Thursday, 6 June 2013

50 Facts About Me..

I saw this tag over on Mad Hatter's Nail Party and thought it was a fab idea and would allow my followers to get to know me a little better and find out things they might not otherwise!

1. I'm 21 this year!
2. I was born on Friday 13th
3. I was terrified of fireworks when i was little - i hated the noise!
4. I'm a big Disney fangirl
5. I only used lipstick for the first time this year
6. My favourite nail polish colour is red
7. I'm a gamer girl and absolutely love Halo and Pokemon!
8. I first dyed my hair when i was 12.. from blonde to black!
9. I'm an Arsenal FC supporter - Gunner & proud
10. The most i have ever paid for a pair of shoes is £150

11. I have a big love for baking and will try any recipe once!
12. My favourite season is Autumn
13. My family descent is Irish and i'd love to go on a trip around the country
14. My favourite smell is freshly cut grass
15. My way to relax is a cup of hot chocolate, dunking biscuits and a good book
16. My favourite film is Grease
17. I'd love to collect Living Dead Dolls and original My Little Pony
18. I got more toys/kids stuff for christmas than i did when i was little - Doodle Bear!
19. I have 2 tattoos: a Skull & Roses on my thigh and a Jaybird on my right shoulder
20. My favourite band is GreenDay and listening to their songs can always fill me with hope and make me smile

21. My dad is the classic 'embarrassing dad' and i have the 'cool mom' - best fo both!
22. I have a niece and nephew: Natalia is 6 and Ezio is 1
23. My brother and sister are both half-indian
24. Most of my best friends are lads and they never fail to make me smile!
25. I think i have a serious Cake Addiction, i could eat it everyday!
26. My favourite drinks are Nesquik Milkshake and Guinness
27. My favourite animals are Penguins - i just love the way they waddle!
28. My favourite place to go on holiday is Llandudno in Wales
29. I have sensitive skin and have to use a special cream in the shower - no shower gel for me!
30. I love being outdoors, getting in with nature and exploring new places

31. Primark is my ultimate favourite shop: i love bargains!
32. I had a serious operation on both my feet 3 years ago and will have to wear insoles for years
33. I'm only 5 feet 3 inches tall
34. I can get lost in a good book for hours, my favourite author is Michael Morpurgo
35. I'm a Scorpio
36. I have size 5-6 feet depending on the type of shoe
37. I used to have 8 piercings but only have 2 now (my ears)
38. I grew up in a tiny village and people that live only 15 miles away have hardly ever heard of it!
39. London is my favourite place to 'get away' if i'm stressed or upset a trip to London is guaranteed to calm me down
40. I have a pet dog called Stig, he's a King Charles Cavalier

41. I try to make my style unique by mixing up my wardrobe; skater jeans one day, girly dress the next
42. I'm a tomboy at heart: Gaming, Football, Takeaway food and Sports = Love
43. I'm a massive fan of WWE Wrestling! My favourite wrestlers are CM Punk, Shawn Michaels and Sheamus
44. My perfect meal would be: Steak with homemade chips and peas finshed off with a giant Ice Cream Sundae & Sticky Toffee Pudding
45. I have always wanted to be an Alternative Model
46. My dream job is to write for a fashion magazine
47. I have an NVQ Level 2 in Business Administration
48. I have a big artistic streak, have designed several tattoos and love interior design
49. I can be too good with money: i could spend all my money buying presents for others but when it comes to myself i'm terrible at parting with it!
50. I am so accident prone i hurt, burn or scratch myself atleast once a day!


  1. Ahhhh I so want to do this tag but I don't think I'd be able to come up with 50!! I loved your answers though �� xx

    ❤ ❤

  2. Thankyou hun! I know, it really is harder than it sounds but i think it's well worth it :)
    I found it easier to divide the questions ito 4 different sections too xx

  3. this was so lovely to read! i absolutely hate the smell of freshly cut grass argh it makes me feel sick haha! i can't believe you spent £150 on a pair of shoes, i'm such a cheap skate and the most i'd pay is probably £60 if i'm feeling really good :D

  4. Thankyou so much! :)
    Yepp well it was a couple of Christmas's ago with my combined birthday and Christmas money, trust me it's totally out of character for me! I usually won't pat above £30! :D x