colour, perfect for a night out with friends or in the day with a jeans and heels combo

Yoshi Snapback - Amazon
I've always been a massive Mario fan since i started playing the NES with my brother when i was younger and i love Yoshi even more so when i saw this i absolutely loved it! Think i might have to invest in one to wear to the park now it's warmer..

I'd never heard of these guys until back in October i lived one of my teenage dreams by seeing Bowling For Soup live in Birmingham! They are apparently really big in the USA and are the same pop-punk with a bit of hilarity that makes bowling for soup awesome so definitely one to check out if you like that sort of cheeky-pop punk style of tunes!

MAC Lipstick in Heroine - MAC Cosmetics
I've been thinking about investing in a decent lipstick for some time and i've decided that I want one in a darkish purple shade. This is the best i've found that fits my wishes in terms of the shade and quality and with so many good reviews behind their lipsticks I think it's about time that i invested in one!

Song of the Day: Patent Pending - Douchebag

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