Monday, 1 July 2013

My June Favourites

I still can't believe how quick this year is going! With July being here already, maybe we will begin to have an actual summer and then  it'll be christmas before we all know it!
So this month i have quite a few new favourites in my ever-expanding beauty and make up collection, 3 of the items being nail polishes!
So here we go...

1. Herbal Essences NEW Bee Strong Shampoo & Conditioner 400ml
These have become my new shower-time hair saviours! I had been using Tresemme for what seemed like forever so when these popped up claiming to 'give you silkier, stronger hair after one wash'. They really do work! I have been using them for around 3 weeks now and have only used around 1/3 of the shampoo so it's great value for money too as they last quite a while! I have never felt my hair so soft before using these so i'm sure they will remain a staple in my hair-washing routine for quite a while yet.

2. Melvita ProSun Gradual Self-tanning Moisturizing Gel Cream - face & body
I have taken to using this after jumping out the shower so it moisturizes and sinks into my skin and i am glad to say that this is probably the first gradual-tan product i have used that i feel actually works! I must admit it took a couple of weeks to 'kick-in' but since then i have noticed that my legs and arms have a lovely soft-tanned glow and it looks really natural, is not streaky and is actually noticable when out and about! It also has a gorgeous smell that reminds me a little of crunch-corner yoghurt!

3. Limited Edition Impulse Love Puzzle body spray
I nabbed this when i saw it on the Superdrug website during the 'free delivery' promotion. I am a big addict for Limited Edition products and i just can't help myself! It has a gorgeous smell of fruity florals that really makes me feel energised and refreshed! It reads 'that will inspire romantic words. Spray it on and let it speak for you'. I didn't quite believe this claim.. however the first time i wore it my boyfriend came over and told me i smelled really nice! (i can never recall him ever saying that before and we've been together for almost 3 years!) Maybe it really is a puzzle..

4. Bourjois So Laque Glossy Nail Polish in Taupe
This has become one of my favourite nail polishes. The colour is reeally basic but works as a brilliant basecoat for other colours and it also looks really professional and basic for work. The way it applies with no streaks and the brush is wide enough to do some nails in one stroke. I have to usually apply 3 coats but it leaves a gorgeous shiny finish that lasts around 5 days without chipping. I will definitely be investing in some more colours!

5. Beautifully Disney Nail Polish in Looking For My Prince
(I've done a post on this here.)
I am a big Disney fangirl so when i heard about the Beautifully Disney collection i couldn't resist. I chose Snow White as she's my favourite and i as honestly amazed at how good quality the nail polish is for a Disney product. It is so easy to apply, depending on how deep you want the colour you could just apply one coat and you're done! It is a beautiful reddish/pink like the colour of a rosy apple and it is definitely my best find in a red nail polish. I can't wait to try out more of the collection!

6. Barry M Nail Effects: Confetti in Bubblegum
I have only recently started venturing into nail effects but this is brilliant for a bargain price and creates a gorgeous effect. It really does look like confetti and when i use my RImmel London 3D top coat along with it they really do look 3D! It is made of little blue and white flakes with a clear base that can be painted on top of any colour to create a gorgeous effect. I always get comments when wearing it too. Think i'll definitely do a post on this soon!

7. Bourjois 1 Second Magic Nail Polish Remover
(read my review of this here.)
I  was sceptical of this product i must admit but after hearing one of my friends going on about how amazing it was i thought i'd give it a whirl but i'm happy to say it really works! All the years i have wasted with nail polish remover and cotton pads straining to get nail ppolish off (especially glitter!) and now this have come along it's like a saviour product. If you havent tried it already, give it a go! It really does remove your nail polish in around 1 second no matter what type and i've had it for around a month now and there still seems plenty left! The strong smell takes a little getting used to but after you removethe polish a lovely berry smell comes through!

So those were my favourite products in June!
Roll on July.. and the British Summer!