Sunday, 2 June 2013

30 Day Snap! Day 1

I came across this challenge over on Louise's Sprinkle of Glitter blog and you can find all the infrmation by clicking the link!
I thought it looked good fun and i couldn't wait to join in!
The idea is to post 1 snap a day to document your life throughout the month.. so let's get started!

I'm really sorry mine is a day late so i will be posting 2 today as i headed to London yesterday and didn't arrive home until 5am so i sort-of missed the deadline..

Yesterday i finally visited the Emirates Stadium - home to my team Arsenal!
This was made even better by the fact i actually visited to see my all time favourite band GreenDay after a 10-year wait!
I got to tick 2 things off my Bucket List within one day and it was quite overwhelming but really amazing and half the time i couldn't believe i was actually there :)

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