Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Bourjois Paris Dissolvant Miraculeux 1 Seconde Nail Polish Remover review!

If you saw my last hayul post (linked here) you would already know that on the weekend i picked up the Bourjous 1 Seconde Nail Polish Remover. I had been thinking of picking it up for months and months after hearing one of my friends saying how good it was!
But i was still a bit unsure about spending £6 on something that mgiht not work (i know, i sound like a major cheap-skate! Bad Blogger!)

However a quick visit to Boots and me seeing a '2 for £8' deal on All Bourjois Nail Products i just couldn't resist any longer - and do i wish i had bought it sooner? YES Definitely!

The directions read:
All you need to do is dip each finger into the sponge, twist and remove. Nail polish is instantly removed..'

When i first opened the lid i sniffed at it (as you do!) but i did it as it states on the bottle: 'Parfum Fruits rouge & vanille'
To me it just stank of Nail Polish remover! Oh well, not a massive problem as long as it works..
Without hesitation i dunked my first finger into the pot and away i went..
I must admi it felt Really strange dunking my finger into a sponge hole in a pot!
I had already removed a few nails worth but wanted to show how easily it is removed! I couldn't believe it and also couldn't believe how i hadn't discovered and/or used it before now!

So this is how my nail polish looked after dunking it in and circling it around twice..
The dunking and circling it another one/two times.. and it's all gone!
Simple as that.. It's just like Magic!
Also i soon found out after smelling my hands that the scent is left afterwards so your fingers and nails have a lovely light cranberry kind-of smell!

I couldn't honestly believe how easy and quick it was to remove it and without hesitation i would buy this again! The only thing is i'm not entirely sure how long it will last so if anyone has previous experience of owning this please let me know!
5/5 for this definitely, i suggest anyone who uses nail polish remover should definitely give this a try!

PS: please excuse the horrible bits of dirt that have accumalated under my nails.. i hadn't realised until i started removing my nail polish and it was a bit late then! I think it really does show how good a job of getting off the polish it does though!


  1. I love this stuff, it is brilliant! Ive come to visit and follow as I am coming to the #julylondonmeetup xx


  2. I know, can't believe i hadn't discovered it sooner! :)
    Oh cool, it'll be great to meet you! Can't wait for the meet up! x

  3. I really want to try this stuff, can't believe I still haven't!

    (I'm following as we're both doing the same blog swap, set up by tales of a pale face)

  4. I've just had my acrylic nails removed so I'm tackling my own nails at home and am definitely in the market for something easy to remove my nail polish! This sounds like it could do the trick.


  5. It really is amazing! I still can't get over how easy it is to remove nail polish.. I wish I would've bought it sooner!
    You should definitely give it a try :) x