Thursday, 3 April 2014

Retro & Gaming Haul - February - March

This is going to be quite a big haul this month as i've found lots of awesome stuff the past 6 weeks so can't wait to share it with you all!

NES Games

Krusty's Fun House                                                                   Bart Simpson Vs The World

Both of these games are ones that I haven't owned before but I really want to start building up a bit of a Simpsons collection and these two seemed a really good way to start. There's only 1 Bart Simpson game I haven't got now but it will take some spending as it is quite rare - Bart Simpson Meets Radioactive Man

I haven't ever watched the Talespin cartoons but my boyfriend assures me that they're awesome. I was a big lover of the jungle book and love adventure/platform games so this was a win-win as we'll both love playing it

Darkwing Duck
This was a childhood treasure! I can remember spending hours on this game and getting infuriated every time I died and had to start again but fab memories so I couldn't resist this gem! It's the same sort of layout and gameplay as Batman but with a brighter colour spectrum!

Paperboy 2
As i managed to get hold of Paperboy a couple of months back, when I saw this little gem pop up on eBay I thought i'd shove in a bid and i'm super-happy i won! I got it a damn-sight cheaper than I imagined I would too so that's a bonus!

Bart Simpson Vs The Space Mutants
Another of my childhood loves. No matter how many people say this is the hardest NES game they've every played, it's still an awesome blast-to-the-past. It also shows you that we take for granted how much easier video games are now!

Joe and Mac Caveman Ninja                                                  Defender Of The Crown

These two games are ones I got as part of a 6-game NES bundle for only £32 (£5.30 per game) which is a complete bargain when 4 of them are boxed with manuals and game sleeves! I'd never played either of them before, i've since learned that Joe and Mac is quite tricky but good fun with a bit of a really old-school Flintstones vibe and Defender of the Crown isn't a game i'd have bought otherwise but one I am now glad to have as part of my collection. It's all about strategy and you need something a bit different than standard arcade and platformers after a while!

Other Games

This is a game that I was amazed I didn't know about before! For some reason, i'd just never seen this sequel to one of my favourite games - the original Rayman. I was so happy to come across it i treated myself to it straight away and i can't wait to get stuck in with with all those power-punches and balancing action!

I'm a huge fan of the Disney film series so I was actually genuinely surprised with myself when looking through my collection and noticing that I didn't own any Disney Playstation titles! So i found this little gem in a local charity shop for only £1 so picked it up and i definitely think i will be investing in some more of the Disney platformers

The boyfriend picked these up last week as he caught a quick glimpse of them whilst I was scrolling through eBay and remembered how much he used to love playing them. At first he only wanted the normal but after seeing the Scottish League version he decide he'd better get them both, for some reason the Green version is apparently a lot better?

These two actually came in a bundle with one of the LMA Manager games above and all 3 games only cost around £4 so it was the cheapest option for a brilliant quality game so another 2 to add to the collection and we'll definitely have some retro laughs playing Everybody's Golf 2!

Q*Bert was one of my very first retro arcade loves and obviously a bit before my time, but how can you not love the brightly coloured graphics, cube filled levels and Q*Bert himself?? I'd love to have him on a proper arcade machine in my house one day..

Other Stuff

Red, Blue & Yellow Guide                                               Red & Blue Guide

These have been on mine and the boyfriend's wishlist for a while but we've been waiting around 12 months for them to resurface themselves on eBay. So as soon as they did we were determined to win them! I think we left one bidder particularly annoyed as we sniped him at the last second on both separate auctions but that's what you have to do I guess! They both hold the complete walk-through's to the Pokemon Game Boy Color games so it'll be more fun and easier than using an internet guide completing them again

The big kid that I am, I decided that I needed to have a few of the Mario McDonald's promotional toys that are currently about. After cheekily asking the cashier if we could have one despite not buying a Happy Meal, we were told that you can now buy them for 99p each! Yoshi is by far my favourite Mario character so he will be a sure thing on my our collectibles shelf that will be making an appearance soon!

Okay, so when I visited one of my local markets on the weekend with my mum and dad, I spotted this on a Toy Collectibles stall that i'd never seen before and instantly fell in love with it! The new Disney store replicas just aren't the same as the original! Toy Story was one of my Disney favourites growing up and I remember seeing these on TV adverts near Christmas and really wanting one! I simply never had one as they were a) severely overpriced! and b) it was seen as a 'boys toy'. So after not carrying the cash on me, I picked up a flyer and emailed the guy the same night telling him I was interested in it. He emailed me back saying he'd give it me for £10 less than it was priced at so on Tuesday I went and picked up my Buzz! He is truly amazing and it is so awesome seeing him on the shelf

Lastly, are these Limited Edition M&M's in Birthday Cake flavour! They haven't been released in this country so I had to pick them up on (thankyou for the awesomeness that is Amazon Prime!) Due to Next-Day Delivery, I got to try these babies this morning and I can tell you, they're sickly sweet! They're made of white chocolate for a start and give you a massive sugar rush due to the colouring in the bright blue ones contained in the packet! The additive in which lies the reason I wasn't allowed original Smarties as a child! I strongly recommend giving these a try if you're into limited edition stuff! Get them here!

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