Sunday, 6 April 2014

Wrestlemania 30 predictions

It's no secret that I am a massive WWE fan and I try to watch RAW every week and also the pay-per-views. With the 30th Anniversary of Wrestlemania tonight I thought i'd give you an insight into my predictions and thoughts for the PPV matches:

Daniel Bryan vs Triple H
So this is a match up that I think up until recently, a large percentage of the fans thought would be between a different superstar and The Game.. but I am almost certain that if Triple H somehow pulls off a win in this match then there will be quite a large amount of uproar and the 'YES movement' will not be happy! I think it will be an interesting and really great match to watch but ultimately, Daniel Bryan will win this match hands down and go on to participate in the Triple Threat with Randy Orton and Batista

Randy Orton vs Batista vs Winner of the Championship 
Triple Threat WWE World Heavyweight Championship
So let's just make my feelings about this clear, Batista should not have been allowed to walk back in to the WWE and just headline Wrestlemania. There is a certain reason that one of my favourite superstars isn't there. Batista was a decent wrestler back in his day but it's not right to have him walk in and to just be given what a lot of the full-time wrestlers strive for.
That being said, I think it will make a very interesting match and I am definitely a ,member of the 'YES movement' and am whole-heartedly hope that Daniel Bryan will beat Triple H and then win the World Heavyweight Title as I think he has worked really hard to get where he is and he definitely deserves this push now. But let's face it, with the Viper there then anything could happen but again, there will definitely be uproar if Batista wins

John Cena vs Bray Wyatt
This is a match I am really looking forward to. I was skeptical about the Wyatt family when they first made an entrance: Are they going to last? Are they actually that good? But they really are and with Bray Wyatt being magical on the mic, he can suppress so much emotion and is a real talent in both his wrestling and acting ability. I am really hoping that Bray Wyatt gets the push to win this match-up but, that being said, what else will the Wyatt Family have to go after if he beats Cena at this stage? It might be an interesting on-going rivalry and I think everyone knows that John Cena is bound to win

The Shield vs Kane & New Age Outlaws
Six Man Tag
Again with the return of Road Dog and Billy Gunn, they are a blast-from-the-past and it ia really awesome to see them wrestling again, but they are surely not going to win at Wrestlemania? I think this is an interesting match-up to start with and it'll be good to see Kane wrestling properly again. The Shield however seem to have a lot to fight for and no-one seems to know in quite which direction they're headed. At one point they were nearly breaking up, then the next they are solid as a rock - who knows? But I personally think that if The Shield do lose this match-up, that there will be a split for them and i'm wondering how many of them will be able to keep up their own personas? Ultimately, i'm thinking it will be a win for The Shield

The Usos vs Real Americans vs Los Matadores vs Rybaxel
Tag Team Championships Fatal 4-Way
This will be a great tag team match to watch and I don't think it's a match i'm majorly hoping for a certain result. The Usos have worked hard and I think they do definitely deserve to win this, but the same goes for some of the others. The Real Americans are loved by a lot of fans and the are a great team with the combination of mat-wrestling style, strength and technique but cracks have already shown through between them so who knows what could happen! Los Matadores have yet to make an impact to me, with them being second-generation wrestlers it's a shame but there's still plenty of time and the WWE are always full of surprises! Onto Rybaxel (Ryback and Curtis Axel) I think they are a great match-up and Curtis Axel has definitely got a lot of talent that I don't think he's been able to make the most of yet but I also don't think they have a team that will last and for that reason I don't think it would be probable for them to win. I think if I could choose, i'd definitely like to give The Usos the title

Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational
Divas Championship
I'm honestly not fussed about women's wrestling it's a shame but they're not appreciated as real athletes like their male-equivalents are. With the whole 'Total Divas' thing aswel, I think it just makes them seem a lot less serious about the wrestling that they do and it's a bit more about the fame. The few Divas I do appreciate are definitely Brie Bella: not only is she with Daniel Bryan, she's had some pretty fierce match-ups with AJ to this date and  she has got good technique so I think she's definitely a big contender for gaining the title. Kaitlin, I also love as a wrestler as you can see that she has real technique and is a genuinely good wrestler instead of just having a cat-fight in the ring. But with her not being around as much lately i'm not sure how probable her chances are. Then there's AJ Lee the ultimate 'hated' Diva but that's her job and she plays that role pretty damn well! How many people actually like her shows how good her ability is on the mic and with her persona, she also has a genuine love for the sport. But it's Wrestlemania - she'll surely have to lose the title as the next few months will be the cycle of her trying to get it back again. Then there's also 'Tamina' she could quite slip sneak a win by playing AJ in the ring. I think i'd appreciate a Brie Bella win overall though

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal
I think this is a great match in terms of honoring Andre the Giant but I don't think it's just me that thinks they've only made the match as there's a lot of superstars that weren't going to get a Wrestlemania spot and they needed to think of something. I think it will be interesting though with the huge amount of talent going to be in the ring and all the big contenders such as: Sheamus, Big Show, Goldust, Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow. I don't think I can predict a clear winner if i'm honest but then there's also 3 mystery spots left to be revealed at Wrestlemania so we'll see who's going to fill them and that might make it a whole lot more interesting!

The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar
For me, this is the most anticipated match of the night and definitely the reason I even watch Wrestlemania! The Undertaker is definitely getting older now but I don't think there is any chance they'll break his streak at this point.
 I for one, thought The Undertaker would retire after getting 20-0 but after that I think he may well carry on to 25-0 if they can find him any more worthy opponents! It'd be a really shame for the Streak to be broken at this stage and them for him to retire as then he'd be remembered as the one who lost the Streak at the last hurdle and I don't think that's right if i'm honest. I'm guessing that he'll win and fade back out until they decide whether he'll be in shape to come back next year - who knows what they'll do to fill the slot of the Streak when he does retire though!
Saying all this, Brock Lesnar is definitely a worthy opponent and I think it will be a brilliant match to watch, I just don't think he'll be taking the Streak.

Lastly, i'm looking forward to all these rumours being made sense of when 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin is said to return we'll see why he's really there.. As much as it pains me to say it, I don't really think my favourite superstar will be coming back.

Enjoy Wrestlemania!

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